How to stay healthy while working from home?

Working from home sounds great – you can sleep in, wear whatever you want, have more time for family and so on. On the other hand, working from home is a ton difficult because there can be lots of distractions at home. It’s tough to make boundaries and easy to run into the kitchen whenever you get stressed. The kitchen is within arm’s reach and following a diet can make you feel like an uphill battle. But you need to choose your diet plan smartly to stay healthy while working at home. Work from home brings mostly two sides of eating habits – indulgence or intermittent fasting, but if you are a foodie then it will crave you all the time. Assume you got so caught up in a project and have the deadline in a few days and suddenly realize that you haven’t eaten anything all day. Or possibly the “I’ll just have a handful of chips as I work” mentality turned into accidentally eating the entire bag. To keep your nutrition intake balanced can be tough when your home is your office.

You might feel comfortable that there is plenty of food available. And unlike in the office, you’re free to graze all day because the fridge is all yours. But this habit can inflict devastation on your waistline, obstruct weight loss, and may decrease your immune system. You can make your work from home lifestyle healthier by making small changes in your daily routine.

Follow these 7 best tips to stay fit while working from home:

  1. Have a Dedicated Workplace – Fix a dedicated space for your workplace and get dressed properly before starting your work. Always remember don’t work in or near the kitchen. It will help you avoid indulging in food cravings for some time. 
  2. Follow a Meal Schedule – Working from home shouldn’t mean you can eat whenever and whatever you want. Plan your mealtime and take an actual lunch break as you used to take at the office. While working, don’t think about foods, just focus on your work. Try to eat only when you are hungry and not because you need some break. 
  3. Avoid Sugary, Heavy, Caffeine Drinks – While working, don’t get addicted to sugary drinks to boost your working capacity. Instead, drink plenty of mineral water in proper quantity. Having Caffeine one or two times while working is good but try to replace it with green tea. Green tea helps your body eliminate toxins and gain refreshment. Also, it has no side effects.
  4. Avoid Junk Food as Much as Possible– During a hectic schedule, it’s easy to buy or cook junk foods. But that will not keep you healthy. So take your time and cook a full meal, after all, you are at your home.
  5. Keep Healthy Snacks Ready– During these 8 to 9 hours of work, a 45 minutes lunch break is not sufficient. Also eating while working continuously is neither good for your job nor your health. Take 5-8 minutes of small breaks for snacks. Keep these healthy quick bites items near your working place:- 
  • Sprouts – Sprouts are a rich source of nutrients and beneficial plant compounds. You can also add some small pieces of green vegetables in sprouts.
  • Fruit Salad – Add fruits in your daily routine. It will help boost your immune system.
  • Green Salad – Green salad has sufficient nutrients to keep you healthy and energetic. Add fresh green vegetables in your snacks. You can make different varieties of salads.
  • Roasted Peanuts/Dry Fruits – Keep some peanuts or dry fruits near your working table and munch on them whenever you feel hungry.
  • Popcorns – The best thing about popcorn is that you can choose from a variety of flavors to satiate your hunger pangs.
  • Oats – Having Multigrain oats is a healthy way to boost your energy levels and strengthen immunity.

6. Follow a Morning Routine – Besides working from home and eating healthy, it is also essential to wake up on time and do some workouts in the morning. It will help keep your body fit.

7. Create a List of Priorities of the Day – Create a list of work that you have to complete that day, and stick it on the priority basis. That will help you finish your work on time.

Following these best working from home tips will help you stay healthy and productive in life.

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Author: Vijya Lakshmi

Vijyalakshmi is a passionate writer and loves to travel. Currently, she is a part of RailRestro working as a content writer.