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India is a country full of diversification. From spiritual serenity to adventurous activity, seriousness to the fun. Spicy food to pocket-friendly shopping, tradition to modernisation. Here, you can witness everything. And what connects it all for you is Indian Railway Networks, which crosses through some funny station names, making you laugh like a drain. You can enjoy these train stations’ names with food on train if your rail crosses these routes. 


We know that laughter is the best medicine as it releases stress and immune cells, improving disease resistance. Moreover, the train is the best place to detox your mental mood by keeping the body and mind in a resting position. One factor contributing to a happy train journey in India is watching our great nation’s natural beauty and uniqueness. Why not come across any station or junction with the funniest name engraved on the yellow metal board, making you chuckle uncontrollably?


Here is our collection of 12 bizarre rib-tickling stations bearing funny names, which will make you laugh out louder throughout the journey. 



1.  Pathri Station, Uttarakhand


Do not worry! This Pathri is not the kidney or gall bladder stone! Pathri is a railway station in Haridwar district with station code PRI. The station comes under the Northern zone of the Moradabad division. There is only one platform at this station, and 5 trains halt. The station comes on Haridwar and Moradabad route. Apart from this railway station, Pathri is also a town in the Parbhani district of Maharashtra famous for Sri Sai Janmasthan Temple, Datta temple, and Renuka Devi temple. 



2.  Bhainsa Station, Uttar Pradesh


Pronouncing Bhainsa doesn’t remind you about an animal buffalo. But It is a railway station located in Bad, Uttar Pradesh. The station is near Mathura town with station code BSA, which comes under the North central zone of the Agra division. At this station, only 6 trains halt. Apart from the Bhainsa station of Uttar Pradesh, Bhaisa is also a town in the Nirmal district of Telangana near the border of Maharashtra. 



3.  Singapur Road Station, Odisha


Well, Singapore in India has no visa requirement to visit. Singapur Road Junction railway station lies on Koraput–Rayagada, and Vizianagaram–Raipur mainlines. The station is vested in the Rayagada district of Odisha with station code SPRD. The station comes from the East Coast Central Zone of the Rayagada division. Various express train crosses through this station, like Korba – Visakhapatnam Express, Tatanagar – Alappuzha Slip Express, Hirakhand Express, Tirupati – Bilaspur Express, Samta Express, Puri – Rayagada Express, Koraput (Samleshwari) Express, etc.  



4.  Diwana Railway Station, Haryana


The Diwana is not mean to any lover. It is a small railway station located in the Panipat district of Haryana. Its station code is DWNA, which falls under the Northern railway zone in the Delhi division. It includes 2 platforms on which 10 trains halt. The station serves nearby villages such as Sewah, Diwana, Garhi Pasina, Jhattipur, and Khalila.



5.  Kala Bakra Railway Station, Punjab


Kala Bakra/Black Goat doesn’t have a station name that is funny enough to make you LOL! Kala Bakra is a station of Kala Bakra village of Jalandhar district of Punjab. Its station code is KKL. The station includes 2 platforms in the Northern railway zone under the Firozpur division. 



6.  Saheli Railway Station, Madhya Pradesh


Saheli Railway Station is the railway station of Saheli, Taku in Hoshangabad district, Madhya Pradesh. The station is vested in the Bhopal–Nagpur section. Its station code is SAHL which comes under the Nagpur division of the West Central Railway Zone of Indian Railways. The station consists of two platforms and opened in 1884.  



7.  Sali Railway Station, Rajasthan 


Generally, in India, we call Sali, the sister of a man’s wife. But here, we are not talking about her. Sali is a railway station serving the Sali village of Ajmer district of Rajasthan. It has two platforms. The station comes under the Jaipur division of the North Western zone, and its station code is SALI. 



8.  Nana Railway Station, Rajasthan 


After Sali, Nana Railway station in Rajasthan is here to bust you in laughter. Nana Railway station is located on the Ahmedabad-Ajmer railway line in the Pali district of Rajasthan. Its Station code is NANA. The station comes under the North Western Zone of the Ajmer division. Aravali Express, Jaipur passengers pass through this station. 



9.  Billi Railway Station, Uttar Pradesh 


Billi Junction Railway station is in the Sonbhadra district of Uttar Pradesh. Its station code is BXLL. The station comes under the Dhanbad division of the East Central Zone. The station includes 3 platforms at which 5 trains halt and over 50 trains pass. The junction station connects the railway lines of Chopan, Katni, and Garha. 



10.  Lottegollahalli Railway Station, Karnataka


Lotte Golla Halli railway station is located in the Bengaluru district of the Indian state of Karnataka. The station name is exclusive, and pronouncing it cracks you up. Its station code is LOGH, which falls under the administrative control of the Bangalore Division of the Indian Railways’ South Western Railway zone.



11.  Washermanpet Railway Station, Tamil Nadu


Washermanpent railway station is a major station in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The station comes under the administrative division of MGR Chennai of the Southern Railway Zone. The station code is WST. It lies on the West, West North, and West South railway lines of Chennai Suburban Railway. The Washermanpet railway station is located at the eastern end of the ‘diamond’ junction of Chennai’s railway network. 



12.  Illoo Railway Station, West Bengal


Illoo’s pronunciation might remind you of a 90’s hit song by Sukhmindar Singh, but here, Illoo is a railway station vested in Kusi village of Purulia district of West Bengal. Its station code is ILO. Illoo station comes under the administrative control of the South Eastern Railway Zone of the Ranchi division. At this station, only four trains halt.


And here might end our ’12 funny and bizarre Indian railway station names’ list. But, the list goes long. There are many other railway stations that you may find funny, like Lailunga, Divine Nagar, IB, Tung, Gurra, Londa, Odhaniya Chacha, Baap, Digha, Bibinagar etc. Add those railway station names; you might find them weird in the list. 


Which Indian Railway Station Name Do You Find Weird?


Bhainsa, Saheli, Sali, Bap, Nana, Bibinagar, and Odhaniya Chacha sound unusual. Finding these railway stations in between train travel might bring loads of laughter to the face of each rail passenger. 


How to Explore India through Indian Railways?


Indian railway reflects India’s culture, tradition, and diversification. It sees everything and senses each nerve of India. It has witnessed technological advancement, modernisation, and change. Through Indian Railways stations, you can meet different kinds of people. During journeying, you might hear different languages, and in all that, you might have a chance to eat diversified food on Indian Railways. 


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