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Over the years, the Indian Railways has updated itself with technological advancements making it better and efficient form of transport for the passengers in India. From introduction of smart engines to integrating their services online in form of, it has proved itself to be the best choice of Indians who want to travel with cost-effective rates. Indian Railways have revamped its structure and provides world class facilities at every major station and junctions.

It’s a well-known fact that laughter is the best medicine as it releases stress and immune the cells which improves the resistance to disease.Train is the best place to detox your mental mood by keeping the body and mind in a resting position. One of the factors which contribute to a happy train journey in India, is watching the natural beauty and uniqueness of our great nation. Have you come across any station or junction with funniest name engraved on the yellow metal board making you chuckle uncontrollably? If not, then, here is our collection of 12 rib-tickling bizarre stations bearing funny names which will make you laugh out louder throughout the journey.

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  • Pathri Station, Maharashtra:
    Do not worry! It’s not the kidney or gall bladder stone! Pathri is a small town in the Prabhani district of Maharashtra. Apart from its funny name, it is famous for Sri Sai Janmasthan Temple situated in the heart of the town. Other temples are Datta temple and Renuka Devi temple holding religious importance. Various passenger trains and an express train running from Amritsar to Dehradun pass through this station. Major stations where the train halts are Kartarpur, Jalandhar, Phagwara, Ludhiana, Rajpura, Jwalapur, Haridwar and Raiwala. Order food at Ludhiana junction to relish the taste of Punjab.

  • Bhainsa Station, Telangana:
    Bhainsa is a town in the Nirmal district of Telangana with a population of 50,000. Surprisingly only six passenger trains cross this station. The major railway stations near to Bhainsa junction are Mudkhed, H Sahib Nanded and Purna junction.

  • Daru Station, Jharkhand:
    That’s not the alcohol! Daru is a village in Hazaribagh district of Jharkhand. Nearest station to this village is Hazaribagh Road railway station.

  • Gande, Jharkhand:
    Gande is in the Jharkhand region. Nearest village to Gande is Giridih. Giridih station also serves as a gateway for the jain pilgrims visiting Parasnath.

  • Kutta, Karnataka:
    Alas! This is not a slang! Kutta is a small village near Gonikoppal in the Karnataka state. Kutta lies at the edge of the Coorg region at 100 kms from Mysore. The place is blessed with natural beauty and wildlife adventure. The nearest railway station is the Mysore station. Order food at Mysore junction to relish the south Indian taste.

  • Suar, Uttar Pradesh:
    Suar is a village located in the Rampur district of Uttar-Pradesh. Nearest big stations to Suar are Rampur, Moradabad, Amroha. Order food at Rampur junction to taste the traditional culinary skill of the city.

  • Bhosari, Pune City:
    Bhosari is a village near Pune city in Maharashtra. It was earlier known as Bhojapur. The village is famous for its artistic value. The 2000-year-old ‘Artist temple, “Artist Mahal” is the attraction of this place. The history of Bhosari village relates to era of Gautam Buddha. Currently, Bhosari is known for its name in sports. It gives world class wrestlers to the country. The major stations near to Bhosari are Pune jn. Lonawala jn. and Karjat. Order food in Pune junction to taste the delicacy of Maharashtra.

  • Singapur Road Station, Odisha:
    Well, there’s a Singapore in India, with no visa requirement to visit. Singapur road station lies in Odisha. Various express train crosses through this station like Korba – Visakhapatnam Express, Tatanagar – Alappuzha Slip Express, Hirakhand Express, Tirupati – Bilaspur Express, Samta Express, Puri – Rayagada Express, Koraput (Samleshwari) Express etc. These express trains cross through the Singapur Road station and run towards different routes of India. RailRestro, is the solution to get fresh food in train, especially in Non-pantry car trains. Now order food online in train from the comfort of your smartphone. Order via RailRestro App to get exciting discounts.

  • Tatti Khana, Telangana:
    Tatti Khana is a town at Hayathnagar Block of Rangareddy district in Telangana. It is a town with population of 103 people.

  • Bibinagar, Hyderabad:
    Hey! It’s not the land of wives. Bibi Nagar is a small town in the Hyderabad. Hyderabad is the capital city of the Telangana situated on the banks of the Musi River. The nearest station to Bibi Nager is the Hyderabad junction. Order Hyderabadi food for train journey and get it right at your reserved berth.

  • Panauti, Uttar Pradesh:
    The people residing here can never recover from the tag “Panauti “. But, that’s not the scene. Panauti is a small village panchayat located in the Chitrakoot district of Uttar-Pradesh with a total population of 2,197.

  • Nagar, Uttar Pradesh:
    Formerly known as Shiv Nagar, after the Hindu Deity “Lord Shiva”, the village was renamed as Nagar. The village had no source of portable drinking water and the people there walked miles away to get safe drinking water. Snapdeal installed 15 handpumps in the village and solved the drinking water crisis problem. To pay a gratitude to the e-commerce giant, villagers voted to rename the village as

It’s a fact that these railway station names of India are funny and bizarre. But, the list doesn’t end here. Here are some more funny names of the places which no one must have thought of. They are: Kala Bakra, Lailunga, Divine Nagar, IB, Tung, Illoo, Gurra, Billi, Londa, Odhaniya Chacha, Baap, Sali, Saheli and Diwana.

YES! Believe me…. They are station names!

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