Thali is a full meal served on a single platter. An Indian thali is usually accompanied by several small round bowls called katoris. Each bowl contains a different dish giving thali an appetizing look.


Thali is the commonly used expression for Indian food culture. It may refer to both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. With the perfect assortment of delicious dishes, Indian thali is more like a cultural exploration than a meal.


What Is a Thali?


Thali is also the most popular food among train travellers. It is the perfect combination of delicious foods from the different regions that are decorated beautifully. Divine flavour, texture, and taste give thali a distinct identity.


Every day RailRestro, the leading e-catering provider of IRCTC receives orders for thali in train from passengers.


Here are the veg and non-veg thali provided by RailRestro which you must try while travelling on a train.



Veg Mini Thali: 


Veg thali is a balanced meal providing proteins, carbs, vitamins, and essential minerals and fibre. Also, it is regarded as food woven in tradition. Our Veg Mini thali contains chapatis, seasonal vegetables, dal fry, plain rice, and salad & pickle. At the price range of Rs 99-129, Veg Mini thali is a convenient meal you can order on the train from RailRestro.



Veg Standard Thali:


Veg Standard thali is a platter full of divine Indian dishes. Celebrate your journey with six different food items on a single platter that contains paneer butter masala, seasonal vegetables, dal fry, chapati, rice, sweet and salad with pickle. Available at the price range of Rs 149- 179, Veg Standard Thali is the most loved food among train passengers.



Veg Deluxe Thali:


Veg Deluxe thali is the best meal for your train journey. It contains butter chapati, paneer butter masala, seasonal vegetables, dal fry, pulao, sweet, veg raita, papad and salad & pickle. You can order this deluxe size platter from Rs 169-199 and get it delivered to your seat on the train. Veg deluxe thali is also one of the most frequently ordered food on train from RailRestro.



Veg Maharaja Thali


Give yourself a royal treat with Veg Maharaja thali on the train. It is one of the premium thalis that we serve to passengers. In a Veg Maharaja thali, we serve butter chapati, paneer kadhai, mix veg, dal fry, pulao, sweet, veg raita, papad, and salad & pickle. We provide Veg Maharaja thali at the price range of Rs 219-249 and deliver it right at your seat/berth.



South Indian Thali


South Indians have their variation of thali. Typically, South Indian thali has a different taste and flavour. Our variation of South Indian thali contains plain rice, sambhar, poriyal, rasam, curd, and pickle/sweet. We provide delivery of South Indian thali at the best price ranging from Rs 149-199. Order your thali from RailRestro and get it delivered at Chennai Central MAS, Bangalore City station, Vijayawada station or Thiruvananthapuram Central.



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Non-Veg Deluxe Thali:


Relishing the best Non-Veg Deluxe thali on train is nothing less than a grand feast. This thali from RailRestro contains chicken butter masala, mixed veg curry, butter chapati, jeera rice, raita, sweet, salad & pickle. Our Non-Veg deluxe thali is strictly an appetizer food that provides approximately 690 calories to mitigate the tiredness of a long duration train journey. The price of this Non-Veg Deluxe thali is Rs 219 only.



Egg Thali:


Are you travelling by train and getting strong egg cravings? Don’t worry RailRestro has an Egg thali for you. In this thali, you will get egg curry, mix-veg curry, butter chapati, jeera rice, raita, sweet, salad & pickle. You can order this delicious Egg thali at Rs 199 only.



Jain Thali:


Jain thali is the platter especially made for people who follow Jainism. Our version of Jain thali contains paneer butter masala, seasonal vegetables, dal fry, chapati, rice, sweet, salad & pickle. As Jain people do not eat root vegetables so we ensure to exclude underground vegetables like garlic, potato, onion etc., from this thali. RailRestro’s Jain thali is priced at Rs 149-179. Order and get your Jain thali delivered at Ahmadabad Railway station, Vadodara Junction, Surat station and Rajkot station in Gujarat as well as Jaipur station & Jodhpur station in Rajasthan.


In addition to these popular thalis, we also provide regional thali on trains. India is a vast country and every region has different local delicacies. Further, the regional thali is the perfect expression of food diversity in India. 


Regional Thali:


At RailRestro, we provide some of the great Indian thalis. These regional thalis have the perfect combination of the best local dishes and desserts. Read on to learn more about the four popular regional thalis that RailRestro provide in trains and different railway stations in India.



Gujarati Thali (ગુજરાતી થાળી):


Gujarati thali is also referred to as rainbow thali due to many colourful dishes on a single platter. It contains a variety of Gujarati dishes like ringana methi nu shak, khatti-mithi dal, undhiyu, sambhariya, rasila aaloo and steamed basmati rice, chapati, and kachumber salad and chutney. Order a Gujarati thali on train from RailRestro to relish a truly distinct taste and flavour from other Indian cuisines.



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Maharashtrian Thali (मराठी थाळी):


RailRestro unravels some of the classic Marathi cuisines through its Maharashtrian thali. This is a platter full of veggies, rice, chapati, thalipeeth, Dahi vada, papad, sweet and salad. The divine flavour of all these foods in a Maharashtrian thali would stimulate your taste buds and make say yum!



Rajasthani Thali:


Rajasthani thali is a platter full of an array of traditional dishes from Rajasthan. Dal baati, gate ki sabzi, bajre ki roti, Missi roti made up of jowar, or corn and panchmela dal which is a concoction of five meals make the truly royal Rajasthani thali. If you want to relish the true local flavour of this state, Rajasthani thali is for you.



Bengali Thali (বাঙালি থালি):


In a typical Bengali thali from RailRestro, you will get rice, sobji diye moong dal, uchhe bhaja, luchi or roti, Misti Dahi, rasogulla, papad, and salad. If you choose for a non-veg Bengali thali fish curry would be added. Bengali fish thali is popular among train passengers in East Indian regions. If you love eating fish, there could be nothing more appetizing than fresh rohu fish in rich gravy and rice.


Why Thali Is So Popular in India?


Thali is an ideal meal for everyone and every occasion. A typical thali has a combination of meals that provides essential nutrients for our body. Also, it is an inherent part of the dietary culture in India. Thali allows you to serve local and seasonal foods and showcase them artistically. As every region in India has its own set of cuisines, thali becomes an important mode to represent food diversity creatively.


All these factors make thali so popular in India.


Which State Thali is Best?


People appreciate eating Gujarati and Rajasthani thali due to their cuisine diversity and flavour. Though every regional thali exemplifies it best, choosing the right one according to your like and desire would be the best thali for you.



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How to Order Thali on Train from RailRestro?


Follow these easy steps to order your favourite thali from RailRestro:


  1. Visit our website or install RailRestro App from the Play Store
  2. Enter your 10-digit PNR number, Location option would be generated
  3. Select the station at which you want to get food delivery on train
  4. Next, choose thali from your favourite restaurant
  5. Proceed with the payment or cash on delivery
  6. After successfully ordering thali from RailRestro, you will receive an order confirmation SMS on your registered mobile number.


Our delivery boy will reach your seat to deliver the thali packet at the scheduled station. We promise to serve you the best thali that would make your journey a tasty delight.

Apart from that, you can also call RailRestro customer support at 8102202203 to place an order for thali on train.


Great Indian thalis are known for their intoxicating aroma, flavour, and taste. Let our taste buds discover the ultimate Indian thalis for divine tastes. Check out our ongoing offers and discounts for food orders in train. You can also claim and get a huge discount if you place a group food order on the train.


We also provide Jain food on trains, get your Jain thali or any other Jain food from RailRestro at all the major Railway Stations in Gujarat and Rajasthan. Besides ordering food, you may use our online services to check the PNR status of your train ticket, live train running status, and information about stations live from our Rail Tools.


May you have a wonderful journey while we serve you best thali on the train.


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