Desserts, or sweets, are eaten on every happy occasion. Whether you celebrate a wedding or a birthday, desserts are the must-have food for every special occasion. Local Sweets from the Indian States are famous, each with a unique flavour and colour.


“Meethe mein kya hai?”, has become the catchphrase of every Indian. Imagine enjoying the delicious sweets from all over India while on a train.


Here are the 15 mouth-watering desserts for a Sweet Train Journey:



1. Sandesh: A Sweet Affair of Bengal


Bengali natives enjoy a dessert called Sandesh or Sondesh. The luscious confection is made from milk, sugar, or jaggery. There are many variants of Sandesh that you can drool over as soon as you eat them, including Strawberry Sandesh, Nolen Gurer Atta Sandesh, and Korapak Ice Cream Sandesh. When you visit Kolkata soon, make sure you indulge in these delicious and traditional goodies of Bengal.



2. Rasgulla: 100% Syrupy and Pure 


Rasgulla is labelled as the second most popular dessert in India. The Rasgulla is a round and soft, syrupy ball that is light and spongy in texture. Interestingly, the way Rasgulla surprises us with its flavour, the tale related to it is also surprising. The origination of this popular sweet still stirs up bitter issues between the two states. Some historians declare that Rasogulla is the origination of Bengal, while Odiya claims it to be the foundation of Puri as Kheer Mohan. Finally, the bitter struggle among the states ended after Bengal and Odiya acquired the GI tag for ‘Banglar Rasogolla’ and Odiyas’ Rasagola, respectively.



3. Malpua: Sweeten your Life


Malpua is the oldest sweet of India, enjoyed mainly on the occasion of Holi. This sweet is also known as Amalu, offered to Lord Jagganath in Puri. Malpua, a festive delight, is also relished in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Odisha, Nepal, and Bangladesh. Succulent Malpua recipes are easy to prepare with milk khoya, flour, banana, and fennel. The yummy pancake is then immersed in syrup to offer heavenly satisfaction. You can amalgamate the taste with cold and creamy Rabri.



4. Gulab Jamun:  Black Plum


Gulab Jamun is the typical sweet dish of North India. Gulab Jamuns are made from a round ball of flour, milk sugar, cardamom with aromatic syrup. Iran is said to be the origin of Galub Jamun; however, few claim that Gulab Jamun was created during the reign of the Mughal era. It is another popular variant of sweets that tastes best with ice cream. It is also referred to as Lal Mohan in Bihar. Gulab Jamun is a delicious treat to try anywhere in India.



5. Mysore Pak: Ghee filled bite with heavenly delight 


Mysore Pak is a famous dessert hailing from the province of Karnataka. Mysore Pak Recipe was accidentally prepared by chef Madappa using gram flour, ghee, and sugar for the then ruling King Krishna Raja Wodeyar. The King was so surprised by the delectable taste that he opened a shop outside the royal palace. The confection is considered to be the King of Sweets by South Indians. Passengers can now order dessert on the train to satiate their palate.



6. Jalebi: a bite a day keeps mood swings away


In the West Asian region, Jalebis are round coiled orange-coloured sweet dishes filled with aromatic syrup. The craze of famous sweetmeat among Indians is tremendous, and hence jalebis are eaten with great Chao on every occasion. This flavoursome dessert is identified as the national sweet of India. Garma-Garam crisp Jalebis or imariti can be found nearby Halwaii ki dukaan. Jalebis are served hot and taste best when paired with milk or rabri. Jalebi in English is called coiled Fennel cake.



7. Ghevar: Royal life, delightful bite


Rajasthan, a sweet state, is famous for Ghevar. The sweet is enjoyed with great pomp during the Teej festival. Ghevar is made by pouring the batter of maida arrowroot, ghee, and khoya into different moulds. The dessert is then soaked with sugar syrup. Bloggers claim that the more delicious it is to eat Ghevar, the more impressive is the preparation. Mawa Ghevar, Malai Ghevar and Paneer Ghevar have a divine taste that melts in your mouth just as you put it in. The Unique dessert resembles a beehive; hence Ghevar in English is called honeycomb. Ordering Ghevar with some pakodas during the trip is a great idea.



8. Khaja: Crush of Bihar


Silao Khaja is a traditional dessert found in Bihar near Buddhist sites. Khaja is a special sweet savoured amidst marriages or other auspicious works. The 52 layers of sweetmeat at Rajgir or Nalanda never fail to delight gourmets. The impeccable dessert has won Geographical Indication (GI) and is world-famous. According to historians, Crunchy Khaja got its name from Lord Buddha during his visit to Silao. So, if you are still under the phantasm that Bihar is famous only for Litti Chokha, then now is the time to visit Bihar and sweeten your journey with mouth-melting Khaja, which is a heavenly delight. So, if your vacation spot is not Gaya, then you may order Khaja at Gaya station 2 hours in advance without a mess.



9. Kaju barfi: Cashew Fudge


Kaju barfi is a Marwari dessert that is famous among sweet addicts. Sugar, Ghee and Cashew is an essential ingredient of the diamond-shaped desserts enjoyed throughout India at any given time. Sweet is India’s pride, and hence it is often said that the more expensive the sweet, the higher the identity. If you visit your relatives or come to your home for a wedding or a festival, everything is incomplete without Kaju Barfi, aka Kaju Katli.



10. Balushahi: Indian Donut


If you are crazy about desserts, balushahi is the real treat for you. Balushahi, or Badushah, is an invention of Uttar Pradesh. This dessert is similar to a doughnut in appearance; hence, it is called the Indian Donut in English. The sweet course is also a delicacy of the middle east. Balushahi is a favourite of travellers owing to its crisp, fresh taste that keeps you full for a long time. Balushahi dipped in sugar syrup can also be eaten with Mawa or Rabri. Balushahi can be relished anywhere in India. You can order it at Mughal Sarai Railway Station if you are journeying from Bihar to Delhi.



11. Peda: Krishna’s Favorite


Peda is a delicious Khoya-based dessert that is offered to Lord Krishna. Mathura is the home of this tempting delight. The scriptures say that the milk Peda was invented by mother Yashoda for her son Krishna; the Peda has since become the talk of the town. If you are touring anywhere on the train via Mathura, you are lucky enough to order Peda from Railrestro to Mathura station 2 hours before reaching.



12. Soan Papdi: Box of Pleasure


Soan Papadi brings a sugary rush for those who always hunt for sweetness. It is the most famous dessert exchanged on the eve of Diwali. The finger-licking Sohan Papadi meme is the latest trend on social media. Surprisingly Soan Papadi comes in many forms that you may have never tasted include chocolate Soan Papadi, Elaichi Soan Papadi, and so forth. A crisp, flaky delicious treat melts in your mouth while giving you a gustatory experience. So if it is your birthday or your appraisal Soan Papdi is the ultimate excuse to celebrate any happiness. Soan Papapdi in English is called India candy floss.



13. Gajar ka Halwa: Taste doesn’t Lie


Gajar ka halwa is a beautiful dessert to savour in winter. Carrot halwa was first created by the Dutch and later became an exotic dish of India. The recipe made with Khoya, Ghee, and dry fruits and sugar is a heavenly delight for every sweet addict. With winter right around the corner and carrots becoming cheaper, your appetite cannot resist the urge for finger-licking Gajar ka Halwa. There are varieties of halwa that have made Indians go bonkers. You can also order exotic variants of Halwa, including Suji Ka Halwa, Sohan Halwa, and Moong Dal Halwa.



14. Kheer: Companion for Lifetime 


Since childhood, we all have had a sweet affair with Kheer, as it comes straight from our grandma’s kitchen. Kheer is a must-try Indian dessert popular all over the country. It is prepared with milk, rice sugar, almonds, cashews, raisins, rose petals, and cardamom. Kheer is also an ultimate favourite dish to satisfy your hunger pangs during your sweet train journey. So, if Kheer isn’t on your list yet, then there is an absence of sweetness on your plate.



15. Bebinca: Joy for Your Palate


So far, Goa is a famous tourist spot known for beaches and Goan food. Alas, there is no mention of the Queen of Goa’s favourite dessert Bebinca or Bibik, an invention of Bibiana. The traditional dessert is the origin of Indo-Portuguese cuisine. Bebinca is a cake cum pudding with 7 to 16 layers that signifies seven Lisbon and Old Goa hills. Every bite of Bebinca with vanilla ice cream is a lip-smacking experience that completely satisfies your soul. Luscious cuisine made of coconut, flour, milk, sugar, and eggs is the perfect treat for everyone. So, this holiday, make sure to gorge yourself on Goan desserts while visiting Goa.


So is your mouth watering? Choose your favourite dessert from the list for a sweet train ride with RailRestro.



Is Sugar-free Sweets Available on Trains?


Yes, sugar-free sweets are available. People who have diabetes abstain from eating sweets. Our catering services take special care of patients on the train. However, when it comes to diabetic patients, RailRestro goes the extra yard to provide sugar-free sweets on trains and stations.


Which is the National Sweet of India?


Jalebi is known to be the national sweet of India. It is also considered the oldest sweet, called by various names, including Meshabek, Jilapi, and Zulbia. Jalebi in Sanskrit is called Gunyagunabodhini, whereas jalebi in Nepal is famous as Jerry. With its origin in Muslim Country, jalebi is eaten with great enthusiasm in Ramadan.


Can we order a cake on the train?


Whether it’s your friend’s birthday or your anniversary, give your beloved a Surprise treat on the train and create memories with IRCTC accredited food delivery partner RailRestro. Now order a cake on the train to celebrate your journey in the best possible way with RailRestro at any station, including Jaipur Station, Patna Station, Howrah Railway Station, Bangalore Railway Station and Madgaon Railway Station.


How can we order dessert on Train from RailRestro?


Take delight to begin your journey with a box full of sweetness. RailRestro is delivering delicious desserts on the trains and stations. They provide sweets delivery at Mathura Station, Gaya Junction, Mugalsarai Station, Jaipur Station and Patna Railway Station. To order dessert on the train, Download the RailRestro App and enter your six-digit PNR number or train number to satisfy your sweet tooth.


Travelling without sweets is equal to no fun. To ab Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye! Download RailRestro App and order your favourite dessert on the train directly at your seat. Through RailRestro, you can also order food in bulk for your loved ones. Track your order with RailRestro after placing order for meal or desserts.


May your journey be as sweet as Agra ka petha, Mathura ka peda, and Lucknow ki Malai Gilori with RailRestro on train.

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Author: Sanjay Kumar