Kheer has a long history in Indian cuisine. It is the most beloved Indian emotion that everyone loves. Whether it’s your wedding, or you’ve got guests coming, or even if you passed the exam, this dessert never misses the chance to be in the limelight. Unlike other desserts, Kheer is always served straight from mum’s kitchen to the table in no time.


This dish is the joy of 3 things: milk, sugar, and rice. Since the days when rice kheer was just everyone’s favourite dessert, a lot has changed in terms of types and taste. The variation of Kheer varies depending on the location; for example, North Indian Kheer turns into Payasam in South India.


Can you guess how many kinds of Kheer are available in the 21st century?


This blog will help you find out 15 most loved kheer dishes you should try before you die. 




1. Rice Kheer: Grand Maa’s Recipe 


It’s a dish we’ve enjoyed since childhood. Cooked in low flame, the mixture of rice milk, sugar, and dry fruits is definitely worth your effort. The fragrance from the kewra and the garnish of dry fruits is divine. A bite of the Kheer studded with dry fruits will take you to wonderland. There are various unique varieties of Kheer apart from vague Kheer.



2. Payesh: Bengali Mistoi


This delicacy is reminiscent of Kheer and comes from the state renowned for Rasogulla. Yes, you guessed right! It’s Payesh, a Bengali dessert! Payesh is prepared with condensed milk and mashed Chhena, giving it a finger-licking taste. Govind Bhog Chaler Payesh, Chhanar Payesh, Sevai Er Payesh, and Nolan Guder Payesh are variants that give gastronomic pleasure.



3. Sevaiyan ki kheer: Not Everybody’s Cup Of Tea


Sevaiyan is a wonderful dessert of Mughlai cuisine, famous all over India. Sevai ki Kheer is a sweet made on the occasion of Eid. Surely you all must have longed for the scrumptious Sevaiyan on the eve of Eid. Seviyan in English is called vermicelli. Try Sevaiyan Kheer and give yourself a feeling of Ramzaan and Eid. Sevaiyan tastes so yummy that just a bowl would be unfair for you to satiate your palate. You can now try this delicious dessert on the train while travelling. 



4. Paneer Kheer: Away From Barbeque Skewers


As long as Paneer appears on our food list, Paneer Tikka Paneer Seekh Kebab and Panner Tandoori are bound to make one’s mouth water. Have you ever tasted Kheer made from Paneer?. A paneer kheer is your only option if you look for something different and find rice kheer too monotonous. The flavour of paneer kheer has a hint of Rasmalai and is a delicious dessert for unexpected guests at home.



5. Gul-e-Firdaus: Direct From Heaven


Gulab-e-Firdous is a Hyderabadi Kheer served chilled during the Muslim Pious Festival, Ramadan. This medley of rice, milk, sago, bottle gourd, dry fruits, and cream is served as a dessert with the unique flavours of saffron, cardamom, and rosewater; this dish adds flavour and uniqueness. The literal meaning of Gul –e-Firdaus is flowers of heaven. So, Give your guests an unforgettable experience by serving them Hyderabadi Gul-e-Firdaus this Eid.  



6. Sheer khurma: Our Eidi


Sheer khurma is the essence of Eid; without it, your Eid is incomplete. Sheer means milk in Persian, and khurma means dates. The dessert is prepared with the fusion of Sevai, condensed milk, khoya and sugar and dates. The dessert is then adorned with cashew, pistachios, Chhuara (dried dates). The legacy of these delectable desserts is said to have originated from Afghanistan for centuries. Sheer Khurma or Sheer Khorma taste best when served chilled or hot.



7. Sabudana Kheer: Religious Dessert


Fasting has a religious connotation. Many people follow a falhaar diet during this time. Even though some people get bored with eating the same meal every day, Sabudana kheer can be a delicious solution for them. Sabudana kheer, also known as Vrat ka Kahana, is rich in protein, calcium, and fibre, which keeps you fuller for longer. Sago, water, milk, and sugar are among the ingredients used in the dish.  



8. Carrot kheer: Winter Addiction


As an Indian delicacy, Kheer not only tantalises the taste buds but also has health benefits. Carrot Kheer is one such Kheer. Since infancy, we’ve been told that carrots are high in vitamin A, beneficial for our eyes. So, how can one resist eating Gajar Kheer when a bowl of this delectable treat has so much goodness? You can also fulfil your appetite while travelling by eating exquisite Gajar ka Halwa on the train.



9. Poha Kheer : Diet Freak


For a unique festive season meal, Poha Kheer is something that is not to be missed. Now, you are probably wondering how Poha Kheer is made?. This recipe is a fusion of milk and Choora. This particular Kheer is different from the rice kheer of Sevai Kheer. It is a great substitute for a healthy breakfast with a burst of energy. Those who are diet freaks and want to enjoy a healthy journey must order Poha Kheer on train with RailRestro. 



10. Khazur Makuti : Arab’s Tradition


Khazur Makuti, also known as Khazur ki kheer, is a traditional and distinctive cuisine that has been infused with dates to make it more festive. It is well-known in India, particularly among Bihar Muslims, for its nutritional value. The dessert is high in fibre and antioxidants, which both aid to boost our digestive systems and cognitive abilities.



11. Moong Dal Kheer: Not Just A Normal One


You’ve probably heard of moong dal khichdi or pakora, but few people have heard of moong dal kheer. Moong dal kheer is a popular Bihar delicacy. This Kheer is both healthy and delicious. Moong Dal Ka Kheer is high in minerals and fibre, which are beneficial to your heart. It’s also high in zinc, protein, and iron. Moong dal kheer aids to keep our skin supple and moist by maintaining its suppleness. Just a bowl is enough to suffice you.



12. Payasam : Southern Touch


Semiya Payasam is a traditional south Indian delicacy traditionally served on the eve of the Onam and Pongal festivals. With its velvety texture, which is made with roasted vermicelli, milk, ghee, sugar, raisins, and almonds, Semiya Payasam will leave you wanting more. The variants are Aval Payasam and Annam Payasam, which complement each other well. The popular dessert can be ordered on a train en route to the South.



13. Doodhi Kheer: Cream Burst


Is it possible for sweet food to be healthy? That may raise in your mind! And the answer is Yes. Doodhi kheer is a better option if you desire something sweet and healthy. Gourd Kheer, also known as Doodhi Kheer, is an Indian dessert. It has a thick, creamy texture and flavour. It’s a healthy approach to indulge your sweet needs once in a while. This dish’s low calorie, fat, and sodium content make it ideal for people with high blood pressure and heart problems. With the right Doodhi kheer, even the Lauki ki sabzi will become your favourite dish. 



14. Chenna Kheer: Most Loved


We present to you the most famous Chena Kheer to satisfy your craving. Several tiny Paneer or cottage cheese pieces evolve to make these delicious Bengali sweets. This dish kick starts your taste buds and is also packed with protein that keeps you satiated for longer. Besides being tastier and healthier, it also contains fat, iron, calcium, and magnesium.



15. Pineapple Kheer: Mixed Emotions


Pineapple Kheer is a special kind of kheer made with ripened pineapples (ananas). It gets prepared in just 10 minutes. Pineapple flavour, creamy milk, crunch nuts make it a super tasty dish that amazes taste buds. This milk-based fruit kheer is perfect to complement the summer meal of any kid and adult. 


Hope you appreciated the blog and found the Kheer recipe tasty. Please share your experience with us and comment on the types of Kheer you found yummy.


Where is the Kheer Originated?


Kheer is said to be the origin of the Indian SubContinent. Due to religious connotations, the white colour of Kheer represents purity and divinity. Many claims have been made that the Kheer was invented in Orissa at Jagannath Temple 200 years ago. 


What is Kheer Called in English?


Kheer in English is called Sweet Porridge or Rice Providing. It is also called Rice pudding or Firni. Kheer in Telugu is called Payasam.


Is Kheer good for your health?


It’s hard to say whether Kheer is good for your health. However, if Kheer is consumed in limitation, it provides numerous advantages. As a nutritious diet, Kheer helps to improve digestion and gut health. Kheer with milk is beneficial for your overall well being.


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RailRestro wishes you a happy journey with a mouthful of Rice Kheer! Kuchh Meetha ho Jaye!

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Author: Sanjay Kumar