It’s the month of May and summer vacation is right there for you to create and determine the best trips of your life. It’s the time to move away from silent, warm and sultry afternoons to a place where fun and adventure exists. You can list many places and serene locations of India for summer vacation. A number of festivals are organized for tourist like the International Flower Festival at Gangtok or the Thrissur Pooram at Kerala, every corner of India has something thrilling, exciting, and stimulating for you.

A Memorable Train Trip for vacation:
We know that the Indian Railways is the fourth largest rail network of the world which connects every state and cities of India. The catering and tourism wing of IRCTC has made ticket booking and e-catering services online through which planning a vacation trip is very easy. It’s the digital era where ordering fresh and healthy restaurant food in train is possible within a few clicks. RailRestro mobile application allows passengers to order food for their journey at any station they need. It provides you food options like South Indian, North Indian, Rajasthani, Gujarat, Marwari and Chinese delights which will be served directly at your seat.

However, there are many summer special drinks which we prepare at our home to beat the heat of hot scorching sun but never dreamt of having them in train while traveling. RailRestro anticipated the fact and observed that an effort to deliver your favourite drinks along with food will delight your vacation trip. Our FSSAI licensed restaurant partners who deliver food at stations are now delivering these eight exotic drinks especially for summer travelers. All you need is a valid PNR number to order or keep the number 8102888111 saved in the speed dial list of your smartphones. Now, you can order these eight refreshing drinks in train and delve into the natural beauty outside the train window.

Summer Special Drinks to Order in Train:
Buttermilk: Those with a notion that buttermilk is a modern drink must update themselves and know that it’s a traditional drink which is prepared by rigorous churning of curd, chilled water/ice cubes and spices. It’s a drink which is mostly consumed in northern and southern hemisphere of India. It is decorated with coriander leaves and served chilled. Today, we can find cartoon packed buttermilk available in shops. Beat this summer by ordering a glass of buttermilk during your journey.

Lassi: A delectable drink which originated from the land of Punjab and later got popular in the subcontinent. It’s a refreshing yoghurt based drink. Traditionally, it was made in earthen pots and served in earthen glasses. It has various flavoured versions like mango lassi, mint lassi, banana lassi, strawberry lassi, and the tastiest kesar-pista lassi. A sip of chilled Lassi when gulped in during the journey will refresh you mood. Include it in your list while traveling!

Mango Milkshake: Summer season welcome mangoes in every corner of India. It’s the king of all fruits. Milkshake is one of the common drinks consumed in India, but a touch of mango pulp with ice cubes elevates its taste and freshness. Once you board the train and start your journey, no matter which station it is, just dial 8102888111 or visit our official website and get fresh mango milkshake delivered at your seat. A glass of chilled mango milkshake for your family will enhance the merriment and excitement during your journey.

Ice Tea: A refreshing drink with a hugely popular history! No matter at whichever station you’re, a glass of refreshing Ice tea will revitalize your mind and soul. Ice tea is adaptable and can be prepared in multiple flavours. Light or strong, sweetened or unsweetened, flavoured or basic, this drink can be customized in multiple ways to enjoy. Order a glass of fresh and refreshing Ice tea while traveling in train.

Aam Panna: Also known as kacchi kairi ka sharbat, it is a delicious drink made with raw mangoes, roasted cumin powder with a touch of cool mint leaves. The drink apart from refreshing you, also keeps, energized, hydrated and helps in battling the scorching heat of summer. The raw mangoes are boiled and made soft from inside. The pulp is then squeezed and blended with spices and water. This drink is served fresh with ice-cubes and a slice of lemon topped on the glass.

Classic Mojito: Mojito is the one of the most popular, simple and delightful cocktails made with a careful muddling of sugar, mint leaves, lime and club soda. Ounces of light rum are also used for the drink to make it even extra refreshing. RailRestro serves classic mojito which has no rum content. Enjoy the delicacy.

Cold Coffee with Ice-cream: Aromatic coffee powder, cinnamon powder, milk and sugar are all you need to prepare this delicious drink. Blend the ingredients and add a scoop of vanilla ice-cream to the top. It is served chilled. Order this exotic drink and enjoy it at your seat. RailRestro serves this drink at all major station through our catering partners.

Badam Milk: How about having almond flavoured milk topped with Kesar and dry fruits? A quick way to enjoy the deliciousness! It is prepared with a paste of soak almonds added in boiling milk. To enhance the taste, strands of kesar are added into the mixture which gives it a soothing yellow color. It is topped with chopped dry fruits and served chilled. You can find this drink popular in the southern hemisphere of India. It is also available in packets and cartoon packs. Enjoy freshly prepared Badam milk in train. You can also go for a vegan version by using almond milk, some crushed black pepper, fennel powder and ginger powder and turn it into masala milk.

It’s a well-known fact that a holiday is an opportunity to journey within. It is also a chance to chill, to relax. It is when you switch on to rest mode. You would have enlisted many destinations for your summer tour and might enjoy ordering food in train of your choice. This time, it’s these exotic drinks waiting for your company throughout the journey.

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Author: Rohit Choubey

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