India is a country where people strongly believe in auspicious times and moments. From large Indian weddings to the small school exams, Indians follow their value and tradition of having a positive start.


In a nation of diversity in culture and tradition, one common thing is the belief of eating curd and sugar before starting any work. Conventionally, it is a ritual that has been followed for ages. Indian mothers have deep concern about this traditional practice, and they never let their child step out of the house without feeding a spoon of Curd (Dahi) for an auspicious wish.


The Auspicious Curd Belief


The utmost faith in eating Dahi and sugar before travelling is an excellent way to start your journey. The idea behind this custom is that it makes the journey safer. In India, Curd is considered the most pious item, and so it is used in Puja and Havan. It is also mixed in Prasad to offer it to the Almighty.


Besides being a valuable customary Indian delicacy, the curd is also a beneficial superfood for the body. Consumption of Dahi keeps the digestive system fit. People are advised to eat curd every day, especially if they are working professionals. Moreover, if you go for a long train journey, Dahi is highly recommended as it helps in keeping your internal body system balanced.


IRCTC E-Catering Services


Travelling is an integral part of our lives, and it brings immense happiness when we choose to travel by train. Witnessing the astonishing beauty of Indian terrain is the kind of dream that everyone lives within. Indian Railways operates more than 7000 trains to transport people from one place to another. With the innovation in technologies, Indian Railways offer a plethora of services that assist people in enjoying the journey safely and comfortably. You can avail of IRCTC services like checking seat availability, PNR status, and online food delivery on train with just a few swipes.


During the long train journey, people feel exhausted. But, eating Dahi would make you feel fresh for the entire journey. Currently, RailRestro e-catering serves curd recipes like Raita, Lassi, Chhanch, Misti Dahi etc., to travellers. Passengers can buy these dishes online through its website or app.


Benefits of Eating Curd during Travelling


  • Curd and sugar supply the glucose to energize the body and mind. If you want to uphold the enthusiasm of travelling till the journey ends, eat a little amount of this legacy dish. Unhealthy foods can spoil your digestive system and mood. However, the curd will help digestion and keep your body hydrated and fresh.
  • When travelling in summer, the curd must follow the diet advised by doctors and nutritionists. It protects you from the severe stroke of the Sun. Those who travel in General and Sleeper coaches have to face the heat waves coming from the window. It increases the body temperature and sometimes may cause a high fever. Drinking Lassi or eating cool foods can save you from getting the heatstroke.
  • Those who travel in AC and luxury coaches might not complain about the unbearable outside heat, but constantly sitting for long can badly affect the digestive system. Get some cool dahi drinks delivered to you during the train journey. This dish will help you maintain a proper digestive system.
  • Dahi contains magnesium that can help control high blood pressure. So, if there is any person with high blood pressure problem, provide them to eat dahi during the journey.
  • Outside food can upset your stomach and create a problematic situation in the running train. Therefore, it is suggested to avoid unhealthy food from unauthorized vendors and stalls. Although if you have been already caught in such a situation, eating a cup of curd will give you instant relief.


Best Dahi Dishes


Eating dishes made of Dahi is an old practice followed sincerely. According to Ayurvedic and scientific research, the consumption of Dahi helps to fight many diseases. Here is the list of summer dahi dishes that keeps the body lighter for the entire working day.


Here are the 10 Curd dishes you can pack for an auspicious train journey



1. Raita is the best curd dish for summer. It is ideal food with high protein content and essential minerals. A small bowl of Raita keeps the body hydrated to beat the heat of summer.


2. Chhachh is a life saviour drink to beat the unbearable sunstroke. Drinking a glass of Church will offer you immense energy instantly. Travellers during their train journey can order Chhach online through RailRestro e-catering to keep their bodies hydrated and cool.


3. Lassi is a refreshing summer drink loved by people across the world. It is prepared with curd by thickening it to a creamy consistency. In addition, sugar, ice, mango, rose syrup etc., are added for flavour. You may ask for Kesar and cherry toppings for heavenly flavour.


4. Dahi Chiwda is the traditional and most loved morning breakfast for the people, especially those belonging to Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. It is very common to carry Dahi and Chiwda during summer for an overnight journey. This traditional combo is easy to digest if consumed in a balanced amount.


5. Shrikhand is a Gujarati dish popular amongst people because of its outstanding taste. It is eaten with deep-fried Puri. The dish is made with curd, healthy and safe for people suffering from obesity and diabetes.


6. Curd Rice is a popular Indian dish prepared by mixing mushy rice with curd and salt. To add a flavour, you can also add some spices to it. It is always eaten cool or at room temperature. In metro cities, people carry this food in their lunch boxes, but you may also get the combination from the best R-caterers like RailRestro.


7. Boondi Raita is another variety of Raita primarily popular in North India. It is made with Curd and tiny Boondi Balls. Often served with main course food, it is easy to digest. Roasted jeera powder, black pepper salt and red chilli powder are sprinkled over it to add some flavour,


8. Dahi Idli is easily available on IRCTC trains. It is a perfect breakfast for summer. You will find vendors selling this dish in the morning at the station premises. However, you can also order dahi idli online from IRCTC e-catering food partners.


9. Kadhi is made with Gram flour by adding Dahi to it. Dry and powdered spices are added and garnished with coriander leaves to make the Kadhi tastier. Kadhi Chwal is a dish that you can find on the street in cities like Delhi, Rajasthan, Gujrat, etc.


10. Misti Dahi is a famous sweet dish from Bengal. During the train journey, you can order this auspicious sweet from IRCTC’s best e-catering provider RailRestro. This creamy, sweet yoghurt has the same basic ingredients as Srikhnad.


How Dahi Is an Ideal Diet During Summer?


Dahi has all the vital nutrients like Calcium, Vitamin B-2, Vitamin B-12, Potassium and Magnesium, which nourishes the body and works as a natural coolant. Dahi is an ideal dish for summer for the following listed reasons:


  • It keeps the body hydrated for longer
  • Fulfil the need for water in the body
  • It saves the energy or brings the missing energy back
  • Maintains the blood sugar level
  • Reduces the high blood pressure
  • Help in weight loss
  • Immunity booster


Can Dahi Be Consumed at Night?


Those who have problems with cough and cold are restricted from consuming Dahi at night. It may cause mucus development in the nasal area if consumed at night. However, those who are not having any energy with dahi can eat it at night.


What Food Items Should Be Avoided With Curd?


You are advised to avoid consuming the following food items with Curd or Dahi:


  • Onions
  • Milk
  • Mangoes
  • Urad Dal


Dahi is a superfood for the maintenance of good health.


The creamy texture of curd has its appeal and flavour. People love to travel by train, and they prefer local foods in train. If you are also among foodies who love to eat locally made curd dishes, place your curd dish order on train online through RailRestro E-catering. Ordering food in bulk will help you save a lot. You can track your food order via the RailRestro train food app. Additionally, you may utilize its rail tools for various train-related enquires.


Let us know which curd recipe you like the most. We will add it to our menu soon.

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Author: Sanjay Kumar