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The moment you board the train for the journey, the impulse to eat something delectable keeps on mounting high. Either it’s a family trip to some exotic locations or a business tour to crack deal of crores, food is everything we crave for during the journey. However, keeping up good dieting propensities while journey is a fundamental need which implies not to go for oily and spicy food but instead get inclined to a hygienic diet which keeps you healthy during the journey and free from any stomach disorder which in turn can ruin all the fun.

Avoiding pantry food which is prepared under unhygienic conditions becomes difficult and sometimes impossible especially in a long-distance journey. The consumption of such food is bad for health because it causes stomach disorders, vomiting tendencies and deadly diseases such as diarrhoea or dysentery. The passengers forcibly consume such undesirable sustenance as they are deprived of fresh and healthy food in train.

So, what’s the solution to this concern?
Is carrying food from home is the ultimate quick fix to the problem?
Will the satisfaction of having a hygienic food would be like a dream never come true?


Carrying an extra baggage of food is not possible for everyone as there are other long lists of worries like commuting to the station, boarding the train, checking ticket status, adjusting luggage etc. The high-end solution to the food problem is the smartphone in your pocket. RailRestro app is the counter-solution to get fresh and hygienic meals of your choice delivered right at your seat.

RailRestro is a leading e-catering company which provides food in train to the hungry passengers who are in an urge to have fresh food. We care for your taste and know that how difficult it is to gulp the pantry food, or the food sold by the vendors at stations. We specialise in offering food to train travellers. We have made food ordering in train easy and convenient. Visit our website or download our app to book your food in 4 simple steps.

  1. Enter PNR or Train Number: As you visit our website or application, enter the 10-digit unique PNR number and the list of restaurants routed, appears on the screen.
  2. Call @ 8102-888-111: Call our helpline number @ 8102-888-111 to place your order.
  3. Choose your favourite food: Select the restaurant and order tasty the food of your choice.
  4. Pay online or cash on delivery: You can easily pay for your food via internet banking, Credit/Debit cards Payumoney, Paytm, Mobikwik, Freecharge wallets and Cash on delivery (COD).

RailRestro lists few hygienic dishes to consider while travelling by train:

  1. Jain Thali: Jain community follows a unique vegetarianism which is highly differentiated from a normal diet. It is healthy and light on the belly. To order Jain Thali in Train, call RailRestro @ 8102-888 111. Use code “JAIN10” to get a discount of 10% on your order.
  2. Standard Veg Thali: Seasonal vegetables are the best source of nutrients. The standard veg thali contains daal, chappati, veggies, rice, salad, curd, pickle and sweet and serves as a complete food soothing your stomach. Use coupon code “LUNCH50” to get flat Rs.50 off.
  3. Khichdi:It is the best combination of pulses, rice and light spices. This one- dish meal becomes healthier when veggies are added to life the taste and nutrients level. To order khichdi in train call 8102-888-111 or visit our website @
  4. Poha: Not only the Indoris or bhopalis love poha. The entire nation loves poha prepared in different styles. It is one of the lightest foods which everyone should prefer during a journey. If your journey routes towards Indore and Bhopal, do order Poha with jalebi in train to enjoy your journey.
  5. Bread Omelette: Eggs are a good source of protein. Bread omelette is short package with high nutritional value and easy to digest, thus preferable during the journey. To order bread omelette in train call 8102-888-111 or visit our website @
  6. Green salad: Salads are the best when it comes to hydrating your body. Make your journey light and comfortable with complete green food.
  7. Salted Buttermilk: Buttermilk is low in fat and calories. It is more quickly and easily digested. It has the properties to combat digestive issues and make you feel fresh after consumption. Visit to order buttermilk in train or call 8102-888-111 to place your order via phone.

Often, oily and spicy food causes severe health issues during the journey. At RailRestro, we understand the importance of healthy food and believe in delivering the best and healthy food in train to the passengers. No matter which route you are travelling to, RailRestro will accompany you across India.  You can download RailRestro application for exciting offers.


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