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Latest Orders:

  • P K Sinha Ordered food in EAST COAST EXP at VIJAYAWADA JN
  • N Meherkanthi Ordered food in EAST COAST EXP at VIJAYAWADA JN
  • d k karan Ordered food in FALAKNUMA EXP at BHUBANESWAR
  • PARWAT Ordered food in AII MYS EXPRESS at Miraj Jn.
  • amit mahajan Ordered food in SRC TPTY SF EXP at VIJAYAWADA JN
  • A.K singh Ordered food in BAGH EXPRESS at Lucknow
  • Akash Ordered food in AII MYS EXPRESS at Miraj Jn.
  • Pappu Kumar Mahto Ordered food in HATIA EXPRESS at BADNERA JN
  • Anu Ordered food in KERALA EXPRESS at Vijayawada Jn.
  • Janmijay singh Ordered food in BEGAMPURA EXP at Lucknow
  • Soumya Jaggi Ordered food in GOA EXPRESS at Manmad Jn.
  • ashwini Ordered food in AII MYS EXPRESS at MIRAJ JN
  • Khurshid alam Ordered food in NDLS NHLN AC SF at Hajipur Jn.
  • Rajendra Singh Ordered food in JAIPUR EXP at Nagpur
  • Ashok Patel Ordered food in SHM BHUJ SF EXP at Ahmedabad
  • B k dubey Ordered food in SRC CSMT SF SPL at Kharagpur Jn.
  • Ankit kr Ordered food in ASR CSTM EXP at Bhopal Jn.
  • Anand Ordered food in Express at Kharagpur Jn.
  • ANTA SINGHA Ordered food in NORTH EAST EXPRESS at Allahabad Jn.
  • Sandhya pillai Ordered food in MUV NDLS S F EXP at Kanpur Central

Jain Food In Train

The Jain cuisine is completely vegan and excludes consumption of food items which are produced buried under the earth such as onion, brinjal, garlic etc. Such food is very much sattvic. As per Jain texts, a sravaska (householder) shouldn’t consume wine, flesh, honey and five udumbara fruits (Gular, Anjeera, Banyan, Peepal & Pakar).

What’s the rationale behind non-consumption of all the aforementioned items?

Root vegetables are basically storage organs of the plants and are specifically modified for storage of energy or water. Such underground areas help in survival of many living organisms present surrounding such roots.

Ordering Jain Food in Train:

One can order special Jain Food in Trains across 200+ locations with Railrestro. Just Follow simle steps to order Jain Food in Train:

  • Enter your 10 digit PNR.
  • Choose Any Restaurant from Options.
  • Chose Special Jain Thali.

One can also order Jain food for train journey via Railrestro App. Download Railrestro App for android or iOS devices today. For Group Orders, Call 8102888111.

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