Standing in long queues for train ticket bookings is never exciting. IRCTC online ticket booking has minimised some of that hassle. However, booking Tatkal train tickets is also another matter of anxiety we go through.


Many times you manage to get Tatkal seat availability, but the IRCTC payment gateway fails at the last moment. In one of the many scenarios, when the reservation fails in IRCTC, it can be due to entering your lengthy bank account or card details. Then you have to reiterate the entire process but do not find seat availability later. These are the common problems every passenger is familiar with.


Considering the difficulties in booking tickets, the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) is coming up with many consistent new features for the convenience of its users. Now, the train passenger can make IRCTC online booking without getting a failed reservation in the IRCTC as you no longer have to go through the time-taking IRCTC payment gateway and pay for your ticket booking. You can book the train tickets and pay for it later by a new feature of IRCTC ‘Book Now, Pay Later‘.


Pay later IRCTC feature helps passengers to conveniently book their ticket faster, thus minimising the delay and hassle while going through the IRCTC payment gateway for booking tickets. The IRCTC “ePayLater” service will be available for both the reserved ticket and Tatkal tickets.


What is an ePayLater IRCTC Service?



IRCTC has started ‘Book Now, Pay Later’ services in association with ePayLater for reserved and Tatkal tickets. ePayLater is a digital payment system by Arthashastra Fintech Pvt. Ltd. It authorises a Buy Now, Pay Later features for frequent online purchasers of IRCTC train tickets with interest-free credit.


The new ePayLater IRCTC service terminates the transaction failures because many a time the money gets debited and the ticket doesn’t get issued due to multiple reasons. It will completely circumvent the utilisation of an IRCTC payment gateway and will help the IRCTC users to make the train bookings in just a couple of minutes.


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About ePayLater

It enables users to make payments for a 14-day free credit period. ePayLater currently accepts payments online through net banking, debit card, credit card or bank transfer (NEFT/IMPS). If one fails to make a payment within 14 days, then it will involve the levying of a penalty interest at a rate of 36% per year for days when the amount is due and/or a flat late payment fee of Rs. 20. The company does not charge any other hidden fee.


Under the new IRCTC pay later option, customers can make the payment for their tickets within fourteen days from the date of the ticket transaction. The ePayLater targets to capture at least 5 per cent of the six lakhs transactions per day in the next six months. This will possibly also increase the chance of booking a confirmed ticket under the Tatkal quota quickly.


Process for IRCTC ePayLater Registration

To avail the benefit of the new “Buy Now Pay Later” feature, users have to complete the IRCTC ePayLater registration. You need to fill the essential information like Aadhaar and PAN card details. Then you will be able to use the feature of “Buy Now Pay Later” with a One Time Password (OTP).


How To Use the IRCTC ePayLater Feature for ‘Book Now, Pay Later’



To use the IRCTC pay later option, you need to first sign up on ePayLater.


  1. For IRCTC ePayLater registration, the user will need a valid phone number for OTP activation, email ID, and PAN card number.
  2. After you have created your ePayLater account, visit the official website, of IRCTC.
  3. Login and fill all the details to book an IRCTC train ticket.
  4. After the review booking, an IRCTC payment options page will open.
  5. In the payment option, select the ‘Pay later’ option.
  6. Click on the ‘Make Payment’ option. The ePayLater website page will open where you have to log in with your registered mobile number and OTP and click on continue.
  7. The ePayLater will pay the train ticket fare to IRCTC, and your train ticket will be booked successfully. You can download or print your train tickets from IRCTC.


The IRCTC ticket booking amount has to be paid to ePayLater within fourteen days from the date of booking the ticket. To pay the IRCTC ticket booking amount through the ePayLater option, you can use the ePayLater payment link sent to you through email and SMS on making your booking.


Book Train Ticket Using ePayLater App



  1. Enter your journey information on the IRCTC website and select Pay on Delivery/Pay Later at payment option
  2. An ePayLater page will appear — login with your registered mobile number. If you do not have an ePayLater account, you will need to sign up on ePayLater to create an account
  3. Open your ePayLater app
  4. Then select ‘In-App OTP’ from the profile section
  5. You need to copy this OTP to complete your booking in just five seconds


IRCTC Pay Later Option For Reserved and Tatkal Tickets

The ePayLater IRCTC Tatkal and reserved ticket option are available for the users to allow passengers to pay summed ticket amount within 14 days of the booking.


ePayLater IRCTC is Available for

  • Reserved Tickets
  • Tatkal Tickets


When to Pay

  • Within 14 days of ticket booking
  • On delivery of the ticket within 24 hours


Main Features of IRCTC Pay Later

  • Successful ticket booking
  • No payment gateway failures


Benefits of Using ePayLater




ePayLater offers the simplest possible checkout experience. You can finish your transaction with a single click by using ePayLater. You don’t have to give your 16-digit card number. You can make multiple one-click purchases and pay all of them together within 14 days, at your convenience.


Other Advantages of ePayLater Are:


  1. It helps to make a quick purchase with a single click.
  2. The secure payment, as you can finish your transaction without sharing your bank details.
  3. You get many ePayLater offers and vouchers.
  4. You will be facing lesser delays in booking tickets as it helps avoid payment gateway failures.
  5. The 14-day period is interest-free, and you can pay at your convenience.
  6. It eliminates the dependence on third-party providers such as payment gateways, banks, etc. at the transaction point, providing an incomparable rate of success for the transaction.
  7. ePayLater not only offers the benefits of COD, such as payment option after delivery but also overcomes the problems associated with cash handling.
  8. It is a great solution for those who do not have enough money at the time of booking train tickets.
  9. You don’t have to worry about not getting your booking made when you don’t pay instantly.


Due to any reason if you fail to pay the amount within the stipulated time frame of 14 days, then you will have to pay an interest rate of 3.5% including taxes. In some cases, your ticket may get cancelled, or the user account may get deactivated.


Which is the Fastest IRCTC Payment Method?




IRCTC official e-wallet known as iMudra is the fastest IRCTC payment mode to book train tickets. It is the quickest cashless mode toward the train ticket bookings. It helps you to book your Tatkal tickets quickly using the iMudra wallet by IRCTC. iMudra wallet provides an easy process to book railway tickets, pay, send or withdraw money.

It offers the following advantages:


  1. Fewer chances of payment transaction failure
  2. Fast transaction as it eliminates the payment approval cycle. It is quite helpful for Tatkal bookings
  3. No payment gateway charges only a fixed charge of ₹10 irrespective of the transaction amount
  4. Easy and quick refunds


IRCTC iMudra Registration Process


It is an easy and straightforward process for IRCTC iMudra registration. You can create an account for the iMudra wallet either from the mobile app or from the official website.


Follow these steps to make your registration for IRCTC iMudra app:


  1. Download the IRCTC iMudra app for android mobile or iPhone
  2. Open the app
  3. Click the “Create Account” option in the IRCTC iMudra app
  4. Enter important details like your mobile number, email id (optional), password, and then click on the “Create Account” option
  5. Verify the OTP received on your registered mobile number
  6. Your IRCTC iMudra account will get created and registered on the IRCTC iMudra wallet

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