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“No matter what your dream destinations are, Goa will always make a space in your wishlist”.

India is blessed with favorable weather and its charm touches the epitome in the month of December which marks the apex of the holiday season in India.If chilling winter winds is something you hate; it’s the time to take a trip to Goa gifted with alluring beaches, party culture, food diversity and pleasant climate.This December, the Christmas party mood of Goa is on with bucket full of festivals and plenty of fun. Where most other parts of the country are freezing to death, Goa is full of energy, party, fun drinks and celebrations. It is also titled as “The Party Capital of India”as the city is in a celebration mood throughout the year but fun doubles especially during the time of Christmas owning to its festivals.

Goa is well- known as the beach paradise and tourist from all over the world travel to witness the heavenly and exquisite beauty of Goa. But visiting here during Christmas is a special charm that sets it apart from celebration of Christmas anywhere else in India.In India, travelling via affordable means of transport for long journey is train and Vasco da Gama Express is a gift by Indian Railway to visit the“Party Capital of India”.To continue with your fun mood during journey,order delicious food online during journey via RailRestro app and double your fun even in your journey.

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Christmas Celebration in Goa: Upcoming Events in Goa 2019
Christmas is celebrated all over the globe but merrymaking in Goa has its own distinct identity. It starts from the Christmas Eve. The places, streets are lit up with lamps and market places are all decorated with spangle and glitter which will light up your eyes with bright colors all around.The shinning, glittering and beautifully decorated Christmas trees are mounted in every corner of the street and inside the houses.The entire churches and houses are beautifully decorated with bright light and tinsel which makes it look like the entire Goa is decked up like bride. The preparation of the festival commences from starting month of December but the celebration starts from the Christmas Eve.

The festive mood sparks from the Christmas Eve with harmonious and sweet melody of the Christmas carols, smell of scented candles,cakes/cupcakes, Christmas jingles and church bells ringing all around Goa fills up the entire colorful and vibrant ambience which vitalizes the party mood to epitome.It’s a chance to attend the feast at the churches, savor delicious cherry embedded cake and cuisines, exchange of gifts and mix into midnight masses celebrating the birth of Christ. But above all these, it also gives you a chance to get one step closer to the Jesus and offer your prayer to the immortal Lord who bestows us immense love and happiness. Goa is a home to numbers of old churches and where midnight masses and carols are organized. But to experience traditional way of masses, the Basilican of Bom Jesus and Immaculate Conception Church are the best place where one can sing carol, and light candle.

Things to do at Christmas Eve in Goa:
Goa is popular for its old churches, party, other monuments and sun kissing beaches. While Christmas Eve celebration needs to be cherished, so, here are some things and events you can experience and be a part of them.

  • Burn the old man:
    Not exactly a Christmas celebration, it is an old- age practice of burning of old man tradition on New Year’s Eve.It is the tradition kept alive by the native Goans, even today.As the name given, several effigies resembling old men, which is made up of hay and clothes are set on the fire. The burn of the old mansignifies the destruction of worries and ill of the previous and start with new beginnings. The locals, burn the effigies, share the tale and enjoy glasses of feni (the traditional Goan drink).

  • The Sunburn Festival:
    The famed Sunburn Music Festival is itself a pioneering dance music festival. Every year the festival uses the theme and thrives with bonfire, flea market, parties, helicopter ride and is a three-day experience of ultimate fun and frolic with friends. The festivals take place between December 27 to 30th December on the beaches of Vagator. Sunburn is publicizedas Asia, s biggest music festivals which also give chance to showcase the Indian and international musical talent. The three days festival is lavishly celebrated with music, dance and amusing environment which will fill your heart and soul with lots of memorable moments.

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  • Fire work at the beach:
    During Christmas,Goa is completely drenched in light and festivity.At night, fireworks light the sky which is a mesmerizing event you will never experience before.North Goa beaches are the best to watch fireworks. To experience this dreamy show which will be indeed a treat to eyes, you need to carry and set out a blanket so you can sit back and watch fireworks lightning up the midnight sky.

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  • Experience the Live beaches:
    Goa is a sunshine state of India which has a stunning coastline, sun-kissed beaches, colorful nights and mouth-watering cuisines.Beaches get more alive during Christmas in Goa, the ships all lit up with fairy lights, the tourists enjoy the ambience by sitting around the bonfire and music beats will fill the air with love.

  • Bonfire and Barbeque:
    Another way of celebrating Christmas at Goa is with fun bonfire and barbeque which means hoodies, guitar, rum, music, fun and varieties of cuisines.It is perfect for the celebration under the beautiful night sky with pearl shining sea shore and cool breeze under the stars.After midnight, masses and carols creates a perfect atmosphere to celebrate the Eve to enjoy and feel the place.

Tips to make your Christmas loaded with fun and frolic this year:
Goa, one of the small states of India has a bit of everything and end numbers of stunning natural habitats to explore. So, if you’re heading towards the sunshine state of India, here are some of the tips which you must follow.

  • Don’t stick to the popular Beaches for stay:
    Goa is blessed with plethora of beaches but every beach side shacks and hotels are not good, especially on Calangute, Baga, Candolim or Anjuna as they are super crowded beach and will not give you the Goa vibes. While Goa has many unexplored beaches where one can book their hotels and relax in peace and solitude.Name of some of the beaches are: Kakolem beach, Galgibaga, Hollant beach, Velsao, Ashwem beach, Mobar beach and Butterfly beach.

  • Explore the City on Two Wheels:
    The best way to explore the party capital is on a bike/scooter which gives you the best way to see the sight and soak up everything of the place. The city has well- maintained road which is safe for biking around and there won’t be any hassle.The rent of the bike/scooter also depends on season and types of bike. Before finalizing your bike/scooter do take it for a test driving and check is it in good condition whether brakes are functioning well or not.

  • Goan Cuisines:
    On your trip to this enchanting beach town do check in the popular resorts and din in the Goan cuisine.During the time of colonization, Goan culture was influenced with many diverse culture, fusion of Portuguese which gives the flavor to tantalize the taste bud. While having Goan curries, let know the chef about your spice taste capacity because Goa curries are much spicier than Indian curries.

  • Get Active go Active:
    If you’re adventure lover, then Goa is a perfect spot which has list of things to do:scuba diving, jet skiing, kayaking, windsurfing, parasailing, banana ride, power-scooter riding, knee-wake boarding etc.If you’re fitness addicted, then you can experience from one of the yoga retreats.

  • Experience beyond sea and land:
    The Goa is a place which is not only a beach town but is also a home to spectacular countryside that is worth of spending time. Except beaches,the capital has centuries-old churches and temples, museums, forts, spice plantations, caves, wildlife sanctuaries, and more. Village side of Goa is dotted with old Portuguese-style houses, lush paddy fields, spice plantations, waterfalls and quaint environment can be found at the countryside.

  • Safety:
    Goa is safer than the other state of the country but don’t accept drinks and cigarettes from strangers. Just trust your instincts.

Stretching along the Arabian Sea, Goa offers an abundance of beautiful stunning beaches. Whether the reason is relaxation, parties and experiencing culture or food, Goa is perfect place. So, this year experience the festive season in Goa and make it more joyful. The Goa will make your Christmas more colorful, vibrant and memorable.

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