Train journeys are one of the most admirable experiences for many of us. You are looking outside the window, staring at the changing landscape, talking with the wind, and getting lost within yourself. We get spare time on the train to try something new, read books, watch movies, and listen to our favourite playlist, especially when it is a long train tour. Talking about something different, pot dish on train, complete with extra flavour, blended taste, easy to cook, and best in taste, might be the best thing you can try to thrill your journey experience.  You can order pot recipe food on train with e-catering. 


Pot recipes are the traditional method of cooking food in a single pot by adding different ingredients. These single-pot meals take less time to cook; however, sometimes, for extraordinary taste, the dish recipe follows a slow cooking process. For cooking these one-pan meals, cooks can use a pressure cooker, pan, or traditional clay pot.  


Trains Journey comes with Some Sukoon Ka Samay. As we are sure how much effort we put in, the train will reach the destination on time and if the luck is not so good. It can get late. So, relax and try such food ready to gratify your train trip mood. 


Here, we have curated the 10 best pot recipes to try on the train: 



1. Instant Pot Dish Paneer Butter Masala


Paneer Butter Masala is a famous north Indian dish, perfectly paired with Naan, Rice, Kulcha, and normal Bread. The dish, also known as Dal Makhani contains paneers and mildly spicy and creamy onion-tomato gravy. While cooking it in the instant crock, the recipe follows the slow cooking mode. The dish’s ingredients blend smoothly in the stewpot and give an exclusive taste to the tastebuds. 



2. Fluffy Idli; South’s Taste


Originated somewhere in the southern part of India, today famous all over the country as a street cum restaurant food is a popular dish for evening snacks and breakfast. It uses the fermented batter of black lentils and rice and steams in pan utensils called Idli maker. The soft rice cake is served with Sambar and peanut chutney considered one of the healthiest southern cuisines. 



3. Instant Pot Roast Chicken Tikka Masala


Chicken lovers’ one of the most favourite recipes Chicken Tikka Masala is the one-stop solution for hunger, satiate the cravings for delicious taste, or wake up the mood to eat. The chicken recipe is juicy, creamy, flavorful, and wholesome. It adds fresh chicken, greek yoghurt, a combination of Indian spices, tomato sauce, and cream. While preparing the dish, it just needs one hot pan, chunks of chicken, spices, and milk-based cream.  



4.  Complete Meal; Biryani 


When talking about the one-pan meal, how can we forget the world’s famous Lucknowi Biryani? Loaded with spices, flavours, juicy saffron rice, and onions, found in varieties like chicken biryani, mutton biryani, paneer biryani, or veg biryani. The dish is served with Raita, Salad, or gravy. The dish is crowned with the tag of Shahi cuisines and satisfies the soul with its epic taste and smell.  



5. Instant Pot Buttery Dal


If you are in search of some delicious yet healthy food, Dal with simple Rotis or rice is the best combo food option on the train. The buttery dal uses balanced spices, chopped tomatoes, onions, multiple types of pulse, and measurable water. The cereal and juicy taste of dal tantalise the taste buds and may make you feel like having another bowl of it even if your tummy is out of the capacity to eat something else.     



6. Undhiyu; the Gujarati Dish


Traditional Gujarati Dish Undhiyu is a casserole of veggies. It includes multiple vegetables such as baby eggplants, beans, root vegetables, etc. It consists of wholesome flavour, warm spices, peanuts, and coconuts. The easy food recipe is cooked in an instant pressure cooker, delicious in taste, and gluten-free. That makes it qualified for patients with celiac disease



7. One Pan Meal Palak Paneer


Another dish of Paneer, but this time combined with green and healthy spinach. It is the perfect way to have rich nutritious food without compromising the taste. The pot recipe of Palak Paneer helps to preserve the vitamins, flavour, and rich colour of the spinach. While cooking, cumin seeds are added to it to give it an earthiness smell. The green and creamy Palak Paneer is served with Naan, Pratha, and Jeera Rice. 



8. Instant Pot Mixed Lentils and Vegetable Khichdi 


A simple, tastier, light, and easy-to-digest dish is all you need to mitigate your travel hunger on the train. The dish includes green vegetables, warm spices, numerous pulses, rice, and a balanced proportion of water. The mixed lentils come out as the tastiest dish and are full of nutrition and goodness of vitamins. 



9. One-Pot Dinner Kheema Pulao


Kheema/Keema/Queema Pulao is a fragrant, long grain basmati rice dish cooked with ground chicken and warm spices like black pepper, cumin seeds, cinnamon, etc. The one-pot meal is served with cooling raita or yoghurt and tastes epic to the tastebuds. Biryani and Keema Pulao are similar dishes; however, the thing which differentiates between Pulao and Biryani is the use of condiments in it. Biryani tastes spicier as it includes whole and ground condiments, whereas Pulao is the lighter version of Biryani that only uses the whole spices. 



10. Pot Roast Recipe Aloo Gobi


We all had that Aloo Gobi Ki Sabji from our mom’s kitchen. Why not have this simple but classic dish on the plate of your Train Bhojan? The pot roast aloo gobi recipe tastes completely different from the taste of a frying pan. The juicy and flavoursome Aloo Gobi pairs perfectly with Roti, Paratha, and Rice with plain dal. That you can have as your dinner or lunch during your train journey.


The pot meal keeps the nutrition, flavour, and taste in the food itself, blends it perfectly, and tastes amazing. Whether you choose simple Aloo Gobi, Pulao or Biryani, the pot dish won’t disappoint you and your tongue’s taste. 


What is a Pot Dish?


A dish cooked in covered cooking utensils like a pressure cooker, clay pot, or earthen pot is called a pot dish. Generally, a single pot is used for the whole cooking process, and all the ingredients get added to that stewpot only. 


Can We Enjoy the Single-Pot Dish on Train? 


Yes, during journeying by Indian rail, you can have one-pot dish on train. To order this single pot meal on wheel, you need to find an authentic e-catering service provider. RailRestro is one of the best onboard food service providers, putting numerous food options in front of rail passengers. With its e-catering app and website, just with your PNR number, you can place your food order on train and get it deliver to your berth. 


RailRestro is a committed and renowned food service provider that adds taste to the train tour and increases the journey experience of each train ride lover. 

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Author: Sakshi Kumari