10 Delectable Dinner Options for Your Train Travel

Travelling by train is an interesting mode of transport for many. People board a train to travel to their desired destination for numerous reasons, including its reach even in remote areas, pocket-friendly fare, and many more. Although, what concerns t


Enjoy Continental Cuisine on Your Winter Train Trip

A cosy bed, a cup of hot tea, and stuffed Paratha or Litti are all we enjoy in the snow season. But, there are people who like experiencing cold days and exploring the beauty of the country by visiting different places. There are locations in India whe


Top Authentic Indian Food for Train Journey

We Indians love food over anything. And maybe because of it only we have varieties of food options. Even foreign dishes have so much popularity in India. Moreover, the Indian food menu has blended culinary recipes with Indian cuisines such as Fried Ric

Indian Festivals

Make Your Diwali Trip Special With Special Food on Train

Diwali is one of the most vibrant festivals in India on which people celebrate the homecoming of Lord Rama, Goddess Sita, and Lakshaman after their 14 years of exile. To celebrate the occasion, just after Durga Puja, pre-celebration gets started. Peopl

15 Must-Try Korean Food on Indian Train

Korean cuisine has acquired a massive following worldwide due to its rich aromatic flavours and distinct tastes. Recently, Korean dishes have started getting immense love and appreciation in India, especially from the younger population. Consequently,