Indian Festivals

Navratri Special Thali on Train to Relish Journey Experience of Passengers

Navratri, the 9-night and 10-day feast, is the most awaited festival in India. During these days, All corners of the country dive deep into spirituality to celebrate the nine significant avatars of Devi Durga and the victory of Lord Rama over Ravana. T

15 Well-known Thai Cuisines Popular Among Indians 

Thai food is one of the most sought-after cuisines throughout the world. Just like various Indian cuisine, Thai foods maintain a careful balance of all six tastes. Thus, the Indian palate is considerably more open to Thai cuisine’s comforting fla

Visit Pondicherry and Delight Your Taste Buds With French Food

Are you a food lover and willing to experience a different culinary culture? Pondicherry, or the well-known Puducherry, is the perfect destination for it. It is a French city of India vested in the state of Tamil Nadu.  As you know, in 1741, French peo

Train Ride or Flight: Which One Would You Prefer?

Trains and flights are the two most fascinating ways to travel in India. One way is where flights are the fastest and most comfortable mode of travel. The Train journey comes with wonderful experiences. Choosing between a train ride or flight, at which


Exclusive Pot Dishes to Excite Your Train Ride

Train journeys are one of the most admirable experiences for many of us. You are looking outside the window, staring at the changing landscape, talking with the wind, and getting lost within yourself. We get spare time on the train to try something new