Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station is a railway station situated in South Delhi, India. 


Delhi, the capital of India, is a city enriched with culture and heritage. From ancient monuments and bustling shopping malls, and the vast network of modern metro systems to the most crowded Railway stations, Delhi is India’s must-visit place. Take time to visit historical sites such as the Red Fort, Jama Masjid, Humayun Tomb, and Purana Qila if you want to experience the past of Mughal. Delhi has renowned temples spread across the area, including the Akshardham Temple and the Lotus Temple.


Hazrat Nizamuddin is an important railway station in the Northern Railway Sector. A majority of trains leave and arrive at Hazrat Nizamuddin’s junction from every corner of India. It is situated in South Delhi’s heart, where around 60 trains stop and depart for thousands of passengers.


Passengers travelling by train and seeking some food options to order in trains can book online food delivery in train at Hazrat Nizamuddin Junction through the train food app and have it delivered to their seat.


Food Delivery in Train at Hazrat Nizamuddin Junction


You can order food on the train at Hazrat Nizamuddin Junction from RailRestro to get hot and fresh cuisines at your berth if your train passes by Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway station. RailRestro, the official IRCTC food partner, offers passengers the option of online food order in train and avoid eating unsafe food sold in the pantry or on the station premises.


RailRestro’s e-catering service presents great food choices to order in the train of the passenger’s preference. The FSSAI-approved catering collaborators prepare the food for the passengers. There are various food choices available for travellers to order online at Hazrat Nizamuddin junction, ranging from vegetarian food to non-vegetarian food in train from platters to combos, and snacks to drinks.


Food delivery in train at Hazrat Nizamuddin Junction is tasty, fresh, affordable, and has convenient packaging to eat.


Hazrat Nizamuddin Junction


Hazrat Nizamuddin railway station is a railway station in Delhi. It is in the administrative supervision of the Indian Railways’ Delhi Division of the Northern Railway Zone. One of the major railway stations of Delhi is the Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station. 


Daily hundreds of trains go to and fro from this junction. The distance between Hazrat Nizamuddin and New Delhi Station is 7 km.


Station code of H Nizamuddin Junction: NZM.


Order Food in Train at Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station


Online food order in train at Hazrat-Nizamuddin Junction, railway station, and enjoy the fastest train food delivery at your seat. RailRestro, a user-friendly railway food delivery app for train travellers, provides quality, tasty and hygienic food at your preferred station from local delivery vendors.


  1. Veg Thali/Non-Veg Thali: A thali is a bountiful meal with chapati, seasonal veg curry, dal fry, Veg/Non-veg, plain rice/jeera rice, salad and pickle. Thali variation available at the train food menu is Mini, Standard, Maharaja and Deluxe Thali. 
  2. Biryani: It’s the most ordered food in train. You can have delicious Biryani in trains like Egg biryani, Chicken biryani, and Mutton Biryani served with Raita from local food vendors.
  3. Veg Curry: There are varieties of Veg Curries available on the menu list like paneer chilli, paneer Kadai, paneer curry, Aloo dum, mushroom masala, etc.
  4. Non-Veg curries: Non-Veg curry food in train like Chicken curry, Chicken chilly, Butter chicken, Chicken Tikka Masala, Mutton dishes, and egg curry are also available to order in train.
  5. Jain food: It offers Jain Thali meals on trains for Jain communities. Meals are delivered hot and fresh without onion and garlic.
  6. Beverage: Buttermilk, Mineral water, Soft Drink, Lassi are available via RailRestro at H. Nizamuddin junction.
  7. Desserts: Gulab jamun and Rasgulla.


Food Options at Hazrat Nizamuddin Junction


Here is a food guide you must try at Hazrat Nizamuddin Junction. Devour the mouth-watering flavours of Delhi food by ordering food in train at Hazrat Nizamuddin Junction.


  • Dahi Bhalla


You just can’t miss this delight when you are at Hazrat Nizamuddin Junction. The sweet curd and mix of sweet red and tangy green chutney on top of soaked dal vada is a hearty dish to order in train at Hazrat Nizamuddin Junction.


  • Kunafa 



Kanufa is Delhi’s favourite sweet dish, especially in South Delhi. This crunchy sweet cuisine is soaked in rose water, which gives it a distinct and delicious flavour. Once you’re at or around Hazarat Nizamuddin, don’t miss trying this unique dish that’s quite popular in South Delhi.



  • Kulfi Faluda



All the calorie intake is worth this syrupy goodness. For all sweet-toothed people, the floating faluda and chilled kulfi will make a good dessert to have it on a train.


  • Chhole Kulche



The spicy chhole with fluffy Kulche is a favourite among Delhites. You must try this cuisine when your train stoppage is at Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway junction.


  • Besan Ka Chilla



Besan Ka Chilla is a light and delicious food of Delhi. It is quite a healthy food in train to munch upon. A thin sheet of gram flour filled with paneer and vegetables is a tasty appetizer on a train journey for many foodies.


  • Pav Bhaji



Who can ignore the delicious pav bhaji, especially when packing food for a train journey? The spicy Bhaji with buttered Pav is also a speciality near Hazrat Nizamuddin station. 


  • Handi Biryani



Handi Bryan is a famous food at Hazrat Nizamuddin station. The aromatic chicken biryani cooked in earthen pots is delicious and full of flavours. If you are a fan of Chicken/mutton biryani, then retreat to yourself with Handi Biryani while ordering food in train at Hazrat Nizamuddin station.

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