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Train journeys are a pleasure! Covering enthralling and varied landscapes, rail expeditions provide passengers with an unforgettable experience. When you’re enjoying the view of a beautiful landscape outside the window pane, you’re sure to be craving for scrumptious and healthy food on the train.

Food has always been a very important element of any journey be it road, rail, or air. While one can easily eat at popular fine dine restaurants or food markets, finding healthy and delicious food becomes a problem while travelling between cities when you are on a train. It is a real fun sitting cosy on your seat, munching delicious foods and watching the colourful landscapes passing by from window panes.

No need to rely on the train pantry! Order healthy food in train online with RailRestro

You cannot rely on foods served by the pantry car and snacks sold by vendors on the platform. So, the best option is to use your mobile and order food in train via RailRestro app which delivers quality and healthy food directly to your seat. With a list of tasty food choices on RailRestro, you can’t resist buying the treats to satiate your cravings.

Apart from cost-effectiveness, train journeys are also very comfortable and preferred by the majority of Indians. However, there is a major problem when it comes to food in trains. Some of the food served on trains is not exactly what you would call a fresh and healthy food. It is best to avoid train food served by pantry and vendors at the platform. Food is one of the major problems that the Indian Railways is tackling.

Unless you know how to order food on the train, you cannot expect an easy train trip. However, it is very convenient to order food on a train journey online with so many options available from a range of restaurants that cater to passengers with delicious and quality food. Moreover, all passengers are not very tech-savvy and completely unaware of the process of ordering food in train online. It is during this time that one misses their favourite food the most.

However, this problem can be solved in a jiffy with many food catering apps like RailRestro. If you face difficulty in getting healthy food while travelling by train, then it is time to make use of the RailRestro app which serves hygienic and delicious food. You can choose from a variety of menu. You can also slash your bills by applying attractive coupons offered by this service and have food on the train at a reasonable rate. And what’s more convenient than getting these bowls of flavorful delicacies delivered directly at your berth?

How to get healthy food in train with RailRestro?

Follow these 6 simple steps to get healthy food for train journey delivered at your seat by RailRestro:

  1. Step 1: Visit RailRestro website or Download the App.

    Visit the website or download the Railrestro App from the Play Store or Apple Store to get started.

  1. Ste2: Enter PNR or Train Name.

    You can proceed with either of the two options: ‘Order via PNR’ or ‘Order via Train Name/Number’. If you choose ‘Order via Train No.’, then select the boarding date of your train journey.

  1. Step 3: Choose Boarding Station.

    Choose your boarding station where you want our food to be delivered. IT is advisable to order at least one hour earlier of the train’s departure time to avoid the last-minute rush at the station.

  1. Step 4: Choose Your Food from the Menu.

    You will see a list of restaurants along with their food menu for delivering food at the station. You can go through the menu of each restaurant and select a particular restaurant to add one or more items from its menu in your cart.

  1. Step 5: Apply Coupon Code & Make Payment.

    You will see some coupon codes that can be applied to get discounts on your order amount. Apply coupon code and pay through any preferred means, including net banking, mobile wallets, or choose Cash on Delivery.

  1. Step 6: Get Food Delivered on Your Train Seat.

    Now you can simply relax and wait just as you would in a restaurant while your order is getting ready and will reach your train seat before the train leaves the station.

While travelling, the best option is to go for a healthy meal which is easily digestible. So, go through these healthy food options that you would love to order in train.

Here are a few healthy options you can find on RailRestro app with an extensive menu for food in trains:

  1. The Classic Veg Thali

If you are on a long train journey, it is good to avoid meat. It takes longer to digest and could, therefore, cause you a little problem. You should opt for a classic vegetarian thali if you want to keep it light. These thalis are the perfect food to order on a train journey for lunch or dinner. You will get some rice, roti, dal, sabzi, or even papad occasionally. You might also opt for a salad on your side. In these thalis, the quantity is normally sufficient for everyone and if you are ordering for a kid, half a thali can be sufficient.

  1. For the Love of Parathas

If you wonder what would be a perfect breakfast food for a train journey, go with paranthas and achar or curd. Aloo parathas will be the best choice. Parathas keep your belly full for a long time, and curd helps in digestion and also cools the body. It’s a perfect combination, specially designed for train breakfast.

  1. Go for Dosa or Idli

To keep it light, the best option for an evening snack or breakfast will be to have dosas or idlis. While idlis can be eaten cold, a dosa becomes a little hard to eat when it becomes cold. This is why you can order dosas from Railrestro since the food served is fresh and yummy. You just have to tell them about the arrival time of your train at the station mentioned.

  1. Best Rice or Roti Combo Meal

You can go for these combo meals if you want to eat light for your dinner and craving for either rice or Rotis. Roti and sabzi are served in the Rotis combo meal, while you will get rice and dal in the rice combo meal. One meal is sufficient to serve an adult. You can go for a plate of curd rice to finish your meal with a pleasant and healthy twist. It is a healthy snack that is good for train journeys.

  1. Flavourful Veg Biryani

Do you want to eat some rich delicacies on your train journey? The best thing that you can order is biryani. You can go for non-veg biryani or veg biryani. As it’s a pretty heavy meal, you should always go for raita on the side. The curd will help you in digesting the biryani.

  1. Vegetable Khichdi

Vegetable Khichdi a wholesome meal with a healthy combination of dal, rice, and vegetables cooked to perfection. If you need a burst of several nutrients and a healthy meal, then khichdi is one of the best options to order food on the train. It’s a healthy meal that is easily digestible and superior in taste. To order khichdi in the train, call 8102888111. One of our representatives will connect with you and deliver your order at your desired station.

  1. Tomato Soup

A refreshing bowl of tomato soup is an excellent option if you want to eat healthy food on the train. This tangy and hot tomato soup is low in fat content and cooked with almost zero oil. To order tomato soup in the train, call 8102888111 or visit to order online.

  1. Sabudana Khichdi

  2. Image Source: Veg Recipes of India

Sabudana Khichdi is one of the healthiest dishes on the menu and makes for a great breakfast on the train. Order food in train online if you want fresh, aromatic and hot Sabudana khichdi served at your seat.

These are some of the top dishes that you can try out when choosing the RailRestro App as your travel partner. It serves hot and fresh food and hence there is no need to rely on pantry cars now. If you want pure veg Jain food on a train journey, you can simply order Jain food thali from Railrestro or can alternatively call us at 8102202203.

So travel safe and travel healthy with Railrestro!

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