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The Hindu solar calendar’s fifth-month Shravana is devoted to the worship of Lord Shiva. People fasting this month prefer to eat sattvic foods. RailRestro e-catering offers Sattvik food on train to devotees travelling during the auspicious month of Shravan.


In Shravana, one can witness the calmness of greenery, vibrant and colourful flowers in the surroundings and the first rain shower. Devotees tour the popular cities associated with Lord Shiva to offer prayers and seek blessings.



Their belief is so strong that they walk barefoot and cover miles of distance to witness and feel the presence of Mahadev during the month of Savana. In contrast, many devotees cannot walk and choose the convenient transportation mode to reach these holy places.


Indian Railways come forward with its incredible services, especially on festive occasions. During this month, It operates many special trains to help passengers reach pilgrimages associated with Mahadev. Besides, E-catering providers like RailRestro provide Sattvik food in trains to help devotees continue their fast.



Importance of Sattvik Food


The availability of pure vegetarian food is essential during the holy month of Savana. People prefer a sattvic diet and include pure veg food in their wish list. Here is the reason why having a Sattvik diet is important.


  • Increases Energy: Sattvik food help increase your energy level during fasting.
  • Happiness: This type of food is pure, and they promote a feeling of happiness
  • Calmness: Sattvik diet can help you stay calm and peaceful.
  • Mental Clarity: Pure veg foods induce clarity of mind that can help you understand things better without confusion.



How to Order Sattvik Food in Train?


In the age of digital technology, ordering online food is easy, so the Indian food industry has revolutionised food business. Indian food catering service has entered the Railway sector, and IRCTC has adopted the service to facilitate its passengers with great food onboard. Unlike other food ordering apps, the railway e-catering app service is quite different, and the food ordering process is also different.


You can also choose food on track app RailRestro to order Sattvik food on the train. It has been the leading e-catering serving food for the last eight years. In a very short period, the company has achieved a milestone and won millions of hearts by providing wonderful food on the train.


Here are the steps in detail via which you can order Sattvik food in IRCTC trains.


  • Download the RailRestro App from Google Play or visit the website to proceed with your order.
  • Open the app and enter the 10-digit PNR number mentioned on your ticket.
  • After entering the PNR, you will be asked to select the station name where you expect your food delivery.
  • Once you’re done with the station selection, explore the veg menu or Sattvik food section to pick your food.
  • Add the selected sattvic food items to the cart.
  • Now make your payment either online or offline.
  • After this, your order will be accepted.




With RailRestro, you can order food in train at least 30 minutes before or just after booking your train’s ticket, using the PNR number or the train’s details.  


If you want to make an online payment, you can choose the options like Credit card/Debit Card/UPI/Phone Pay/Google Pay or any digital payment partner. For offline payments, go with the option like pay on delivery or cash on delivery. 


Besides ordering food on train online, you can call the RailRestro Customer Support Executive and place your food order. Dial @ 8102202203 and give your food requirements, quantity, and station name. Make sure to provide an authentic detail to get your food right to your berth.


You can also order your Sawan special food in train through RailRestro Whatsapp number 8102888999.


Sattvik Food Delivery in Train


During the Shravana season, Lord Shiva devotees visit temples and famous sacred places like Jyotirlinga to offer prayers. Therefore, they witness the massive crowd in places like Deoghar, Jharkhand, Mahakaleshwar Ujjain etc. The concept of offering a holy bath to Shivlinga on Monday is pure traditional practice.


The ritual to keep fast from Sunrise to Sunset on Monday is followed with great enthusiasm. Faith is so high that devotees restrict themselves from eating anything made by adding salt, onion, and garlic. Keeping this in view, Indian railways have proper onboard arrangements for delivering Sattvik food to the passengers travelling during the month of Savan. Sattvik foods are prepared with great care and devotional sentiments.


Restaurants make separate arrangements for pure veg food preparation under strict surveillance. They serve various Sattvik cuisines to satiate the hunger of the devotee train passengers.


What Is Sattvik Food?


These are specially prepared pure veg food for devotees. Here are the details of the Sattvik food items.


  • Seasonal Vegetables: Travelers can ask for special season vegetables during the journey. Like, if you’re travelling in the month of Sawan, vegetables like beans, rajma, soybean, and leaves can easily be available on the train. Apart from these, you can order  veg thali to satiate your long journey of starvation. RailRestro delivers different varieties of thali.
  • Fruits: Fruits are the best diet for vegetarian people. It contains high fibre and is rich in minerals that keep the body hydrated for the entire journey.
  • Sabudana ka khichdi: It is mandatory and must be ordered Sattvik food made with soaked Sabudana. Boiled pieces of potatoes and a few vegetables are mixed in this that tastes awesome and also balances the immunity.
  • Lassi and Chhanch: They are the best beverages to consume for a long exhausting journey. They are considered a superfood during the summer train journey. It maintains digestion and restricts the problems of constipation.
  • Shrikhand and Kheer: Sweet lovers can go with this option and can order various sweets and Kheer.


What Is the Sattvik Diet, and Why It Is Healthier?


Sattvik food is a perfect amalgamation of seasonal fruit and vegetables. It includes fresh sprouts, healthy leafy vegetables, beans and pulses. It is considered a healthy diet because it contains high fibres and minerals. The Sattvik food is nutritious and balances the body’s digestive system. From the spiritual point of view, devotees strongly believe in their culture and worship sentiments, so they avoid the consumption of extra oily and spicy food. They search for such food items during their journey if they forget to carry their special food bags. Indian railways fulfil their demands successfully and deliver sattvic food to the passengers.



Shravana Nakshatra: Why It Is Important?


The Shravana Nakshatra is very important due to the following reasons:


  • It is an auspicious Nakshatra in Vedic Astrology
  • Moon Is the Lord of Shravana Nakshatra
  • Bestows Native with Knowledge, Wisdom and Wealth
  • Shravana Month is Dedicated to Show Your Devotion to Lord Shiva


Which Are the 12 Jyotirlinga Places Dedicated to Lord Shiva?


India is the country of customary beliefs and the corner where spiritual practices are done with great zeal. Every month of the Indian calendar is dedicated to sacred occasions. Shravan is one of the months of Indian Hindu Calendar that falls between July and August. During the season, pupils or followers of Mahadev visit Jyotirlinga places of Lord Shiva to worship and offer a holy bath to the Almighty. Places belong to Jyotirlinga:


  • Kashi Vishwanath
  • Baba Vaidyanath
  • Bhimashankar
  • Trimbkeshwar
  • Mahakaleshwar
  • Rameshwaram
  • Mallikaarjuna
  • Kedarnath
  • Grishneshwar
  • Somnath
  • Omkareshwar
  • Nageshwar


Indian Railways cares for the need of passengers and thus offer Sattvik food on trains to devotees during the Shravana month. Sattvik thali would be a great option if you are a devotee passenger travelling by train and fasting.


What is the Importance of Sawan? 


According to the Hindu calendar, Sawan is an auspicious month dedicated to lord Shiva. People during this month’s Somwar observe fast intending to please the deity, Shankar. Legends believe during this month, Samundra Manthan took place in which Amrit and Vish separated. Shiva consumed the Vish and held it in his throat to save the world. Worshipping this month to Lord Shiva is considered one of the most sacred religious ceremonies.


In 2023, Sawan month is about 58 days, from 4th July to 31st August. The long month of Sawan 2023 allows people to visit numerous destinations and temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. However, they might get concerned about their food as they follow a pure sattvic diet this month.


RailRestro has been providing Sattvik thali on all festive occasions including shravan. You can avail huge discount by ordering food in bulk. Keep in touch with the RailRestro for the best Sattvik food delivery on train, and enjoy your journey with devotion.

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Author: Sanjay Kumar