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Social Media is a massive revolution in digital world. It is a platform where everyone acts as a source of information. Becoming social media savvy is a common concept as it has become a language that the world speaks. In present scenario, every sector has adopted digitization in a full-fledged manner. They are welcoming the changes happening every day for a quick solution. From public to private, every sector is now working digitally. Indian Railways is one of them that have accepted this digital change as a great tool to facilitate the travelers in every possible manner. Social Media is a medium to share, to inform and to reach the ideas to the concerned department or people. Indian Railways has picked “Twitter” as its major tool to assist the railway passengers. The idea was brought by the former Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu in the year 2016 to help the passengers and to redress their grievances concerned to Indian Railways. This has really helped the passengers as the feedback service is very fast. Travellers find this platform a blessing and started twitting their complaints and suggestions.

When can Passengers Tweet their grievances?
There are many circumstances that can arise on board or pre-boarding the train. Travelers can easily tweet their situations and get its feedback within a minute. With such appreciating initiative by Indian Railways, every genuine problem has an immediate solution now. Passengers can tweet in the situations like:

  • Medical Emergency
    The major concern of Indian Railways is to reach the passengers safely to their destination point. Passenger’s health is the primary concern that needs to be taken care properly. Indian railways provide medical facilities on wheels to assist the travelers. But, when some serious medical emergency arises and passengers feel helpless on how to get help, they can quickly tweet it on twitter and they will be assisted on the next station.

  • Cleanliness Concerned Complaints
    Indian Railways follows the concept of #SwachhBhartiyaRail, which supports the golden thought of Mahatma Gandhi. The sanitation service of Indian Railways is admirable but at some point it still needs attention. Cleanliness of coaches, platforms, washrooms and bedrolls are important to offer a clean and healthy journey to the passenger. Indian Railways are working on it with dedication and ask the passengers to lodge their grievances via twitter, if they find any concern related to cleanliness. They can also tweet their complaints against the coach attendant who are responsible to take care of the coaches on board. If travelers find that attendants are not active and vigilant for cleanliness, passengers can tweet against their irresponsible behavior. It will be resolved by the Indian Railways. within an hour.

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  • Misbehavior with the Solo female Travelers
    Women have become completely independent and choose to travel alone. They love to go on solo trip and explore the world. Indian Railways stick its eyes towards the safety of the solo female travelers. During the journey, if she feels any misbehave or misconduct by rail staff or co passengers, she can quickly ask for help by tweeting to Indian Railways. The social media wing instantly responds on this and helps women travelers by providing them police security.


  • Grievances for Serving Pathetic food in train
    During train journey, the favorite companion that one loves to have is food. Yes, food is something that adds a flavor in journey. But, when it is served poorly, it spoils the entire mood of journey. You pay a good amount for food but when you taste it, you sound like yuck…You complain against it to the concerned person but the solution you get is the apology of that particular food providers. Make your complaints go viral and social so that it would not be repeated again. Just tweet your complain and make it social to get resolved the problems with an authentic solution. But the one suggested solution is to always buy food from an authorized vendor. Presently, there are numerous e-catering companies offers great taste food in train. Railrestro, your food travel partner always there to serve best food in train and always available on twitter to assist you with all your needs.

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Like, above mentioned issues, there are many other problems and suggestions that can be tweeted to Indian Railways. Apart from grievances and complaints, Indian Railways also expect positive and productive suggestions and appreciations from passenger to get encouraged and motivated. If the travellers found journey safe without any hassle, they can also tweet their positive feedback to Indian Railways. If they have any suggestions for improvisation, they can also go for it. Indian Railways twitter handle is @RailMinIndia. Travellers just need to go to the twitter handle account of Indian Railways @RailMinIndia and can tweet their grievances and suggestions.
Note: Indian Railway Twitter Handle is @RailMinIndia

How Indian Railways Resolve the Twitter Complaints
Currently, more than 3000 complaints are registered on Indian Railways twitter handle. There is a separate section to resolve the twitter complaints. Firstly, the tweets are filtered according to the priority. Those complaints found under the category of invalid registered tweet, it is ignored. But, all the primary concerns are resolved instantly. Occurrence could be at any railway stations or in any route on board. Every problem is fixed by Indian Railways. From luggage missing on scanning machine to the tragic food in train, every complaints are resolved based on priority basis. The Twitter control room filters all the tweets and then forward it to the concerned department to resolve it quickly. The DRM of the particular area recognize the problem and then help the passengers.
Indian Railways have received a remarkable appreciation by introducing Twitter for complaints and suggestions. It has helped millions of passengers on board and they are really thankful to have such wonderful boon by Indian Railways. In present time, people are advised to handle a twitter account because it is the only platform, where one can share their ideas with an instant response. Indian Railways giving you the one stop solution of all your problems is #TweetUs.

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