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The operations of Indian Railways are so vast that it constantly updates its rules and policies for the betterment of public and economic development of India. Being a revenue-eccentric organisation with the properties of monopolistic business standards, it continues to run with the motive of better passengers’ experience and strives hard every moment on strategizing for the policies, rules and regulations which are favorable and friendly for the travelers. Through the rigorous efforts of the Indian Railways, passengers can dream of a great journey with all the facilities available in the train. Apart from the facilities and comfort, IR has a set of rules to be followed for availing concessions on the ticket price. It provided relief in the ticket prices for students, senior citizens, patients, handicapped, widows of defense personnel, sportsmen, and unemployed youth. Also, the students participating in the tournaments held or recognized by the schools or universities are eligible for the concession while booking tickets for travel.Also passengers can avail online e-catering services and order food in train for their journey. If you’re one of them surfing fanatically for senior citizen concession in Indian railways, or for patients and students concession, then RailRestro lists you the updated concession rules of Indian Railways provided to the passengers availing concessional facilities on their ticket price. Here’s the list of ten updated rules every passengers must know while booking their tickets.

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  1. Concession is only applicable on basic fares, no concession will be provided on reservation charges, superfast charges, etc, while, the concession is admissible on catering charges of Rajdhani/Shatabdi/Jan Shatabdi trains.
  2. Concession is applicable on journeys with a minimum distance of 300 km. The distance restriction is waived off for students, patients, war widows, national awardees, senior citizens, allopathic doctors, parents accompanying national awardees, sportsperson, unemployed youths going for job interviews.
  3. No passenger is allowed to take two or more concessions, only one type of concession will be granted at a time on the choice of passenger and concessional fares are calculated separately for each person in case of booking concessional train tickets for two or more persons.
  4. Concession on train tickets will be granted after production of the requisite documents certifying the person’s eligibility criteria, except for senior citizens.
  5. Senior citizens aren’t required age proof at the time of booking the train tickets. However, they are required to carry identity proof during their travel which certifies them as senior citizens such as voter ID card, passport, driving licence, etc.
  6. Concessional train tickets can’t be transferred to a higher class even after paying the fare difference. The categories of persons eligible for concession in first class (and not in AC 2-tier) can purchase tickets for AC 2-tier sleeper also on payment of the first class concessional fare plus the difference of actual fares of AC 2-tier sleeper & first class.
  7. According to Indian Railways extant rules, the concession is not admissible in season tickets, circular journey tickets and prestigious trains like Rajdhani Express, Shatabdi Express, etc. which have separate all-inclusive fare structure. Concession is admissible to any one in Garib Rath Express trains unless specified.
  8. Concessional train tickets can be booked across the Indian Railways counters, stations, reservations offices, booking offices. A person will not be extended any concession if the person enters the train without a ticket or without proper ticket or extends journey on concession ticket or changes the concession to a higher class, etc. even if the individual is otherwise eligible for it under the rules.
  9. According to the prescribed guidelines by Indian Railways, break of journey en-route shall not be allowed on a concession ticket for a journey for a specific purpose, i.e., a student travelling to/from an examination centre, a cancer patient travelling to/from a hospital, a professor travelling to/from a conference, etc. Concession is allowed only where a break of journey is a natural event.
  10. Passengers breaking their journey are required to have their ticket endorsed from the Station Master where the journey is broken, while, passengers terminating journey en route, must surrender their ticket at the station where the journey is terminated. Refund for the untraveled portion on such train tickets will not be allowed.

Factors to consider while booking tickets under concessional rules:

  1. Carry your Valid Id proof which can be asked by the reservation officer anytime.
  2. Carry all the necessary documents and Xerox copies of all the medical certificates and prescription. You need to show these and submit a copy of the same.
  3. Check the class and berth preference you have chosen. The concessions might vary accordingly.
  4. Do read the instructions properly. Make yourself familiar with all the regulations printed in the form.
  5. The concession rules will differ in case of Circular journey and Break journey.
  6. Prepare yourself with all amenities especially when you’re traveling with a patient. Check the train running status regularly.
  7. Be sure of the ticket price and the change you are tendered by the reservation clerk. Check properly the tickets for any inconsistency and errors.

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