Doused in a pacifying pink, resplendent in the shades of its magnificent and splendid past, the “pink city” Jaipur is an interesting remedy to plan your trip whenever a change is needed from routine life. Jaipur is a culturally rich vibrant destination that pours the mood of the visitors in its gorgeousness. Every year the city organizes a shopping festival popularly known as “Jaipur Shopping Festival”, attracts the tourist from all over the world. The intention behind organizing this fiesta is to promote the city as a tourist spot and to give a platform to the local artist. This year the festival is scheduled for September 25 to October 23, 2019 which is going to be like a treat for the shopaholics as they can also do pre Diwali shopping here. Get ready and start checking the train schedule to attend the prestige of Jaipur. During traveling RailRestro, one of the leading e-catering partners of IRCTC is always ready to treat you with the great dining experience by delivering food in train. Book the tickets in advance to avoid the last minute rush.

About Jaipur Shopping Festival
Jaipur is all set to welcome the avid shoppers to attend the carnival which is always bigger than ever. The idea behind organizing the fiesta is to promote the city as a tourist destination. The carnival brings an opportunity for the local artist to showcase their arts and creativity to enhance the skill worldwide. Since Jaipur is a hub for local made traditional crafts and décor items that people cannot resist to explore. Tourist can also shop for the beautiful designer jewelery, electrical home appliances, furniture and the pretty handmade items.

Date and Venue to attend the JSF 2019
Jaipur is considered as one of the most celebrated city as the town looks shiny and dazzling around the year. Every year, the date and venue varies to organize this grand occasion. This yea Jaipur is hosting this grand festival from 25th September to 23rd October. Tourist can join the celebration at 146 Lakshmi Complex, M.I. Road Jaipur.

Inauguration Date: 25th September, 2019
Wind Up date: 23rd October, 2019
Venue: 146 Lakshmi Complex, M.I. Road, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Tie your laces and get your bag packed to join this one month celebration. There is no rush to attend the festival in a hurry, People can easily wrap up their pending stuffs and can be the part of this grand ceremony. The local shoppers from Delhi can also board the train on same day schedule. They just need to stick the eyes on the train schedule for Jaipur for the next 8 hours. RailRestro is the one stop solution that helps the people get updated by checking live station feature. Download the RailRestro app and avail the facility on fingertips.

Celebrity Guest to add a Flavor in Festive Mood
The tradition to inaugurate the festival with the presence of high profile Bollywood personalities encourage the Indian enthusiastic shoppers to attend this event. Celebs are the charm of Jaipur Shopping Festival where the visitors can see and meet the celebrities. Not only Bollywood, T V actors are also invited to inaugurate the celebration. They can also be spotted as a shopper as they can also not refuse to accept the fascination of this splendid occasion. The international tourists have also a great opportunity to meet the Bollywood faces and to explore about the Indian Television and Cinema world.

Most Admired Products of Jaipur Shopping Festival
This is really not easy to separate the most popular products because every product has something great to define in its own way. This year the JSF is sharing two more grand occasion with it, one is Navratri which comes between the festival and the other is Diwali which is just near to the end of JSF. So people have two biggest reasons to head towards JSF. The local artist has an immense pleasure to present their treasure of skills and creativity.

Since Maa Durga is arriving, JSF is a huge event for the women where they can shop for the Navratri stuffs like Lehenga Choli to attend the Dandiya Nights. This enormous event welcome the international visitors to feel the charisma of Navratri season which is actually magical. They can also buy all those traditional things with Indian fragrance. Visitors can also look forward to the stalls selling jewelry and gemstones, Meenakari items, embroidered bed sheets, mojris, handcrafted bags, pottery, bangles and much more.

JSF is a platform that greets the NRI’S to come home once in a year to touch the feet of their motherland and inhale the fragrance of Indian soil. It is an opportunity for them to take the Indian culture and tradition in their heart while leaving the place. They can purchase the conventional items, small and beautiful home décor stuffs, clothes, footwear and much more.

Platform for Pre-Diwali Shopping
This year Diwali is close to the end of JSF and the festival calls the tourist to shop for Diwali also where they can purchase almost all the ethnic and festive items. From furniture to beautiful lights and ‘Diyas’, JSF has everything to attract the shopaholics. There must be a circumstanc that people have to face is getting a confirm tickets for Jaipur as there is a huge festive rush. But, thanks to Indian Railways that genuinely understand the situation. IRCTC runs special trains during festive occasions to avoid the rush. But, in case your ticket is in waiting list, you can be updated with your booking status by availing the facility of checking PNR Status by downloading the Railrestro app that helps you to give fast and accurate information.

Jaipur shopping Festival is not only a celebration; it is a platform where people can enhance the idea about Indian culture and tradition. India is the country of diversity and the festival witness the beauty and charm of one of the corners of India. It gives the opportunity to the Indian local talents to upgrade and boost the skill by presenting the art.

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