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Railway platforms are stuffed with passengers and their bewildered expressions waiting for the next train or queuing on to the inquiry counters to get details of the arriving train to complete the journey. After digitization, the estimated arrival and departure of the trains can be easily checked online within a few clicks.  Now, passengers can check the live arrival and departure status of the trains to plan their journey.

How to Check the Arrival/Departure Status of a train:
Passengers willing to know about the next train and its status can enter these three major components to get the number of trains running from a particular station:

  • The “FROM STATION” section:  It’s the station from where the passengers are planning to board the upcoming train. The passenger has to enter the name of the station and the system auto-fetches and suggest the list of stations.
  • The “TO STATION” section:  It is the destination station for which the passenger has planned his journey. Type the station name in the box and the interface will suggest the station name with code to select the correct station.
  • Duration of Arrival and Departure:   Select the time duration of your choice. The interface has three timings to select i.e, 2 hours, 4 hours and 8 hours. This means the passenger can check the arrival and departure status of the train scheduled to arrive after 2hours, 4 hours and eight hours and plan accordingly.

Live Status of Arrival and Departure of Trains:
The interface will display the total number of trains departing from that particular station, the user had queried for. Few details mentioned here’re:

  • Train Number and Name: The list of Passenger/Mail/Express/Superfast train with their name and number will be displayed on the screen. These trains will either depart from the station or arrive at station.
  • Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA):  It is the estimated time on which the train will arrive at the station.
  • Estimated Time of Departure (ETD):  It is the estimated time when the train is expected to depart on its time.
  • Train Status: It is an update whether the train is running on time or delayed by a particular time.  
  • The Platform number:  It’s the expected platform number on which the train will arrive or depart.


Your Frequently Asked Questions

1) How to check live station arrival departure?

RailRestro provides the option to check the list of all the trains that are scheduled to arrive at or depart from a particular railway station in the next 2 /4 /8 hours. This way, you can easily check the live station arrival departure on your mobile.

2) Which app shows the exact train between stations?

Railrestro is a highly rated app on Playstore which gives accurate and updated information about trains between stations. So, you will not have to wait in long queues at the enquiry counter. You can check it yourself with Railrestro app.

3) How to check Trains between Stations through Phone?

It is possible to check the list of trains between stations on your phone. Download the Railrestro app from Playstore and head over to the rail tools sections. There you can see trains between stations options. If you don’t own a smartphone, you can use the railway helpline number 139 to know about the trains.

4) How to check Trains between Stations through SMS?

If you don’t have a smartphone or if your internet isn’t working, you can check trains between stations through SMS also. Send TIME to 139 to get all the information about all the trains that are operated on a specific route.

5) How can I check Indian Railway train between stations online?

Trains between stations feature is available on Railrestro. You can see the list of all the trains that run between two particular stations. Thus, you can plan your journey in an efficient manner. Train between stations feature also allows you to get the running time table, total journey time, and platform number for arrival /departure.

6) What can I check arrival departure at station?

You can check arrival departure at station easily with the help of Railrestro. It provides correct and updated information about all the trains that are scheduled to arrive at or depart from a railway station. You can also check the live station feature on the Railrestro official mobile app.

7) What is live train status by RailRestro?

RailRestro provides accurate and precise information related to the current location of a train and estimated time of arrival (ETA). The data at our website is constantly refreshed to give you the latest and updated information about train details.

8) How to Know train arrival departure live status?

Train arrival departure live status also called as live station feature is very useful for passengers who plan their trip on short notice. Go to the railrestro website or download the official app from Playstore to know about all the trains that are scheduled to arrive at or depart from a railway station.