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RailRestro is a blessing in e-commerce industry for delivering food in train. RailRestro app facilitates you with dining services during your train journey. It is one of the most successful brands in the sector of food delivery in trains which is easily accessible within a few clicks. The primary motive of RailRestro is to provide tasty meals on wheels making your train journey an everlasting experience in terms of hygienic and tasty food availability. Now, RailRestro has expanded its businesshorizon to add another comfort for the passengers. We are all set to keep the passengers updated about their ticket booking status by checking PNR Status via RailRestro mobile application/official website. Being one of the most crowded railway networks, it is quite struggling to get confirmed ticket to plan journey via Indian Railways.

Though, Indian Railways has facilitated passengers to get confirmed tickets easily via general quota, Tatkal quota or Premium Tatkal Quota;still the probabilities to get confirm tickets are low. Specially, when it comes to weekly trains or long distance train, it becomes difficult for rail passengers to get confirm tickets. To avoid the rush of ticket bookings, people generally prefer to get their reservation earlier. But, travelling is not always planned; sometime it comes randomly and in a surprising way. In such situation, you book tickets that falls in the list of waiting status. It means there’s a chance of ticket confirmation and it demands regular PNR status enquiry to keep you updated. With a great success ine-catering area, RailRestro has expanded its services of keeping you aware about your ticket confirmation status. Now, you can easily get the complete and exact detail of your ticket booking status via RailRestro. It assures you to give fast and accurate information. Install our app via Google Play Store or App store and visit the segment of checking PNR status and enter your PNR number and here you can find the booking detail.

PNR stands for Passenger Name Record, which means when you book your ticket in train, you are allotted with a unique 10-digit number. This ten digit number is your personal booking identification mentioned on the top left corner of the ticket. The number varies with every passenger which needs to be entered when checking PNR status. RailRestro is always there to update you with your booking status.

Information Displayed while checking PNR Status
When you check your PNR, it displays with all the relevant details which needs to be known for a passenger before boarding the train.

  • Train Name
  • Train Number
  • Boarding Date: That specific date on which passenger board the train.
  • From: It means source station from where the train starts its journey.
  • To: The destination point where train ends its journey.
  • Boarding Point: The station where passenger boards the train.
  • Reserved Upto: The station where passenger deboards the train.
  • Booking Status: It includes coach number, berth number, quota
  • Current status: It includes coach number, berth number
  • Charting status: It shows the status of chart whether it is prepared or not. If it is not prepared, it will show “chart not prepared”. But, if prepared, it will display as “Chart prepared”.
  • Note: If the status show chart prepared and your current status still shows in waiting, it means your booking is not confirmed for journey.

    Charting Status
    Indian Railways prepare a final charting status four hours before departure time from the station. The chart is mentioned with the final list of passengers who are going to board the train with their allotted berth. If the chart is prepared and your booking status gets stuck in waiting, it means you are not allotted a confirm berth for journey in that particular train. There are many trains that offer you to travel with your waiting booking status but you will not be allotted any berth, you are just allowed to board the train to reach the destination. This could be happen only when you have a PRS counter reservation ticket. Passengers with e-tickets are not allowed to board the train in waiting. E-Tickets automatically get cancelled when booking does not get confirmed, but to cancel your counter ticket, you have to rush to the station. It is advised to check your PNR status till 30 minutes of departure of the train. There’re chances of ticket confirmation after adjusting quota seats.

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    RAC Status
    Sometime, Indian Railways manage to confirm your ticket in RAC that stands for Reservation against Cancellation. When you check PNR status online, it can display your ticket status whether it is confirmed or in RAC. The passenger is allotted with a seating arrangement in RAC status. The side lower berth in every compartment is specially designed for travelers having RAC status.

    Note: When current status shows in CNF, it means booking is confirmed.
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