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Madhya Pradesh is called as the “Heart of India” where natural life, cultural heritage and ancient antiquity meet. A modern state blessed with smart cities, temples, monuments, forts, hilltops, exotic wildlife and different architectural beauty makes it distinctive from other states. RailRestro will drive you to a short tour to the alluring places of Madhya Pradesh, which one must visit to experience the India’s finest land of cultural and spectacular artistry.

Bandhavgarh: Land of Legendary Fort and Bengal Tigers
Bandhavgarh fort has a historical importance. It is situated in the bandhavgarh hills and finds its root back to 2000 years ago. Some of the main tourist spots for a must visit are Badi gufa, Jwalamukhi temple, Rani Talab, Three cave point and shesh shaiyya (65 foot long idol of Lord Vishnu placed in the base of the Bandhavgarh fort). Another and the most important venue is the Bandhavgarh National Park which is highly acclaimed for the white Bengal Tigers and natural wildlife. Book a safari to explore this scenic beauty. The nearest junction to drop for Bandhavgarh is Katni. Order food in train at Katni Jn. and experience the best regional taste of katni.

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The Town of Sanchi: Where Buddhist Philosophy Exists
The Sanchi Stupa is one of the oldest stone structures in India. It establishes the base of Buddhism religion. The artistic carvings present on these stupas depict the life of Lord Buddha and his life in the Mauryan period. The city has numerous old Stupas including Satdhara, Morel Khurd, the Relics of Sariputra and Mahamoggallana, Mawas, Sonari etc. This ancient beauty was blessed to the city by the great ruler Ashoka who was very closely connected to Buddhism. One of the finest eye-catching architecture is the Ashoka Pillar which completes your tour to Sanchi. Other Places of tourist attraction are UdayGiri caves, ASI museum, Gupta temple and chaitya, Vihar.


Mandu- The Miraculous City
The Mandu fort is the India’s biggest fort located in the Malwa region of Madhya Pradesh has historical base. The point of attractions like Roopmati pavilion, Baz Bahadur Palace, Darwazas, Hindola Mahal, Jami Masjid, will make you remember the series of love stories recited by Grandma about the love tales of kings and queens. The Jahaz Mahal is mostly adored by the tourists as it appears like a ship floating between the two lakes which is about to sail and start its voyage.
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The glimpse of Madhya Pradesh is not over. Welcome to the capital city Bhopal.
Bhopal is the capital of Madhya Pradesh famous for its crowded bazaars, mosques, shopping, Gauhar Mahal, Zardosi crafts, Zari work and Halali Dam. Don’t forget to taste the famous breakfast specialty of poha and jalebi. Now you can easily order food in train at Bhopal Jn. From breakfast to lunch and dinner RailRestro serves you with best food for your journey.
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Chitrakoot- The Place of Many Wonders
Chitrakoot is well known for its religious significance. The beauty of Chitrakoot is described in the Ramayana where lord Rama and Sita had spent 11 years of their exile. It’s a place where Hindu Gods and Goddesses have incarnated. The spiritual legacy is the biggest tourist attraction which takes you to the world of extreme peace and tranquility. When you visit Chitrakoot do stop by these holy spots to drench your soul for purification. Come to feel the deep insights of Ramayana at The Kamadgiri Mountain, Kamtanath, Bharat milap point, and Janki kund, Gupt Godavari, Ram Ghaat and Deep Daan

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Gwalior: The pearl amongst fortresses in India
Apart from temples and sculptures Gwalior has retained the culture of classical music. Music is the wealth of Gwalior as the most legendary musicians “Tansen” and “Baiju Bawara” were from this sacred place. The city celebrates “Tansen Music Festival” every year in Tansen’s tomb. Other popular places to visit in Gwalior are the Jai Vilas Palace, Gujari mahal, Sarod Ghar, Gopachal and Tigra Dam. Do not forget to taste the veg Pilaf, a specialty of Gwalior available throughout the city. Now order veg pilaf in train at Gwalior jn and get it delivered right at your seat. Just call 8102888111 or visit our website @ www.railrestro.com. We also cater for group food ordering at Gwalior station.

Khajuraho: Rediscover Arts and Sculptures:
The khajuraho temples are famous for sculptures which relates to Hindu and Jain religion. These temples are categorized into three groups: Eastern, Western and Southern. These intricate sculptures depicts the forms of meditation, spiritual teaching, wrestling and also the erotic art constructed in 950-1050 AD. Other temples to visit in khajuraho are Lakshman temple, Kandariya Mahadev temple, Chaturbhuj temple, Parsavnath temple, Jagdamba Temple, matangeshwar temple and none other than the Panna National park.
Do you know the famous cuisine of Khajuraho? It’s Daal Bafla a softer version of Dal Bati of Rajasthan. Now order food in train easily by just calling 8102888111 or download the RailRestro App from Google Playstore and Apple AppStore.

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Amarkantak: King of Pilgrimages
Popularly known as the “Theerthraj” the Amarkantak is a Hindu pilgrimage center in MP which caters the “Theerath” needs of every tourist. The city is lined up with temples like Pataleshwar Mahadev temple, Keshav Narayan temple, Shri Yantra Temple and Narmada Udgam Kund. That’s not an end!! The place is blessed with two natural waterfalls “The Kapildhara Falls” and “DugdhDhara Falls”. It is also the meeting point of Vindhya, Maikal and satpura Ranges and the holy river Narmada, Sone and the Johila.

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Parsili: Experience Calm and Peace:
Wait!!! Take a break from temples! Located on the banks of Banas River the town of Parsili takes you to the bed of nature. It’s a paradise for trekking lovers. The soft and moist bed of sand near the river is a natural carpet where everyone can trek barefooted. The wildlife enthusiast can visit Sanjay-Dubri National Park and the Parsili resort for the stay. Experience the best natural home at Parsili.

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