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Lost dishes of India! The History of Indian Food is incredible and is admired globally. Indian foods include all the divine flavours and leave a long-lasting impression. In a country of 29 states, every corner shares an exclusive taste that tells the story of the particular land.  


Food is a great storyteller, and it describes Indian History well. Many foods in India still have maintained their legacy. But, few of them have lost their identity. You will hardly find the prestigious traditional Food that used to be the pride of the Indian kitchen.  


With time, people now crave cuisines like McDonald’s burgers, Italian Pizza and KFC’S chicken. Even the train journey has evolved, and passengers prefer ordering Food on train from top e-catering service providers. However, brands like RailRestro are trying to preserve the glorious History of Indian cuisine by delivering lost cuisines on trains. Unfortunately, many Indian dishes are losing their charm in the market. We should preserve these vanishing dishes and make efforts to make aware people of traditional Indian foods.


Read on to learn more about the lost Indian Dishes, which you can also order on train.



1.  Paani ki Roti was a popular dish from the kitchens of Uttar Pradesh. It is made by applying water to the palms. This renowned north Indian delicacy is also named Desi Roti. This roti is prepared in a unique style, and it contains less amount of fat. Besides Uttar Pradesh, Pani ki roti is also eaten in Bihar and Nepal. No ghee or fat contents are applied during the preparation of this dish, before making its dough hand should be wet or watery to give a perfect shape to roti. Taking care of time is very important during the making of this roti, and some more water is sprinkled on each side. This roti is served with green saag or leafy vegetables. Though Pani ki roti is not introduced in every kitchen, it must come back.



2.  Dodpe Pohe is similar to Poha, a healthy and easy-to-cook breakfast preferred mainly by people who have to rush for work. In metro cities, this food item is a survivor for those who have to catch their morning metro and locals. Poha is from the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh but is cooked in every Indian kitchen to serve a fast and healthy breakfast. However, Dadpe Pohe belongs to Maharashtra and is cooked by adding onions and spices. In Maharashtra, it is eaten as an evening snack to relish the beautiful evening vibes with a cup of tea. Unlike traditional Poha, thin rice is used for making Dodpe Poha. This is served with a tasty platter of Upma or Maharashtrian mixture.



3.  Paani ki Gujjiya is one of the vanishing Indian dishes that need people’s attention. All of us might have tasted Gujjiya? It is made in every Indian festival as a sweet dish. Paani ki Gujiya dish belongs to the region of Uttar Pradesh and Chambal, Madhya Pradesh. Unlike other Gujjiya, which are made of all-purpose flour or Maida, this special Gujiya is made using rice flour. It contains proteins and vitamins, making it a healthy morning snack. Indeed, the dish should be re-introduced to revive the lost culinary tradition of India.



4.  Gobi Dhanthal is a vanished dish of Punjab. If we talk about the cuisines of Punjab, nothing can beat the flavour of this state. You can find a variety of Gobi dishes on the menu of restaurants and Dhabas. But, this amazing dish is not listed on the menu due to its losing identity. The Green Dhanthal present in the Gobi is not an item to be wasted. It can be used for making a tangy and spicy vegetable that tastes best with Tandoori roti. In rare cases, if you find Gobi Dhantal in the restaurant, you will love the taste.



5.  Rassawar is a lost recipe of India which was similar to Kheer but did not give the complete taste of Kheer. The amount of milk used to make this sweet dish is negligible. It is prepared by using sugarcane juice. Only 30 ml milk is required in 1 litre of sugarcane juice, nicely garnished with dry fruits. The aroma of sugarcane is wonderful, and the taste it gives is just out of this world. Rassawar is also made without adding dry fruits. Its authentic tastes make it a must to be added dessert to the menu of restaurants that care to preserve lost culinary dishes of India.



6.  Drumstick Soup is a healthy vegetable recipe that helps fight many diseases. It is easy to digest and also helps control the sugar level. Drumstick soup is healthy for skin and hair and fights pimple problems. This flavorful soup is made with leaf broth that helps make the immune system stronger. The best part of this soup is the absence of bitterness due to the tangy and spicy taste. If you are diet conscious, make this delicious and healthy soup at home and relish the old, glorious past of Indian foods.



7.  Tujji Chicken was one of the outstanding lost non-veg dishes. It was quite similar to Seekh Kabab. The dish was introduced in J&K and prepared in the royal house of Kashmir. Indian Food has also left a remarkable impression on non-veg cuisines; therefore, bringing those marvellous cuisines back to your table is important. You can order Tujji Chicken on train from RailRestro e-catering. However, the dish is only delivered at select railway stations.



8.  Phulkari Pulao is the lost dish which is truly an example of the best pulao you might have tasted. In the entire world, pulao is one of the most loved dishes prepared in different styles. It is prepared with different varieties of rice. Spices used in Pulao give a refreshing taste to this aromatic cuisine of Punjab. You may not find Phulkari Pulao easily. Try your luck with the best hotels and restaurants near you.


Why Is Indian Food Popular Globally?


Indian Food is the best narrator of their History. Every Food has a story about the Indian land, culture and tradition. During the ancient period, the complete Hindu period, when foreigners came to India, they tasted the Food and appreciated the cooking style and eating habits of Indians. Apart from this, when Mughals came to India, they also brought some amazing Mughal recipes. It is tasty, healthy and always made with fresh spices.


Can the Lost Cuisine of India Help to Hit the Indian Food Market?


Undoubtedly, a few incredible but forgotten dishes of India will change the taste of foodies. This can be done when Indian food bloggers introduce the lost foods to the people. Many top Indian chefs are experimenting with this in the culinary fields.


How to Bring Back the Lost Cuisine of India?


The cuisines that have lost their space and identity in the Indian market and homes can be celebrated again. Do some research on this Food and its historical past? Many food shows trending on social media and television always try to bring some old cuisines back. These foods can also be listed on the restaurant’s menu and can be delivered in train. RailRestro is already doing it via Food delivery in train. However, we may find more innovative ways to preserve our lost cuisines.


Get fresh and high-quality Food on train with the best offers and discounts. Moreover, if you travel with your family and friends, place bulk food orders to get huge discounts. After successfully ordering your meal on wheel, track your food order online.


Life is a journey, and Indian Railways is the best to experience this!

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Author: Sanjay Kumar