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Navratri Special Foods are meals eaten during Navratri fasting for 9 holydays in honor of Goddess Durga. This kind of special food also refers to “Vrat ka Khana”, or sattvic food, which means pure and balanced. Now consider a scenario in which you are traveling while fasting and ends up getting nothing in the name of Navratri Food Menu. Seems worrying?


Now, leave all your worries behind about the fasting in puja as RailRestro is delivering Navratri Special Foods on the train to help passengers during this great festival. With this, passengers who are fasting can take advantage of the Sattvik diet of Navratri.


Here’s the list of 15 Navratri Special Foods that you can relish on the train via the RailRestro App



1. Sabudana ki Khichdi


One of the most famous fasting meals, Sabudana ki Khichdi is largely recognized as Navratri Special Food. This food is a great source of protein, carbohydrates, and calcium, that gives quick energy and improves digestion. Consequently, passengers can relish Sabundana ki Khichdi while they travel on the train from RailRestro. The Navratri special Khichdi is cooked in the FSSAI approved restaurants and served to the passengers seeking them on the train.



2. Kuttu Ka Dosa


If you don’t want to compromise with the taste during Navratri Fasting, Kuttu ka Dosa with potato filings is a crispy and tasty alternative. The recipe is prepared by grinding soaked Rice, Chana dal, Urad dal, and Thuvar dal to form Dosa batter. It is the best alternative to deep-fried Kuttu ki Puris or Pakoras. The Kuttu ka Dosa recipe will also help those on a weight loss program.



3. Singhare ke Atte ka Samosa


Are you fasting for Navratri? Singhare ke Atte ka Samosa is the right recipe for you to satisfy your urge for food. This recipe is rich in potassium and low in sodium to maintain your energy and check water retention in the body during fasting. Singhara is also called Paani Wala Singhara as it is grown underwater, which may be eaten raw, boiled, or fried and offers numerous health benefits. Therefore, it is one of the popular Navratri special recipes.



4. Aloo ki Kadhi


As Navratri is just around the corner, people restrain themselves from eating ginger-garlic and onion. Owing to the restrictions in Navratri, Aloo ki Kadhi is the quintessential Navratri special food which is made deliciously with Sattvic ingredients including potatoes, chilies, water chestnut flour, and curd. So, devotees can eat this irresistible dish every 9 auspicious days, even while traveling by train.



5. Makhana Kheer


Makhana, also known as Fox nut, is one of the most preferred snacks worldwide. The Indian pudding made from Makhana is called Makhana ka Kheer. The passengers can get a taste of scrumptious Makhana ka Kheer prepared by blending makhana, sugar, dry fruits, and milk on low flame. This finger-licking dessert is served, especially during fasting.



6. Banana Walnut Lassi 


Lassi is the ultimate thirst quencher. If you are fasting for Navratri and want to quench your thirst, the tasty Banana Walnut Lassi is here to offer you a cooling effect. You can take delight in sipping this special lassi which is made by adding banana, yogurt, walnuts, and ice cubes and mixing them well. You can order this Navratri Special Lassi on the train via RailRestro App.



7. Vratwale Chawal Ka Dhokla 


As the name suggests, Vrat Wale Chawal Ka Dhokla is a favorable Navratri Special Food Option. This Gujrati Cuisine is the most preferred food option to satisfy your hunger while observing fasts. To prepare this recipe, the cooks grind Vrat Wale Chawal (Sama Rice) in a mixer and then add curd and a spoon of oil to make the thick and sticky batter. Further, the batter is carefully left in the steamer for 15 minutes. Finally, Vratwale Chawal ka Dhokla is garnished with mint leaves & chutney and then packaged and served to your seat.



8. Navratri Special Thali


Keeping in mind the devotee’s preference, this Navratri the RailRestro will provide you with Navratri Special Thali on the train. The thali specifically includes Kuttu ki Pooris, Aloo Paneer ka Kofta, Sabundana ki Khichri, and Coconut Barfi. The aroma of Desi ghee, natural butter will be worth your time. In addition, you can add any other Navratri Recipe listed here to your Navratri Special Thali according to your preferences.



9. Fruit Raita


What can be more refreshing than a bowl of healthy and yummy Fruit Raita? Fruit Raita is a Navratra Special recipe made with yogurt diced with strawberries, pineapple, banana, pomegranate, grapes, etc. You can enjoy this nutritious and pleasant dish during your fasting in Navratra. Full of fibers and vitamins, Fruit Raita, will give your body the necessary nutrients during the fast.



10. Paneer Makhane Ka Gulgule


Railrestro brings to you Paneer Makhane ka Gulgule this Navratri. Gulgule (fried balls) made of mashed paneer and potatoes, spices, roasted crushed fox nuts, coriander, and a tinge of tanginess. With no ginger or garlic, this cuisine is a perfect option for Navratri. It tastes best when garnished with basil leaves and served hot with green chutney and pickled cucumber.



11. Vrat ki Dahi Arbi


Are you looking for Vrat Ka Khana on the train? There can be no other healthier dish than Vrat ki Dahi Arbi as it is a remarkable sattvic food for the Navratri festival. Fried Arbi fingers in the thick, tangy gravy made of tomatoes and yogurt are a delight to the taste buds. The recipe is free from ginger and garlic, thus making it the best Navratri Food option. You can also try it with steamed rice, phulka, or pooris.



12. Sabundana Vada


Here comes the Maharashtrian vegan cuisine Sabundana Ka Vada. This light and crispy Vada is Gluten-free food and also a perfect snack for people who fast. As the dish is loaded with Carb, this Navratri Special recipe would keep you full for a longer period. Sabudana Vada tastes best with yogurt curd and coconut chutney. However, you can also try it with tamarind and coriander chutney on normal days.




13. Kuttu ki Poori


The tasty and crispy poori made of buckwheat flour or Kuttu ka Atta blends nicely with curd, Vrat ki Dahi Arbi and Aloo Paneer ka Kofta. This Navratri special food is prepared by adding sendha namak to Kuttu ka Atta. The combination is mixed with boiled potato and deep-fried until they turn medium brown and crispy. Similarly, tempting Kuttu ki Roti and Paratha can be prepared using the same Navratri ingredients.



14. Rajgira Roti


This special fasting food is made with Rajgiri Atta or Amarnath Atta. Apart from being the special Vrat Ka Khana, this recipe is also favorable for the individual managing diabetes. Rajgira Roti tastes best when served with curd, Aloo Ki Kadhi, and Sabundana Ka Kheer. So, having Rajgira Roti while traveling during the festive season, would be a great option for people who will be on fast.




15. Aloo Paneer Ka Kofta


Aloo Paneer Ka Kofta can be organized effortlessly for any special event. The recipe is made simply by mashing boiled potatoes with a paneer and mixing the rest of the substances to make small-sized balls. These balls are deep-fried and served with tea or coffee. With thick and creamy gravy, it tastes superb on your taste bud. You can also blend it with Kuttu ki Pooris and Rajgira Roti for a flavorsome delight.


Every year during festive seasons, millions of commuters use Railways to reach their home to celebrate Navratri. RailRestro offers them the best Festival Special Foods on the train.


Here are some of the frequently asked questions related to Food Ordering on the Train during Navratri Puja.


When Can We Order Navratri Special Food on the Train?


The term Navratri is derived from the Sanskrit word that means ‘nine nights. It is a Hindu festival widely known as Navratri Puja, observed in honor of Goddess Durga. In 2022 the Navratri Puja will start from September 26 to October 4. So if you plan to travel via train during these dates along with your family or friends, you can order Navratri Special foods like Sabundana ki Khichdi, Aloo Paneer ka Kofta, Sabundana ka Kheer, Kuttu ki Poori, Fruit Raita, and several other recipes from the IRCTC authorized food aggregator, the RailRestro.


How Can We Order Navratri Special Food on the Train?


You can order Navratri Special Food on the train via the RailRestro app or websites. The food request can be initiated at least two hours in advance. Here are the easy steps for ordering food on the train:


  • Download the RailRestro App or visit the website
  • Enter 10-digit PNR details and choose your date of journey
  • Add your Navratri Special Food from the Restaurant’s Menu
  • Make your Payment for food order via Net Banking, Credit Card or Debit card, UPI or Wallets
  • You may also choose the Cash on Delivery option


To learn more about food delivery service in trains, contact RailRestro customer support at


Hurry up! Download the RailRestro app now, and don’t miss the chance to order mouth-watering Navratri Special Food directly at your train seat and celebrate the Joy with an exciting offer on any Navratri Food Recipe.


RailRestro Wishes You A Very Happy Navratri.

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Author: Sanjay Kumar