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Pure Veg Food in Train Delivered by RailRestro

With major businesses adopting digitization as an innovating step to increase their reach to a mass level of audience, it has made easy for the consumers to avail services online through their fingertips. It’s just an app which fulfills your need immediately with amazing services. Food delivery service has gained immense importance, especially in the case of passengers who’re traveling in train either frequently or on occasional basis. Through e-catering or online catering, any passenger can order food online in train and get it delivered on their seat while traveling. This service was a digital innovation which has given passengers an option to choose their favorite meal from the menu and order online at any station en route.  The options included, Chinese food, Indian food, variety of Thali (veg/non-veg), combo meals, Jain food, regional specials with accompaniments. One of the options, which are specially provided to the passengers’ by RailRestro, is ordering the pure veg food in train.  Passengers’ specially the vegetarians who maintain a distance from non-veg food items and crave for veg food to satiate their hunger.

Veg Food and vegetarianism:
Vegetarian diet is the most simplified diet on earth. Through various combinations of vegetables, legumes, grains etc., one can create amazing dishes which are delicious and healthy. A mass population believes in adopting pure veg food as it is prepared with great care like by using less oil and spices, which makes it easily digestible and healthy to consume. According to Vegetarian Society “A vegetarian is someone who lives on a diet of grains, pulses, legumes, nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruits, fungi, algae, yeast and/or some other non-animal-based foods (e.g. salt) with, or without, dairy products, honey and/or eggs”. Also religious sentiments in India, makes people to follow veg food culture and as a result, a mass population has adopted veg food as their regular diet. However, getting a platter of healthy and pure veg food in train during journey wasn’t possible before e-catering in train was introduced. After this digital innovation, passengers were able to order veg food of their choice in train to combat with the problems of unhygienic and distasteful food served by the Indian Railways. Passengers, who have adopted vegetarianism as their diet, can now get it easily via RailRestro app.     

How to order Veg Food in Train Journey by RailRestro
RailRestro is an e-catering company which provides passengers food of their choice in trains. The ordering process is entirely online through RailRestro app/website or by call. Passengers during their journey can login to RailRestro app or call our digital food experts at 8102202203 and place their order via call. Passengers’ with a valid PNR number can order veg food in train, as the executives will verify the PNR number and then provide you the veg food options for your station where train will halt at its scheduled time. Once the order is booked, an SMS is sent to the passenger about booking status. However, when anyone selects the online method, he/she has to cross four easy steps:

  • Enter the PNR number
  • Check food options via app/website and order. It will add to your cart.
  • Apply coupon codes, if any and pay online/COD.(For coupon codes, check our offer and discounts.)
  • Enjoy your food at seat

What are the advantages of having Vegetarian Food in Train Journey?
A range of vegetarian cuisines are offered by RailRestro to the passengers from where one can choose their loved veg cuisine. At RailRestro, we understand the vegetarian food requirements and offer every possible veg food options; even customized veg food in which the passenger can direct to our digital food experts via call or chat on its special preparation techniques. There’re certain advantages listed below of having pure veg food in train:

  • Rich in Nutrients:
    Veg food options are rich in nutrients through which our body gets energy from grains fruits and veggies. It also attributes to increasing lifespan.
  • Supports Metabolism during journey:
    Heavy diet becomes impossible to digest during train jourey! As a result, it causes stomach disorders or gastric issues leading to low metabolism and regular health issues. Pure veg food is easy to digest and our focus is to provide healthy food throughout the train journey which is hygienic and    
  • An Economical Option:
    Along with the health perspective, veg food is an economical option to choose among other options. Non-veg food is no doubt expensive, but veg food is relatively cost-effective for your pocket.

RailRestro and their premium catering partners in almost 600+ stations provides an option to order pure veg food like paneer recipes, mix veg, Kofta curry, mushroom curry, Chinese dishes, soups, along with delicious breads like tawa roti, naan, butter naan, Lacchha Paratha and butter roti. The company’s digital food experts are always there to assist. Your platter of veg or vegan food can also be booked in advance while booking tickets.

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