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Train journeys are an exciting experience, offering a unique opportunity to witness the changing landscapes and cultures as you travel long distances. The long train route presents a quirky route that lets you see from the rolling countryside to bustling cityscapes. 



One thing that can truly enhance this train journey experience is enjoying food on train. A delicious meal or snack can provide a comforting and satisfying respite from the rigours of travel and help make the journey feel more luxurious and enjoyable.


Whether you opt for a quick sandwich bite or a more elaborate Biryani meal during the train’s journey, it offers happy tastebuds and a filled tummy, making your trip a perfect experience. RailRestro introduces 24*7 ready to eat food available every time to serve you for the pleasure of a well-fed journey. The range of ready to eat meals offers various options from Veg patties to Paneer momos to train passengers that you can order anytime from any railway station. 


Let’s read to know what you can get on train for your quick and tasty bites. 


List of 24*7 Ready-to-Serve Food on Train  



Veg Patties 


A quick bite of delicious veg patties with tomato ketchup is something you might crave on the train trip. It is a crunchy snack made up of fine flour and vegetables. They are deep-fried in oil and served with chutney or sauce. Veg patties are a great option for vegetarians and vegans, providing protein, fibre, and essential nutrients.  



Paneer Patties


Paneer patties are another substitute for Veg patties. If you like the drooling taste of Paneer, have the crispy bite of Paneer patties. It comprises fine flour, Paneer, vegetable and spices such as cumin, coriander, and paprika.



Cheese Burger


Burger with cheese bites is a great option for your trip if you want something to satisfy your food cravings. It is a popular street food grilled with butter or oil. The dish is prepared with different veggies, including capsicum, cabbage, tomato etc. 



Cheese Onion Burger

If you’re choosy, a cheese onion burger with extra onion crunch is an irresistible snack. You can have a crispy hamburger with extra sauce and slices of veggies. It is a burger with a patty topped with cheese and caramelised onions. It’s a popular variation of the classic burger and adds extra flavour and texture.



Veg Burger


A vegetarian burger is a classic burger made by grilling a bun with veg patties. It is a top choice snack for vegetarians. You can easily order it in train and grab its amazing bite. Veg burgers can be served with toppings, including tomato, onion, cheese, ketchup, and mayo. 



Hot Dog


Originating in Germany, a hot dog is a snack cooked with sausage. To prepare Hot dog, sausage is filled, steamed, and grilled in the slit of a partially sliced bun. The hot dog is a delicious snack you can have with ketchup. 



Paneer Chilli Roll


Paneer chilli roll is another ready to eat food for your quick bite while journeying. It is a snack made from fine flour wrapped with Paneer, onion, green chillies, and tomato filling. You can have a chilly paneer roll in the evening with tea. 



Paneer Cheese Sandwich


Sandwiches are such a delightful treat you can have for breakfast and evening snacks. Its cheese taste is filled with Paneer, and the goodness of veggies is a wholesome treat. The paneer sandwich can be grilled and toasted. 


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Veg Sandwich


A classic variety of sandwiches, the veg sandwich is a simple yet delicious snack. You can have it on train. It is made with the fillings of multiple vegetables into the slices of bread. The veg sandwich can be grilled and toasted. 



Pizza Sandwich


This infusion dish, Pizza Sandwich, is a delightful treat. It is prepared with bread, pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, veggies, herbs and seasonings. You can order a delicious pizza sandwich on train to enhance your train trip experience. 



Paneer Salad Sandwich


A healthy snack option, the Paneer salad sandwich is a delicious treat on train. The ready to eat food needs nothing, but you stay at your train seat, place the order, and enjoy your delicious sandwich while travelling. 



Vada Pav


Mumbai’s famous snack Vada Pav is a popular street food with varieties like Samosa Vada pav, grilled vada pav and more. The dish consists of fried potato dumplings sandwiched between two slices of a soft round bun (called Pav). The Vada Pav is typically served with various chutneys, including green chutney made from mint, and coriander and tamarind chutney made from sweet and sour tamarind pulp. 



Cheese Vada Pav


A super special variety, cheese vada pav is prepared with fried potato, buns, and lots of cheese, making the dish a teenager’s favourite. The dish is served with chutneys, green fried green chillies or sliced onions for added flavour and texture.

Salad Pasta 


Another ready to eat food for travel is a delicious Salad Pasta filled with the goodness of veggies. It is prepared by cooking pasta in boiling water and mixing it with chopped vegetables, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, and bell peppers. To flavour pasta, it is seasoned with spices and herbs. 





A classic Italian dish, pasta offers a mouth-watering taste that will make your train trip a memorable experience. You can order a variety of pasta on train, including white sauce pasta, Italian pasta, Mexican pasta, red sauce pasta, penne pasta etc. 



Veg Cutlet


Veg cutlet is A crispy and savoury snack in a golden-brown colour to add crunch to your train trip. It is a medley of vegetables and spices, crispy on the outside and soft inside. You can enjoy this delicious veg cutlet with tomato ketchup or green chutney. 



Veg Cheese Cutlet


Love cheese? Nothing can be a better option as a ready to eat meal than this cheesy veg cutlet, prepared with a delectable mix of vegetables and cheese. The crunchy snack, coated with breadcrumbs, is deep-fried until it achieves the golden-brown texture to offer you a joyous taste. 



Paneer Cutlet 


The king of veg culinary, paneer dishes tastes epic. The paneer cutlet is one of the most delicious cutlet varieties. It consists of cubes of Paneer, mashed potatoes, and flavourful spices. The special cutlet is fried deep and served with chutney or sauces. 





Dhokla is a light and spongy snack, one of the most famous Gujarati dishes. It is prepared with fermented rice and chickpea flour and tempered with mustard seeds and curry leaves. You can order this Gujarati delight on the train to make your trip a little sweet and a little savoury. 



Veg Burger  


Classic fast food, the veg burger is a delicious sandwich made with a combination of vegetables and spices. Soft buns are used to make a Veg burger, which consists of a patty, slices of tomatoes, onion, and sauce for a satisfying taste. 



Veg Roll


A quick bite snack, the veg roll is a flatbread wrap loaded with the goodness of several vegetables like cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, onions, potatoes and more. The veg delight roll is healthy, simple, and a delicious treat on train. 



Veg Cheese Roll


If you like cheesy bites, the veg cheese roll is a standard version of the veg roll. You can order this tangy snack and enjoy it while journeying. A Veg cheese roll is a wrap made from maida and stuffed with veggies and cheese.  



Veg Paneer Roll


The veg paneer roll is a lip-smacking snack you can relish while travelling. It is another version of a veg roll, filled with Paneer’s cubes and vegetables. It is a soft, deep-fried bread wrap to offer a crispy and delicious dish. 



Cheese Paneer Roll


This special combination roll of two hearty ingredients-cheese and Paneer, cheese and paneer roll, is a flavourful snack you can have on train. The roll is prepared with fine flour, Paneer, veggies and cheese. The ready to eat meal is a wholesome treat to the tastebuds.



Chilly Paneer Roll


A spicy and tangy chilli paneer roll is a popular Chinese dish among teenagers. Paneer cubes are coated in a chilli-infused batter to prepare this dish, fried until it gets crispy, and then wrapped in a soft flatbread. It’s a perfect snack if you want a little spicy kick in your food.



Veg Kathi Roll


From the streets of Kolkata, Veg kathi roll is a flaky paratha bread with a filling of vegetables, Paneer, and spices. It’s a mouth-watering snack, making it a must-try dish. You can order veg Kathi rolls or any of your favourite Bengali food in train at Howrah railway station



Veg Momos


Veg momos are Spicy dumplings filled with a mixture of vegetables and spices available 24*7 for your train trip. It is a popular street food in Nepal and Tibet, served with spicy tomato chutney and tangy green chutney. 



Paneer Momos


For those who love the combination of Paneer and spices, Paneer momos are available to treat your tastebuds on tran. Instead of veg momos, you can order Paneer momos, prepared with a special combination of Paneer, spices, and veggies. 



Chicken Momos


If you crave chicken 24*7, you don’t need to worry; you can order the spicy chicken momos anytime on train. The ready-to-serve dish, with the fillings of minced chicken pieces and spices, is a super delicious treat for your trip. 



Veg Fried Momos


This special version of veg momos is a crispy and crunchy delight. To make the veg fried momos, steamed veg momos are fried until it gets crispy and crunchy. It is loved by people who prefer fried momos over steamed veg momos.  



Chicken Fried Momos


Chicken fried momos are a meat lover’s delight, filled with minced chicken and spices. To prepare this chicken snack, steamed momos are fried until golden brown. It’s a perfect snack for those who love the combination of savoury flavours and crispy textures.



Sweet Corn


Sweet Corn is a classic and healthy snack you can enjoy while journeying. To make this simple dish, Fresh sweet Corn is boiled, seasoned with salt and butter, and served hot. You can deliver hot sweet Corn in train. 



Masala Sweet Corn


Masala Sweet Corn is a perfect snack with a spicy variation of sweet Corn with a burst of flavours and spices. Fresh sweet Corn is boiled and seasoned with a mix of spices and herbs to prepare masala sweet corn. Masala sweet corn is a delicious time pass on train. 



Cheese Sweet Corn


With the burst of cheese, sweet Corn is a comforting and delicious dish you can have while travelling. To make this variation of sweet Corn, a mixture of cheese is added to it. You can order sweet corn cheese if you like the special addition of cheese. 


RailRestro’s “order anytime food” is not only delicious but also versatile. You can enjoy these foods as a quick snack or a meal on train. Add spiciness, crunch, and deliciousness to your trip with their mouth-watering flavours and textures. 


Which is the best food to eat in train?


Varieties of food are available for your train trip. You can order any of your favourite food items through the RailRestro train food delivery app. Although, if you are looking for the best food for your train trip, You can order thali, Dosa, Veg pulao, Biryani etc on train. And if you’re looking for such food that you can enjoy anytime, the best food options are cutlet, sweet Corn, momos, dhokla and more.  


What is ‘Ready to Eat’ Food in Train? 


RailRestro online e-catering has introduced ‘ready to eat’ food in train to offer variety to onboard passengers. These foods follow all the hygiene guidelines and are ready to serve anytime on the train. Rail passengers can order these food items anytime and enjoy them while journeying. 

The train food app aims to satiate the craving of rail passengers by offering quality food while journeying. Recently, it has also started serving hot tea on trains. To know about it, you can read – Wow! Now You Can Order Chai on Train.

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