Chai, the name itself is soothing. For most of us, a day cannot start without it. We cannot survive without it, and we cannot accept that someone doesn’t like it. For us, it is not just a drink; it is an emotion and an integral part of our daily routine.  The beloved beverage is the companion of everyone. It is a blessing if you find the chaiwallahs outside your office, college, and at the time when you actually crave it. 


Chai is a common need during travelling. No matter whether we are travelling by bus, car, or train. Even people who aren’t chaiaddict, also like to grab a cup of tea while journeying. On a long train trip, we need to wait for chaiwallahas, and put our ears on to hear the yelling like ‘cha-cha’, ‘chai-chai’, ‘chayee-garam-chayee’ and things like that. But when you get the chai after a long wait, you find chai, untasty, unhygienic, and like something that doesn’t fill your craving. 


Understanding the problem of travellers, the train food app RailRestro, introduced #chaaigaram on train with excellent packaging and taste. With its ecatering services, rail passengers can get hygienic, and flavourful tea in train. With its app, you can also order varities of food on train online. 



RailRestro Garam Chaai and Its Different Types 


RailRestro offers numerous types of tea to wake you up, stimulate you, let you function, reduce your journey tiredness, fulfil your chai needs, and most importantly, comfort you. With Food tech companies, passengers can order various types of tea on trains. It includes: 



Regular Chai


It is a traditional tea you usually like to take in the morning. It gets prepared with milk, sugar, tea leaves, and water. This chai is needed and part of almost everyone’s daily routine. Chaiaddict can finish numerous cups of this regular tea in a day. 



Masala Chai


Masala chai is a special chai. We love to enjoy it on some fabulous occasions. It heals us from our pain and celebrates with us on happy occasions. The masala chai is getting prepared when we add spice to our regular tea to make it extra nice. 



Adrak Chai


This Indian-style chai is just emotion. You must have asked your chai wallah to give you kadak adrak wali chai when you are just super happy. Adding ginger to the tea is a healthy and tasty way to consume chai. On the train, with RailRestro ecatering, you can get Adrak chai. 



Elaichi Chai


Cardamom is a king. It goes with everything, whether it is salty, sweet, or sour. The same honour is given to Elaichi Chai. Whenever a guest visits us at home, we usually prepare Elaichi chai. It is a delicious flavoured tea that you can even get on train. 



Lemon Tea


We need lemon tea when we don’t want milk tea. It awakens our senses and spices up our mood. Lemon tea is refreshing. Sweet and sour tea gets prepared when we add lemon juice to black tea or green tea. 



Liquor Tea


Liquor tea is a black tea made by boiling tea leaves in water. It contains yellow brownish colour, considered good for health. Some people prefer this strong tea over sweet milk tea. If you also prefer black tea or want to give it a try. You can order this liquor chai on train. 



Green Tea


Green tea is now a new trend. It is healthy, soothing and tea for diet freaks. Green tea contains the highest antioxidants and naturally holds low calories and caffeine compared to black tea and coffee. You can have green tea on train from RailRestro. 



Benefits of Tea Delivery in Train 


  • Usually, we get tea on train that contains less or no milk. With RailRestro, you can get authentic tea on train. 
  • Tea has magic. It lets you make friends over chai. During the journey, you meet different people. You can share flavourful chai and make friends. 
  • With tea delivery in train, you don’t need to wait for local chaiwallahs and consume unhygienic IRCTC tea from the pantry when RailRestro allows you to order hygienic tea in train. 
  • You can do “Charcha on Chaaigaram” with your loved ones on train without compromising your taste buds. 
  • You can get varieties of tea types on train, which was never possible for train travellers. 



Why Choose RailRestro Tea 


Serving tea on train is a new initiative of RailRestro. It will change the rail passengers’ chai experience on train. 


Excellent Packaging 


RailRestro tea gets packed in a square-shaped, lightweight FSC™ certified paperboard box, i.e. easy to transport, handle, open, store and recycle. 


Diverse Availability 


RailRestro Garam Chai is available in a range of volumes from 200 ml to 500 ml. You can order any of these according to your convenience and needs. 


Served Hot 


The IRCTC food on train service, RailRestro, is committed to delivering hot tea on train in well-packed boxes. These boxes are well-designed to keep chai Garam for a long time. 




Your train tea gets prepared in FSSAI-approved restaurants, cafes and hotels. So you do not need to worry. 


High-Quality Tea 


RailRestro offers high-quality tea prepared with fresh milk, balanced sugar, tea leaves, and more. The e-catering lets you enjoy unbelievable tea on your train journeys. 



How to Order Tea in Train


You can visit the RailRestro train food app or website to order chai on an Indian train. 


  • Enter your ticket’s PNR number or train number and the boarding station to which you want your tea delivered. 
  • Click on the “order now” button. A list of en-route restaurants will open. 
  • Click on the Menu button. Choose your favourite types of tea. You can also choose to order meals or snacks with it. 
  • Enter details and place your tea order. 


You will get your tea delivered right to your seat when the train reaches the station. Alternatively, you can call the RailRestro customer executive on 8102202203 to order tea in train. With its e-catering service, you can pre-order your tea in train. 


What Can We Order with Tea on Train?


You can order Samosa, Paneer Pakoda, Dhokla, Masala Vada, Sandwich, Upma, Poha, Vada Pav and more as snacks with tea on train. RailRestro allows travellers to order various kinds of food, including veg, non-veg, and Jain food in train


Can We Order Tea in Train Anytime?


Yes, with RailRestro, you can order your cup of tea anytime. We deliver tea on train from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM and take orders of tea 24*7. Because We know there is no right time to crave tea. So, order your tea without any worry and enjoy the train journey. We will take care of your food and tea needs on train. 

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Author: Sakshi Kumari