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Purushottam Express (12801) is a daily train that runs between Puri to New Delhi. It is a superfast train that connects the Land of Lord Jagannatha to the capital city of India (New Delhi). Puri is the spiritual capital of Odisha, famous for its historic antiquities and architectural grandeur. Puri is considered as the major fulcrum of pilgrimage in India. Surrounded by golden beaches, it is a famous tourist spot that attracts large number of travelers across the country. The attractions of this sacred land include unique monuments, Chilika Lake, picturesque seascape beauty. It offers an ideal abode for birds which migrate from different parts of the continent. Purushottam Express is one of the most preferred trains to transfer the passengers from Puri to New Delhi. The train originated from Puri Railway Station and ends its journey at New Delhi railway junction. The train is named after Lord Jagannanth, who is also respected as the Purushottama, a deity known to show people how to live a quality life. During the course of journey between Puri to New Delhi, passengers can add a flavor of tasty food by ordering food online in train via RailRestro, one of the leading e-catering partners of IRCTC. RailRestro offer the travelers to book food in train and get hot, fresh and mouth-watering food right at their seat/berth.

Purushottam Express (12801): Overview

  • Train Name: Purushottam Express
  • Train Number: 12801
  • Service Type: Superfast
  • Train Frequency: Daily
  • Current Operators: East Coast Railway
  • Source Station: Puri
  • Stoppages: 31
  • Destination: New Delhi
  • Distance to Travel: 1,863 km
  • Journey Time: 31 hours
  • Catering Facilities: Available
  • Coaches: 2A, 3A Sleeper, General

Passengers planning a travel to Puri from New Delhi can check train schedule of Purushottam Express (12801) and plan accordingly.

Fare Details of Purushottam Express:
Here’re the details of ticket prices of Purushottam Express.
Fare for 1 Adult General

  • 2A: INR 2,755
  • 3A: INR 1,885
  • Sleeper: INR 715
  • General: INR 400

Tatkal Fare for 1 Adult

  • 2A: INR 3,285
  • 3A: INR 2,305
  • Sleeper: INR 915
  • General: Not Available

Ticket Prices for a Child

  • 2A: INR 1,380
  • 3A: INR 945
  • Sleeper: INR 365
  • General: INR 205

Tatkal Ticket Price for a Child

  • 2A: INR 1,905
  • 3A: INR 1,365
  • Sleeper: INR 565
  • General: Not Available

Fare for Senior citizen Male

  • 2A: INR 1,695
  • 3A: INR 1,170
  • Sleeper: INR 450
  • General: INR 400

Ticket Fare for Senior Citizen Female

  • 2A: INR 1,430
  • 3A: INR 990
  • Sleeper: INR 400
  • General: INR 385

When the passengers get their tickets booked, they might not get confirm ticket. In such case, travelers can check PNR Status online to know about the status of the ticket. Here, they will get to know about booking confirmation and berth allotment.

Major Halt Junctions of Purushottam Express
This superfast train stops at 28 stations on the way. Some of the important halting stations during journey are:

  • Bhubaneswar
  • Cuttack
  • Kharagpur
  • Tatanagar
  • Bokaro
  • Gaya
  • Pandit Dindayal Upadhaya
  • Prayagraj
  • Ghaziabad

Purushottam Express leaves the source station at 21:45 PM on day one and completes its journey at New Delhi Railway Station on day third at 4:50 AM. When the train passes through major Indian states, it offers the travelers to witness the vast expanse of India and to explore the culture and lifestyle of different regions from train’s window.

E- Catering in Purushottam Express:
What could be more interesting combination than sitting with tasty snacks and admiring the beauty of India from train’s window? Now, it has become easy for the passengers travelling via train to taste the cuisines of different sections of India. Passengers can avail the services of ordering food online in train at the railway stations en route. Passengers halting at Puri can order food in train at Puri Junction and can also tastes the local delicacies of Puri. With the introduction of online e-catering service providers, travellers can easily get food delivery in train. RailRestro is one of them, which assures the passengers to deliver fresh and quality food during journey.

Avail Discount on Group Food order in Journey
Are you traveling in a group? It would be a pocket-friendly option to order food for group in train. RailRestro offers a discount of 20% by applying the coupon code “GROUP 20”. One can also call @8102202203 and enjoy the journey.

Apart from Rajdhani and Shatabadi Express, Purushottam Express is also a popular train that transfers the people from Puri to New Delhi. Since, it is one of the busiest trains of this route, get your ticket booked earlier. It is advised to book tickets in Purushottam Express at least a month ago before your date of journey.

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