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Knowing the train schedule in advance is an added advantage for any traveler as it displays details of the train like the time of arrival/departure, number of halts, halt timing, etc. When a traveler is planning for a train journey, it’s the train schedule, a vital element, required for a hassle-free journey. Through a proper train schedule the traveler is aware of:

  • Timings of the train: It’s the train schedule which has right timings mentioned for passengers’ convenience.
  • Stations en route: The schedule provides you with the name of the stations and total number of stations the train will cross through.
  • 100% Real time and accuracy rates: The train schedule is based on the real time status with an accuracy rate of 100%.
  • Status of the Train: Accurate timings of train (Estimated time of Departure or Arrival) are shown with the average delay status (if any).

How to check train time table schedule?
Checking the train time table online provides you the accurate results. Just enter the train name or number in the box and a dropdown appears with the exact name of the train with its five- digit number. You need to select the exact train. eg. If you enter the number “12296”, immediately the interface will auto-suggest you the train name and its number. Verify the details and select the exact train for which you need the train schedule. Hit the “Check Schedule” button and the screen will display you the exact details of the train with its running days, halt stations, seating classes (3A, 2A SL etc.), Source station, destination station with total journey distance for that particular day.  


Your Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why to Check Train Time Table?

To know about the train route or train schedule and related information, it is essential to keep a look at the online train time table. It assists you to plan your journey wisely and avoid the last minute rush.

2) How to check Train schedule online by RailRestro?

Checking train schedules is very easy with RailRestro. Start by entering train number or name or choose from auto suggestion. Once you enter and select the train schedule you are looking for, just hit Enter. You will be presented with train schedules and escalations in the schedule if there are any updates.

3) What is Train Schedule & Time Table?

Train schedule is something which you should look out for if you are planning to travel in Indian railways. It can help you avoid last minute escalations in terms of packaging, cab bookings and more. Train time table tells you about all the stops, arrival / departure time, total halt time, expected time of arrival (ETA), and platform number for the train.

4) How can check Train Schedule & Time Table?

To check the train schedule or time table, go to the website of Railrestro or you can download the RailRestro app from Playstore. Head over to the rail tools section and click on the train schedule option. You can get updated and accurate train information with a single click.

5) Why Check Train Schedule & Time Table by RailRestro?

RailRestro is a complete journey planner app for all passengers. You can check the train schedule as well as the time table for all trains on our app or website easily and conveniently. Our server data is constantly refreshed to provide you with the latest and updated information every time.

6) How to check Train Schedule & Time Table through Phone App?

Our RailRestro app is designed to offer convenient service to all passengers. If you are a smartphone user, then make use of the latest technology and download the RailRestro app from the Playstore or App store. It is completely free and offers loads of rail related services such as train schedule and time table all in a single place.

7) How to check if train is rescheduled?

Due to unforeseen circumstances, some trains are diverted or rescheduled. In that case, RailRestro provides you with an updated list rescheduled trains for upcoming days. Now know which trains are rescheduled for today with RailRestro app or website and plan your journey efficiently.

8) How can I check Train status through SMS & call?

For all train related enquiries and complaints, you can use railway customer care number 139. You don’t need a smartphone to use Indian railways services. You can call on 139 from any mobile device at any time. Apart from calling, train helpline number 139 also provides the option to know the current running status through SMS and USSD.