Holi is considered as the biggest festival in India. It’s the time when people throng to their respective native places if they are working far away from their home. This festival is considered to bring peoples to their roots. It has been considered as the festival which inculcates the feeling of love among the people. We as a humans are wired to find appreciations and love from our near and dear ones. This festival gives true definition to our quest for love.

Every festival or a celebration in India is associated with something sweet treats. With sweets, it’s considered as complete sharing of happiness. Here are six sweet treats that would compliment your Holi festival celebration:

  • Thandai: Holi festival falls in the beginning of summers and this is the time to share something cool and refreshing drinks which can soothe the body. This serves as the best traditional drink during the Holi festival. With rich ingredients like almonds, saffron, milk etc, this serves as the best treat for people who come to celebrate the Holi Milan gathering at your place. If you are ordering food in train, don’t forget to check for cool thandai shakes.

  • Malai Kulfi: Summers comes with a lot of refreshing sweets that are well suited to curb the scorching heat and also care for your taste buds. The traditional Malai Kulfi comes in very handy. This is mostly home made during the Holi festival, but at times are also available to order from local vendors. One can order Malai Kulfi in train from e-catering partners of IRCTC like Railrestro.

  • Gujhiya: Holi festival is considered as incomplete if the plate lacks this favorite traditional preparation. This tradition hails back from long time. Gujhiya is a traditional preparation containing condensed milk and prepared in deep sugar boiling. People share this sweet either in packed form or while playing Gulal is the evening time. Check for Gujhiya ordering in train today while you order food in train.

  • Bhang ke Pokore: This one’s for mostly the elderly members who often chose to get a little bit high in a controlled manner during the festival of Holi. People associate this preparation with the religious belief too. They consider it as an auspicious preparation during Holi.

  • Malpua: These are a pancake-like dessert fried in ghee and dipped in sugar syrup. It’s a traditional sweet of North India and also one very important to Holi. It is prepared in almost every home right from rural to the urban families. This is the most common sweets to be offered during the Holi season.

  • Gulab Jamun: This sweets is associated with every festival in India. It is considered as the best serving while sharing happiness. People generally prefer it as being served hot. Now you can order Gulab Jamun in train from e-catering service provider like Railrestro.

Prepare yourself for an overdose of all this sugar and spice. Even the food coma you’ll be in for days afterwards will be well worth it. After all, you get to use ‘Holi’ as an excuse only once a year. Order food in train and get discounts from Railrestro this Holi festival season.

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