March is all set with full of spring festivals in the calendar! The grand festival of colors “Holi” is also arriving this month on 20th March and 21st March 2019 (dates may vary). The festival is celebrated all over the India with great zeal and enthusiasm. This festival is celebrated on the full moon day, in the Hindi month of Falgun. The day is fully packed with colors, sweets, drinks and joy. Each year the festival is celebrated with pomp and gaiety in each corners of the India. But, there are some of the Indian cities, where the festival is celebrated on a grand scale. Let’s move to those cities where you will not only find yourself engrossed in playing with colored in the joy in different unforgettable and experience of Holi. People migrate from all over India and return to their home for celebrating this festival of colors. There are many special trains run by Indian Railways in which e-catering companies deliver food in train to the passengers. Book your tickets in advance.

History of the Festival
We all know the popular and legendary story of the great devil king Hiranyakashipu and his vengeance towards Prahlad and Lord Vishnu. Prahlad was forced to worship Hiranyakaship but he believed in Lord Vishnu was his devotee. Finally, Hiranyakaship with his sister Holika conspired against Prahlad and decided to kill him via burning. The devil sister Holika got burned out and Prahlad got saved with the mercy of almighty God.

But the scientific facts disclose that colors are very important for your body and health factors. Deficiency of some pigments affects the body. In ancient period, people started playing Holi and colors used in the festival were made up of natural ingredients and sources which were very beneficial for their health. As the season of spring is a transitional season from winters to summer, this natural content helped their body to restrict seasonal illness and ailments. The source such as turmeric, lemons, Heena leaves, hibiscus flowers, Neem leaves and Palash flowers were used to make colors. These mixtures healed the body and also used to immunize the body systems. Thus the tradition became the legacy and continued till today.

Holi is a traditional festival celebrated by throwing colors on your loved ones and friends. It’s a festival of emotion which makes every human being feel happy and delighted. Thus, the festival of Holi is dipped in hues of love, trust, care, and affection. A bit of color can renew your relationship and link you with a thread of heartiest feelings and love. Happy Holi!

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Places where you can head this year for a grand celebration of Holi Festival
From the vast land of India, let’s pick up some of the cities where the festival is being celebrated on large scale and tourist from all over the globe come to join the festival of colors.

Mathura & Barsane
The small city of Uttar Pradesh and the birth place of lord Krishna are famous for many reasons. Either you talk about Mathura’ specialty (Mathura Ke Pede) or temples of lord Krishna everything is excellent and highly distinguished from other streets. But the city comes in its true colors during Holi festival. Special type of Holi call as “Lathh-Mar” Holi is celebrated. This special type of Holi is also celebrated in Barsane, The birth place of Radha. The fest is celebrated in a very unique way where ladies wear colorful dresses and put on veil on their faces and beat their partners with a stick (Laathi). The men try to save themselves using a shield. This is followed by singing and dancing. Every year a number of people come at this place to enjoy this festival.

Vrindavan is a city in the state of Uttar Pradesh and very close to Mathura. This city is famous as the place where Lord Krishna spent his childhood with Maiya Yashoda and elder brother Balram. There were a lot of Gopiyan surrounding Krishna. From the ancient times, here at Vrindavan, Holi is played with flower petals. Thousands of residents and tourist together take part in this festival. The Holi Experience is really unforgettable for those people who take part in this “Flower Holi” festival.

“Mataki–Fod Holi” is really exciting and something worth watching at the place. The professional and well trained groups of boys often called “Toli” break the pot hanged from the thick ropes on a height. Boys make body inverted pyramids to reach at the top and break the pot. There is some price money attached to the pot-breaking play. Many groups of boys try to break the pot and win the prize. This kind of Holi is really exciting to watch over.

Shanti-Niketan, West Bengal
You can head to the city of west Bengal to enjoy the festival. Especially Holi celebrated at Shanti-Niketan, the university that was found by Ravindra Nath Tagore. Inspired by the season of spring, Tagore has induced this festival in Shanti Niketan. The festival here is celebrated with colors, flowers, songs, hymns chanting, dance and poetry elocution by students. Girls and ladies wear flower threaded ornaments and colorful sarees to boast the traditional values of festival.

How can the “Party capital of India” can be behind the stage, when it comes to Holi in India. In Goa, this festival is known as the name of “Shigmo”. The festival is accompanied by colors, drinks and dance, following the legacy of Goan culture forward. The festival is celebrated in large groups where people dance on drum beats and enjoy the festival.

The youngsters of this state really feel their spirit high during the time of Holi. The earthen pot is also broken in the city and the people present there throw the water buckets on the “Toli” of boys to restricting them to make the pyramids. The festival is celebrated with immense joy and excitement in this state.

The festival is celebrated with homemade sweets and cuisines like “Malpua”, “Gujhiya” and Thandhai or bhang drink. The people of Bihar play Holi with water color and Gulal and make the Tolis and this procession roam into each corner of the place singing holi Songs all around. Th traditional “Phagua geet” is the most prominent during holi at Bihar. There are many cultural events organised like comedy shows, shyaris, music fest where traditional local music steals the show. Visit bihar to have a glimpse of this special phagun program.

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Basically, this grand festival of joy and celebration is hosted everywhere in the India. You can head to these specific cities to enjoy a memorable Holi festival in Indian states. There are also special trains run by Indian Railways for tourists and for the passengers who are craving for tickets to return to their native. The festival of Holi is incomplete without the sweets and Holi special dishes, so while travelling too, you can order these special cuisines in the train to make your train journey a “Holi special journey”.

May God gift you all the colors of life, colors of joy, colors of happiness, colors of friendship, colors of love and all other colors you want to paint in your life. Happy Holi!

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