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Are you a food lover and willing to experience a different culinary culture? Pondicherry, or the well-known Puducherry, is the perfect destination for it. It is a French city in India vested in the state of Tamil Nadu.  As you know, in 1741, French people started their settlement in India. With the coming of Englishmen, they shrunk to Pondicherry and finally left India in 1954, after 7- years of Independence from The English.  However, French influence was left behind, and you can see its lively example in Pondy’s cuisines and architecture. Here, you can even find authentic and traditional French food to satisfy your taste.


At present, Pondicherry is one of the seven union territories and a beach city spread across 254 square kilometres. It is one of India’s most sightseeing places, famous for French cuisines, colonial buildings, blended Indo-French culture, beautiful sunrise, and lovely beaches.  A visit to this west coastal city will mesmerise you with its beauty, historical significance and, of course, because of French delicacy. 


Here we have curated the list of the top French dishes you can try while being in Puducherry 



Croissant: French Crescent Roll 


Buttery, Fluffy, crescent-shaped French Croissant Pastry originated long back in France. The Austrian Kipferl inspires its shape. However, at the bakery, it uses French yeast-leavened laminated dough. You can have this French dish in your breakfast and enjoy its delightful taste. The Croissant get serves either with toppings of Butter/Ham and Cheese. In Puducherry, you can taste all the variations of Croissant.



Crepes: Thinner Than the Pancakes


Crispy and tasty Crepes are French street food. It comes in the shape of pancakes but is thinner than it. You can find it with different sweet and savoury fillings; it tastes like heaven in both ways. The sweet crepes have fillings of Chocolate, Nutella, Marmalade, Jam, Whipped Cream or Icing Sugar. Whereas, the savoury crepes have fillings like Egg, Cheese, Mushroom, and Spinach. The Crepes is the perfect snack you can try in Pondy city. 



Bouillabaisse: Traditional French Stew


Stew Fish dish Bouillabaisse is a traditional French cuisine of the city of Marseilles, Southern France. It gets cook with varieties of Fresh fish, local seafood, onions, tomatoes, potatoes, fennel, and garlic. Usually, Bouillabaisse comes in plate with a slice of hot toast topped with a dribblet of rouille. It is the tastiest and can be a unique and memorable meal for you. 



Coq Au Vin: French Chicken Casserole


Coq Au Vin is a classic French dish full of chicken; cooked in red wine with mushrooms and garlic in addition to chunks of pork or bacon. Moreover, many dishes are cooked with red wine, but the Coq Au Vin is a different and delicious French meal because of the use of layered spices. The dish got prepared slowly and is considered the most authentic French dish. 



Ratatouille: French Vegetarian Dish


Ratatouille, a combination of tomato, garlic, onions, aubergines, bell peppers, and zucchini, is a French side dish usually served to accompany Pasta or bread. The veggies are tossed up in herbs, oregano, thyme, and rosemary. The dish originated in the Nice and Provincial regions of France, and here, in Puducherry, it is known by the name ‘Ratatouille Nicoise’.



Baguette: A Crispy Bread 


65cm to 1m long, thin and crispy French origin bread is the craftsmanship of French chefs. The Baguette comprises basic lean dough using wheat flour, water, yeast, and common salt. It usually, cooked of a diameter of about 5 to 6 centimetres. France has submitted the Baguette for UNESCO heritage status. The dish is unbelievable. You must try it in Pondicherry to experience French culinary culture.



Salad Nicoise: Healthy French Food 


Salad Nicoise is a fantastic French salad made of tuna, potatoes, lettuce, tomatoes, green beans, olives and hard-boiled egg dressed in lemon. It is French cuisine, originated in Nice and is famous as a light food in Pondy.  Additionally, It is said that Salad Nicoise is a delicious way to have tuna fish, one of the excellent sources of B12. 



Creme Brulee: The Sweetest End


Soft and sweet French custard, Creme Brulee is the best way to end your meal. It is a magical dessert with a caramel layer, a sprinkle of burnt sugar and a blowtorch that gives it a crunchy blend. The French dessert includes ingredient such as cream, egg yolks, and vanilla custard. Having this mouthwatering dish is all you need to complete your French meal. 


Apart from these French food items, In Pondicherry, you can experience south Indian and north Indian food with French touches. So, why are you still wondering? “Give Time a Break and Plan your visit to India’s extraordinary city to experience some extraordinary tastes. Interestingly, you can also order French food on train through the e-catering app to delight your journey to Puducherry. 


Why Is Pondicherry So Famous?


Pondicherry is a vibrant city in India with old French buildings, churches, ancient temples, mosques, and beaches. The UT is the French capital of India and a synonym for the Sri Aurobindo Ashram. It has several tourist spots, including Paradise Beach, Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Auroville, Serenity Beach, Arikamedu, Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Rock Beach, Ousteri Lake, VaradarajaPerumal Temple, Ousteri Wetland and National Park, Meeran Mosque, Ananda Ranga Pillai Mansion, etc.


What Food Is Popular in Pondicherry?


Croissant, Crepes, Creme Brulee, Salad Nicoise, Baguette, Ratatouille, Bouillabaisse, Coq Au Vin are some popular French dishes in Pondicherry. Besides, south Indian foods like Idli, Dosa, and Sambar with a French touch are famous in Puducherry. 


How to Plan a Tour to Pondicherry? 


You can take a train or air trip from your place to this Indo-French city. It is well connected with Railway networks, roadways and airways. The nearest airport to Puducherry is Pondicherry Airport, and the railway station is Puducherry. By being at this place, you can enjoy Pondy food and beautiful sceneries for your joyous journey.


In addition, If you are taking a rail ride, you can take the help of RailMitra, a railway enquiry app, to plan a comfortable train journey. It offers multiple tools to check trains between stations, train schedule, PNR status, and seat availability. With the help of these tools, you can analyse the chances of your ticket confirmation, best-suited train time for your travel and live train status by being on the rail. 


How Can I Get French Food on Train?


RailRestro is a renowned e-catering app through which you can order French food in train. To order French food, you need to follow simple steps. Enter PNR number, choose your favourite French food, pay the order amount, and wait for your train to reach your boarding station.  RailRestro’s delivery person will deliver your food right at your seat. 


The e-catering company provides the best Indo-Chinese food, Jain Food, Veg Food, seafood, fish dishes, and even Indo-French meal in train. The e-catering app serves healthy and dainty meals on wheels. During your rail journey, you can get food delivery in train from the RailRestro  to leave your travel hunger at a long distance.


RailRestro wishes you the tastiest train tour to Pondy city. 

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Author: Sakshi Kumari