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RailRestro Offers Contactless Food Delivery in Trains as E-Catering Services Resume from 8 June

Indian Railways had put e-catering in trains on hold even as these special trains were running due to the risk of spreading coronavirus, but seeing the importance of hygienic food for the health of passengers, a decision has been taken by Indian Railways to resume the e-catering services in trains from 8th June. Following this decision, RailRestro has also started providing online e-catering in trains with zero human contact to help passengers enjoy their favourite food at their seat without any concern about hygiene.


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Why is E-Catering Better Than Pantry Food in Trains During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

In the current coronavirus pandemic situation, Indian railway e-catering has major advantages over other food options. You can’t rely on pantry car food during this pandemic. The pantry food in trains has caused dissatisfaction among people over the hygiene and quality of food. The food prepared at the food plazas or stalls could be contaminated and carries the risk of spreading coronavirus. Only the E-catering facility can ensure that you get hygienic and fresh food even while travelling. There will not be any cooked food services in trains having a pantry car. Indian Railways has clearly stated that only packaged food items and drinking water will be provided to the passengers. So, during the pandemic, e-catering can solve the food problems of passengers.


E-catering through RailRestro vs Pantry Food and Food Plaza

Let’s see how e-catering through RailRestro will be advantageous over food from pantry car or food plaza:

    1. Decongestion at Food Plazas/Food Stalls at the Stations: If people order food in train online from RailRestro the IRCTC-authorized e-catering service provider, then there will be no crowd at food plazas or food stalls.

    2. Implementation of Social Distancing by Encouraging Passengers to Order Online: Social distancing is one of the most important tools to fight the coronavirus, so if more people order food online in trains, then there will be fewer people at food stalls and the objective of social distancing can be achieved easily.

    3. Contactless Delivery and Payments to Ensure Zero Human Contact: There will be zero human contact between passengers and food delivery staff. As RailRestro also accepts payments online, there will be no need for cash exchange and hence no fear of coronavirus transmission.

    4. Hygienic Food from FSSAI-Approved Restaurants: All the food partners of RailRestro are FSSAI approved, which means they prepare food in complete adherence to the norms and standards laid down by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. Every kitchen staff is examined properly before they are allowed to cook food. It ensures that passengers will get hygienic and fresh food free from any contamination.

Safety Measures Followed by the Restaurant Partners of RailRestro

All our food partners are directed to follow the rules and regulations placed by FSSAI. 

  1. The body temperature of all the staff and delivery boys is checked multiple times during the day.
  2. Cooks are allowed to prepare food only if their body temperature is less than 99°F.
  3. Kitchens are regularly cleaned and properly sanitized at regular intervals. So there is no risk of coronavirus transmission through food.
  4. All the restaurant staff use protective masks in the kitchens.

Contactless Food Delivery Measures Followed by Delivery Boys of RailRestro

Apart from the restaurants, all the food delivery boys are trained and advised to follow the safety guidelines to ensure contactless food delivery in trains:

  1. Delivery Boys Allowed to Collect Orders Only After Washing Hands: Before picking up the order from restaurants, delivery boys wash hands properly and sanitize with a good sanitizer to ensure that there are no viruses on their hands.
  2. Use of ‘Aarogya Setu’ App is Mandatory for Delivery Boys: All the delivery boys must have the “Aarogya Setu” app installed on their phone, failing which they are not allowed to deliver food.
  3. Contactless Delivery to Ensure Zero Human Contact: Delivery boys will ensure that there is zero contact with passengers while delivering food. They are advised to keep the food on berth and ask the passengers to pick up.
  4. Wearing Protective Masks is Mandatory: All delivery boys have to wear face masks and hand gloves while they are delivering food.
  5. Sanitization of Delivery Bags After Each Delivery: After each food delivery, the bags carried by delivery boys are sanitized properly to ensure zero presence of coronavirus on it.

Guidelines Issued by Indian Railways for the Special Trains Running Since 1 June

Indian Railways has started several special trains from 1st June 2020 after a long gap of more than 2 months. The Ministry of Railways tweeted on May 21, 2020, that Railways will run 200 fully reserved trains with AC/Non-AC coaches, with effect from 1st June. There are several restrictions and precautions that Indian Railways has devised amid the fear of coronavirus pandemic. Some of the important guidelines are:

  1. Tickets can only be booked online, 30 days advance.
  2. All coaches including the General coach will be fully reserved, there will be no unreserved coach on the train.
  3. The screening of all the passengers will be done before boarding and only asymptomatic passengers are allowed to enter or board the train.
  4. All passengers need to wear masks and maintain social distancing throughout the journey.
  5. Each passenger needs to follow the quarantine rules of the respective state they are travelling to.


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There are several e-catering apps you can use to order food in trains online, such as IRCTC e-catering app, e-catering by dominos, and RailRestro App.

Download RailRestro App to Order Food in Train Online through Contactless Delivery and Enjoy Your Hygienic Food at Your Train Seat!

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