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Indian Railways is one of the world’s biggest railway networks. They handle everything from rail tracks, railway stations, hundreds of trains, and thousands of employees in a very effective way. Indian Railways gets praise from both national and international organizations for its excellent handling of things. The technology adopted by the railways is constantly aimed at making travellers as convenient during journeys as they can. One of the biggest and the most innovative things for Indian Railways is the real-time train information system or popularly known as RTIS, which enables a user to track their train in real-time. Now the thing is that in the present day, people do not have to go to railway stations, stand there in long queues and ask the staff about train operating times and so on. They can check the running status of a train with a single click on their smartphones.

Importance of Knowing the Train Running Status

If you are planning to travel by train, there are some important things that you should know and be aware of. It’s a very frustrating and uncomfortable situation if you find that a particular train is running late and you had no way to know this beforehand. By getting to know the real-time arrival and departure information of trains, your expected and actual waiting times can decrease significantly. If you can see a train running behind its regular time, you can more easily rearrange your schedule.

What is train running status?

In Indian Railways, the real-time monitoring of GPS-enabled trains is known as train running status or live running status. This effectively tells the current station on the train and offers approximate time to arrive and timetable to depart for the next railway stations on the line.

What does train running status tell you?

Real-time tracking of GPS enabled trains helps you spot your train’s live location and plan your travel schedule in a more efficient manner. You can find your train’s last reported location along with estimated arrival time and estimated departure time for the next upcoming railway stations in the route with the help of NTES live status. 

Along with the location of your train, you get the following information when you search for the current train status of a train:

  • List of stations en route: With the help of spot your train feature, you get to know the total number of stations, date of journey (DOJ), the exact timings, arrival/departure time, and the current status of the train i.e., its departure on right time (highlighted in green colour) or any delay (highlighted in red colour). 
  • Current departure/Halt Status: The current station at which a train is located will be blinking and highlighted in blue colour. This is to show that the train is currently departed from that particular station.
  • Status for next 3 days: With live train running status, you get to know the accurate status of any running train for the next 3 days. It will help you understand when the train will reach its destination.

How to know train running status?

You can easily check the train running status of any train from the Railrestro app or website. To check the live running status of your train, follow these simple steps:

  1. Enter your Train Number:  The interface offers a search box where the passenger can enter the train number on which the journey is scheduled.
  2. Click on the Check Status button: After you enter the train number, the interface suggests to you the exact train which has to be selected. Click the “Check Schedule” button and you will get the exact status of your train.

How to check train running status via NTES?

You can check the IRCTC live running status of any train using NTES in the following simple steps:

  1. Enter the five-digit train number or the train name in the box.
  2. As the next step, the current station of the train will display on the screen.
  3. All details of train running information such as arrival time at other stations in the journey history will also be available.
  4. If you want to look up for the current train running status of another train, just click on the New Search tab and the search box will reset.
  5. You can check the most recent running status using the shortcut tab.

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1. How to check the current status of a train?

Yes, you can check train running status from RailRestro app and website both. It tells you the accurate and real-time status of trains.

2. Can I check train running status without the internet?

If you are inside the running train, you can check live running status with the help of apps like ‘Where is my Train’. You can also use RailRestro app when your internet connectivity resumes to get the exact running status. 

3. How to check the live running status of cancelled trains?

Train departure status feature allows passengers to know the current running status or live train status for any train. If it is cancelled for any specific date, you will see the status as cancelled.

4. Can I check train running status via call? How?

You can easily check the train live running status by using the Indian Railways helpline number 139. It’s a 24*7 train helpline number for all train enquiries and complaints as well. You can also use the railway helpline number 139 for SMS services. Indian railways customer care number provides different rail services like PNR status, train schedule, live status, and fare enquiry.

5. How to know train running status? How accurate is train running status from RailRestro?

You can check train running status on one click from RailRestro app and website. Its running status feature tells the exact and accurate location of a train. The app through its high-end API displays the real-time train running status. RailRestro app gives accurate, precise and updated results every time you send a query.

6. How to check if my train is cancelled/diverted?

You can check the list of cancelled or diverted trains by using the RailRestro app or website. By using the live running status feature, you can know the full list of diverted or cancelled trains in a single click.

7. How to check the Expected Time of Arrival (ETA) of the train?

To check the estimated time of arrival (ETA), use the ixigo trains app. Simply enter the five-digit train number or the name of the train to find the ETA.

8. How does offline live running status work?

Offline live train status helps to spot your train and ETA for forthcoming stations even if the internet connection is not available. This amazing feature will help you to find your train and all the other relevant information. It uses the nearby cell towers to detect the current location of a user sitting inside a train.

9. What is train ticket status?

Train ticket status is also known as PNR status which tells you about the coach number, seat number, date of journey, and many other details regarding your train journey. You can check your PNR status from RailRestro app or website in a convenient and hassle-free way.

10. How to check train live running status on mobile?

If you want to check train status through the phone, you can do that easily by downloading the RailRestro app from the Playstore or App store. You will get the option to enter the train number or train name and then get the exact and accurate running status of any train.

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