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In India every day is celebrated as a festival. From Planting to harvesting every day is celebrated as an occasion. It is a tool that brings people together and one can feel the life full of enthusiasm. Every day is a festive day in different corners of India but there are certain festivals that are celebrated across the country with a great zeal. Occasions like Holi, Diwali, Christams, Eid and Navratri are the most celebrated occasions of Indian land and the charm of these festivals invite people to “come home”. Festivals are the reason to strengthen the bond and to get connected with your birth place and home town. People living in different corners of India or abroad come home on festivals. But, if the atmosphere is festive, and people are about to go home, it is quite struggling to get the tickets confirmed both in flights and trains. To avoid such hassle, Indian Railways launch festive special trains every year. Apart from regular trains, travelers can check festive special train schedule from RailRestro appand get the tickets booked. Since, they are last minute announced trains, there are chances to get delayed but there is not to worry because they are still dedicated to reach you to your places.

Getting delayed of special trains is normal because they are specially run on such grand festive occasions. Apart from regular trains special trains are run to avoid the crowd and to facilitate people to reach their home town on festivals. But, it is a frequently asked and mind striking questions that why special trains get delayed? We are only aware that special trains are run to avoid the rush so it is run as secondary option and not equipped with all the facilities as regular trains have. But, there are certain reasons to get delayed of festive special trains. Here’re few reasons discussed to understand the reasons of getting delayed of special trains.

Reasons of Getting Delayed of Festive Special Trains
Scheduled without Planning
Special trains are scheduled on last minute and to overcome the heavy rush of travellers. It is quite difficult for the Railway authorities to run these trains with proper planning. Planning is done before the train departs but it is not possible to follow the planning. Regular trains are run on priority basis and they are scheduled accordingly. Some special trains are named as Superfast Express but they are not run with such speed. They are halted at many stations due to some technical reasons. People are well aware of delay so they book the ticket accordingly. Mostly last minute travellers board special trains to reach home on festivals.

Anonymous Haltages/Stoppages
Special trains are halted anywhere en route. Apart from the specific scheduled stations, these trains have many random stoppages en route to give support to regular scheduled trains to depart first. If a regular train is already waiting on signal they are given first preference to pass through and post that special trains are passed. During the course, passengers may get panic to know about the exact location and the timing to reach the station. They can use the RailRestro app and can check the train live running status to know about the exact timing of the trains and also about the delay status.

Secondary Peference
It is not possible to accommodate the additional trains if already the trains are waiting on signal. Special trains are given second preference and regular trains are kept on priority basis to cross the signal first. Regular trains are already scheduled to depart and arrive, there haltages and stoppages are fixed. They are expected to reach on time, especially the trains like Rajdhani, Satabdi and other superfast trains. Special trains are announced is announced as last decision to overcome the festive rush. Therefore, they are always treated as a secondary source to transfer the passengers during festivals. The only primary duty of such specific train is to reach the travellers to their destination within 24 hours of the scheduled plan. Delay is obvious but they are well responsible to reach the passengers to their destination.

Lack of Human Resources
When special coaches are added during festivals to avoid the rush it demands more man power to assist the passenger during journey. There are shortage of staff like TTE, guards and other staffs to run coaches. Lack of staffs is also a major reason due to which the special trains get delayed.

Generally special trains have no pantry facilities to have food during journey. Passengers are advised to carry their food bags. But, Special trains get delayed, and passengers may get bored in train. Here the online food ordering services comes as a blessing to taste the variety of food during such long journey. RailRestro one of the esteemed name in e-catering services in trains, provides variety of food options to order online en route. If trains get delayed, add some spice of entertainment in your journey by ordering online food on train.

Special train is a boon by Indian Railways to facilitate the passenger during heavy festive rush. Delay is okay but not reaching home during festivals make you feel disappoint. Trains are the best affordable medium to travel, especially during festivals. Therefore, every year, on every grand festive occasion Indian Railways add extra coaches to escape the festive rush.

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