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A train journey is a joyous experience that fills individuals with intense excitement. As the train undergoes motion and leaves the station, the excitement begins. Moreover, the thrill overtakes as the train catches speed.


While we admire travelling by train, the pantry food provided on the train is mostly tasteless, unhealthy and unhygienic. RailRestro offers you multiple food options to consider when you are travelling for long hours to overcome this problem.

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Here are the ten delicious Indo-Chinese dishes to pacify your food cravings on the train.

1. Veg Manchurian: These are fried crispy veg balls dunked in sauce or gravy. The Manchurian gravy has a mix of eclectic flavour and tastes like savoury, sweet, sour and spicy. You can order veg noodles with Hakka noodles or fried rice.

2. Paneer Chilli: It is a popular Indian-Chinese dish served as a starter. Paneer is coated in corn starch batter and fried until it becomes crisp. These paneer cubes are tossed in a spicy sauce made up of garlic, spring onion, and capsicum added to chilli sauce. Paneer chilli is served as an appetizer with fried rice, veg chow mein or, you can even enjoy it with tandoori roti.

3. Chicken Fried Rice: It is a favourite Chinese dish that makes the perfect lunch or dinner. Chicken fried rice is made by stir-frying chicken chunks with rice and additional items like pepper, veggies, beans, and green onions. Chicken fried rice goes along with almost any dish. However, you can order it with paneer chilli, corn soup, and Veg Manchurian.

4. Chicken Spring Rolls: It is a light, crispy and crackly snack that you should try during your train journey. These chicken spring rolls are stuffed with chicken fillet and green vegetables to give an aromatic taste. Order chicken spring roll in train by RailRestro app or website and enjoy it on the go.

5. Garlic Chicken: Golden fried garlic chicken is an irresistible dish that you can enjoy on the train. Soaked in buttermilk along with salt and pepper, chicken chunks are soft and tasty. We serve it with green chillies and sliced onions to make it a perfect starter that you can eat on the train.

6. Chilli Mushroom: It is a spicy and tasty Indian-Chinese dish perfect for the train journey. Mushrooms are battered, fried and then cut along with slit chilli. Chilli mushroom is served with spring onion, capsicum, and chilli or tomato sauce. You can order your Chilli Mushroom with fried rice or noodles from RailRestro now.

7. Schezwan Sauce: If you want to enjoy a spicy, pungent sauce while travelling on the train, then this dish is for you. Schezwan sauce is a mouth-watering recipe made with garlic, red chillies, shallots and spices. You can enjoy this hot condiment with snacks like a cutlet, fried chicken, or spring rolls.

8. Chilli Prawn: Are you fond of ocean foods? If yes, Chilli prawn is one of the best dishes you can try. Brinded prawns coated in flour and garlic paste are fried until they turn golden. Garnished with olives, green onions, and lemon, these Chinese style chilli prawns are a good starter to eat with noodles, fried rice or pasta.

9. Hakka Noodles: Your favourite Hakka noodles are tossed, boiled and stir-fried with veggies and sauces to give it an aromatic taste. Also known as chow mein in India, you can eat it with a side of paneer or, Manchurian dishes.

10. Chicken Manchurian: It is an aromatic mix of veggies, chicken and soy sauce. One of the most ordered food in any Chinese restaurant, Chicken Manchurian, is relished by all age groups.                                                                                                                                         

Visit the RailRestro website and place an order if you want to eat crispy coated boneless chicken with a spicy, tangy brown sauce.

Trains are the most preferred modes of transportation across India. While travelling by train is a lively experience, having your favourite food on board is something that you will always appreciate. 


How to Order Chinese Food Online for Train Journey?

If you are travelling on a train in India and want to eat delicious Chinese food in the train, please follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Download the RailRestro app from the play store and enter 10 digits PNR number.
  2. You can also input the Train number or name and then select the date of the journey.
  3. Choose the boarding station where you want delivery of your food ordered.
  4. Next, choose your favourite Indian-Chinese dishes from the menu of the restaurants.
  5. Food order is accepted once you pay online or choose the option to pay cash on delivery.

RailRestro will acknowledge your order through SMS on your phone. You can also track your order online. So, relax and enjoy your journey while your food order is processed. Our delivery boy will deliver your food at the seat.


In case you want to cancel your food order due to any reason. Make sure to call on 8102202203 at least one hour before the scheduled delivery to initiate cancellation. 


Besides ordering Chinese food in train from the RailRestro app, you can also use it for railways enquiry. This app is an all-in-one platform that you can use for PNR status check, live train running status check, and train schedule check.


Also, if you are travelling with family, friends or in a group, you are advised to place a food order on the train in bulk to get a massive discount. With RailRestro, you can order varieties of Chinese and Indian dishes and get them delivered to your seat.


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Author: Sanjay Kumar