Chennai, earlier known as Madras, is the capital of the South Indian State, ‘Tamilnadu’. The house of temples, churches and museums is the biggest southern Indian city. This coastal city has rich heritage, culture, and tradition to make the place in your heart. Chennai represents itself as the safest and healthiest city in India. The cuisine culture of Chennai ranges more from just Soft Idli to mouth-watering Uttapam. 


Chennai has an exotic taste and variety in it. Whenever people go to Chennai or cross the Chennai Central Railway Station, they love to eat the yum of the city. People can even get these delicious meals on wheels. If you are on a trip and travelling by train and your tummy is asking to fill it with some local dishes, order the South Indian food on the train using the RailRestro food delivery app.  


Yummy Food to Order at Chennai Central Railway Station 


Chennai food is best described as mild-spicy, lightweight, and varieties of vegetarian and non-vegetarian but best in taste. South Indian Culinary is famous for its aromatic flavour and lip-smacking food. 


Here are some popular South Indian foods you should try at the Chennai Railway Station. 



1. Dosa; Traditional and Full of Varieties


Dosa is a popular and traditional dish made using a fermented batter of rice and urad dal. This dish comes in varieties like Plain Dosa, Masala Dosa, Rava Dosa, Mysore Masala Dosa, Set Dosa, Benny Dosa, etc. At Chennai Central Station, you can taste the amazing & crispy dosa with sambar and coconut chutney. Today, you can even enjoy non-veg dosas such as egg dosa and chicken dosa. You can order these delicious dosa meals on wheels during your travel journey.    



2. Chicken Chettinad; Loaded with Local Spices 


Most foods of Tamil Nadu follow vegetarianism, but the yummiest Chicken Chettinad is an exception. Some of the Chettinad are Mushroom Chettinad, Masala Chettinad, Fish Chettinad, etc. It uses loads of local spices such as stone flowers and Maratty Muku, cumin, bay leaf, turmeric, clove, tamarind, and fenugreek. But the secret of its spiciness is not chilli or chilli powder; it is because of the use of pepper. It will double your train journey excitement.



3. Idiyappam; South Indian Noodles


We all love noodles; their shape, texture and aroma excite us but have you ever tried this South Indian noodle called Idiyappam? Idiyappam is made with rice flour and prepared with the same process as noodles. Although, it’s served differently. You can order this Idiyappam for your breakfast or dinner and get it served with some coconut chutney and vegetable curry. You can also order Idiyappam with fish curry or egg curry. The exotic taste of this noodle is addictive. Try it once, and you will crave another treat on the wheels.   



4. Kothu Parotta ; Similar to Lachha Paratha


Lachha Paratha is one of the top main course menus of north Indian restaurants. You must have tried this once. But have you ever imagined having something similar to this in south India? Kothu Parotta looks like Lachha Paratha and tastes amazing. It is another non-veg food you can enjoy at Chennai station. Parotta is made using flour, vegetables, eggs, or meat. It is a popular street food of Tamilnadu which you can enjoy on the train. 



5. Mysore Pak; Popular Dessert of South India


We Indians love sweets at the end of our meal. Then why compromise this on the wheels? After having South Indian food on train, satiate your taste buds with a juicy Mysore Pak. This dessert originated in Mysore, Karnataka, but you can get it at Chennai Railway Station Junction. This traditional Indian sweet is made using only three ingredients; Sugar, Bengal gram, and Desi ghee. The soft and super delicious dessert will melt in your mouth and sweeten your train journey.


It is not the end of the list of tasty foods at Chennai Railway Station. The city plates various food items in front of foodies like Thukpa, Atho, Athouk, Puttu, Sundal, Murukku sandwiches, etc. You can explore the amazing taste of these dishes and give yourself a wonderful travel experience.  


What is the famous food of Chennai?


The famous food of Chennai is Dosa. It is the typical South Indian food and is eaten worldwide. The dish is stuffed with Potato Masala and served with Sambar, chutney, and varieties of curry. At Chennai Junction, you can order Dosa from RailRestro e-catering.


How to make Tamil Nadu Tour a Delicious Affair?


Foods will make your trip to Tamil Nadu a delicious affair. You can explore awesome places of this Southern Indian State with regional delicacies on the go. Whether it is a traditional Uttapam, Coconut chutney, Idli and Sambar, or Murukku, you will love to mesmerise their delicious taste. These recipes have cultural, traditional, and community influences, and people travel far and wide to captivate their tastes.


Do I need to take a break to enjoy food at Chennai Railway Station?


Of Course Not! You need not to worry about meals on wheels in this technological era. You can order food on train just using your mobile phone. Download the RailRestro food delivery app or visit its website. Enter your 10 digit PNR number and browse your preferred food from the menu list of restaurants in Chennai. Place the order and choose a payment method from cash on delivery or online payment. Relax and wait patiently till your train reaches Chennai station and get your food delivered to your seat. Enjoy your train journey with the lovable South Indian cuisine on the train.  


Regional dishes boast unique ingredients, textures and tastes. Staple foods are the most preferred: whether it is a light breakfast, full lunch, or a lavish dinner. Exploring India through Indian Railways offers splendid glimpses of the country’s culture and food. Why not find some great food on train and create a memorable story of your journey, which you can share.


E-catering services of Indian Railways offer you the opportunity to delight your taste buds with authentic local foods. 


RailRestro e-catering is an online food delivery app  on trains. It provides varieties of cuisines on the train, including south Indian food, North Indian food, Jain food, Punjabi food, and regional food. You can order your favourite restaurant-style hygienic and delicious meals on wheels during your train journey across India. 


Food does not only fill our tummy, but it is also a way to explore the rich culture and heritage of the state and city. Eateries of any place state the story of the tradition and culture of that particular place. If you are travelling by train, why leave this beautiful opportunity to taste the city’s charm. 


These are the five best foods that you can order at Chennai Station. With the Railrestro app, order delicious meals on wheels and make your happy journey the happiest!

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Author: Sakshi Kumari