Train journeys are one of the experiences almost every one of us has felt beyond our age group, gender, or class since childhood. For Indians, Indian Railways is not only a transport mode; it is an emotion that connects our hearts to mother Earth and Bharat. Beautiful landscape, people from different states and the opportunity to see diversified cultures, leisure travelling and a Sukoon, Indian Railways offers almost everything we wish we could have to make our vacation perfect. To enhance the perfection of our train trip, we really need some good food. And if it is a day trip, we indeed need such lunch in trains that not only soothes our belly but also our psyche.



So, here we’ve listed food items that will help you to book lunch in train. 


What to Order for Lunch in Train



Dum Aloo 


You must have Dum Aloo from your mom’s kitchen. And now, if you are missing its taste, there is no need to worry, as you can get it on train. Dum Aloo is a famous North Indian Aloo-curry dish where baby potatoes are steamed in a delicious gravy. You can have this tasty gravy food with Roti or rice and get lost in the taste of home-cooked food while travelling.  



Chicken Chettinad 


If you call yourself a hard-core non-vegetarian. You must have this delicious south Indian Chicken Chettinad. It is an authentic cuisine originating from Chettinad, Tamil Nadu. Its preparation uses a perfect balance of spices, yoghurt, curry leaves, and other ingredients. Aromatic Chicken Chettinad pairs well with steamed rice or Paratha. 



Vegetable Pulao


Your right food choices signify your right health. Vegetable Pulao is a healthy lunch option on train; you can have it with the goodness of veggies and spices. Raita, Aachar, Papad, and yoghurt are some side dishes that can accompany your vegetable Pulao. The Basmati rice meal is full of flavour one-pot dish you can book to excite your train ride



Malai Kofta


The Mughlai cuisine, Malai Kofta, is a rich-gravy dish. With it, you can relish Naan, Rice, Lachha Paratha, and Roti. It is a traditional dish made with fried potato paneer balls and creamy gravy of onion and tomato. The savoury Malai Kofta is an integral part of Punjabi culinary culture. You can order it on train for lunch and enjoy on your travel to Northern Indian region. 



Dal Makhani 


Getting your mouth watery after hearing this food item’s name is not only your case. Many people like to have creamy, savoury, and delicious Dal Makhani with Rice or flatbread and get lost in its epic taste. Dal Makhani is prepared with whole black lentils and spices. A bite of Dal Makhani melts in your mouth so deliciously and encourages you to eat more. 



Rajma Masala 


A stable Punjabi curry of protein-rich kidney beans, Rajma Masala, is spicy, creamy and delicious. It is an aromatic dish with the flavour of onions, ginger, garlic, fragment spices, and tangy tomatoes. The finger-licking Rajma Masala is served with steamed rice. You can order a combo of Rajma Masala and rice or order the dishes separately. 



Rice & Dal Combo 


If you crave a simple homely dish while travelling, it may be because of your tiredness, or you’re missing your home. You can choose the Rice and Dal combo from the lunch menu list. Rice and Dal combo comes with side dishes like raita, vegetable and achaar. It is a staple Northern Indian mid-day meal. 



Lunch Thali


Various types of thalis are available on trains, such as Mini Thali, Deluxe Thali, Standard Thali, Veg Thali, Non-veg Thali, Maharaja Thali, and many more. Passengers can order any lunch thalis while travelling by train according to their need and preference. Thali usually includes Roti, Dal, Sabji, Rice, Chutney, Papad, and Yoghurt. 



Fish Curry 


A popular Bengali cuisine, fish curry is another best option for your lunch order. It is a gravy dish that pairs perfectly with rice. The flavoursome fish curry is made with fresh fish, onions, tomatoes, coconut, spices and herbs. Its aromatic smell and taste, served with rice, especially Bengali-style, will fill your tummy and your mind. 



Paruppu Rasam


Have you ever had the classic South Indian Rasam, prepared with tuar dal, and a blend of spices? If not, you are missing a taste of authentic Indian food. Paruppu rasam is a spicy lentil soup recipe, made with a blend of spices, and garlic. The Tamil lentil recipe is served as a side dish with rice. It is also one of the healthiest soup recipes to cure a common cold and flu. 


What is the Importance of Lunch?


Lunch is important to have some energy to focus on your work activities. It is said that lunch raises blood sugar levels in the afternoon that lasts till evening. Moreover, it has also been seen that people who don’t eat during lunch tend to gain more weight because they try to overeat in the evening to compensate for the food of lunch. 


How can I Book Lunch in Train? 


You can order IRCTC lunch in train with the help of the ecatering app RailRestro. RailRestro is a dedicated food-in-train delivery platform that offers numerous food items for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. With its app, it is easy to order food in train. You can conveniently follow the following steps to order your lunch online in train. 


  • Install the Rail food app RailRestro or visit its website.
  • Enter your PNR number or train number. 
  • Explore the food in train restaurant menu list. 
  • Choose your most preferred lunch and boarding station where you want your food delivered on the train. 
  • Pay the order amount and complete your online lunch booking in train. 


Now wait; you will get your lunch delivery in train when your train reaches your food boarding station. RailRestro delivery person will ensure your hot and delicious food delivery in train safely and timely. 


The train food company wishes you a happy and successful journey!

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Author: Sakshi Kumari