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Holi, the festival of joy, love and merriment, is around the corner. Many of us have even started preparing for this vibrant occasion; Booked train tickets to get back to our native place, prepared a list of long seen friends to invite them home, Decided the colour of Gulal, bought dresses, washed our newest dish sets and whatnot. 


Millions of people travel back to their homes from all over India during the Holi festival. Most of them prefer rail for commuting and need some delicious meal for the long tedious journey. 


Holi Special Thali on train is an awesome feast for passengers travelling with family, friends, or alone.


We, all, are filled with enthusiasm to celebrate the festival that welcomes the most beautiful Indian season, Spring. And How we Indians will celebrate any festival without some exciting cuisines.


 Here, we present Rang Birangi Holi food to light up your fiesta mood on one platter.


Mouth-watering Food Items in Holi Special Thali 


Holi special cuisine plate has a wide variety of dishes from Holi special sweets to traditional Holi food to amaze your food experience and satiate your taste buds. The thali contains enough food items to overfill your guests’ tummies by giving you a chance to pull their legs and say “Bura Na Mano Holi Hai”



Tricolor Puri 


Tricolor Puri is a unique Holi special recipe of puri in which we take wheat flour and prepare three different doughs. First is using freshwater, second with palak juice, and last with beetroot juice. Now take a little part from each, mix them to make a small ball. Roll it as bread and fry in ghee/oil. This recipe produces natural yellow, red and green textures to the puris and decors thali in such a way to give more Holi vibes.    



Yummy Pulao


Pulao always tops the Holi food item list. It contains lots of vegetables which make it colourful enough to secure a place among the special cuisines of Holi. The Holi special pulao recipes include carrot, green chilly, beetroot, capsicum, french beans, onion, green peas etc. These give multiple textures and colours to yummy pulao. Add cumin seeds, bay leaves, cardamon, and your favourite Indian spices to add some delicious smell to it. 



Dahi Vada/Bhalle


Dahi Bhalle/Dahi Vada is one of the best Holi foods and favourite of many of us. The special combination of yoghurt and fried ball of urad dal, topped with spices and sweet tamarind or green chutney, served in a bowl, tastes amazing. Apart, it looks colourful enough to water the mouth of any foodie. It is a famous Holi dish almost prepared in all households during the occasion. It is claimed to have originated either in Bengal or Uttar Pradesh. 



Traditional Gujiya


Gujiya is a Holi special sweet, baked with fine flour(Maida), holding the stuffing of semolina, khoya and a mixture of dry fruits. This traditional Holi food has various recipes as it gets twisted region by region. But all that is common is the crispy outer layer, deep-fried in pure ghee and dipped in sugar.



Unforgettable Rasmalai 


Undoubtedly! Rasmalai is one of our favourite sweets. We relish it almost on every festival or beyond any occasion then why not on Holi. The creamy Bengali delicacy is made with chenna and Indian cheese. It is baked in sugar syrup resulting in a fluffy, aromatic sweet dish that melts in the mouth and tastes heavenly. It is served with thickened milk, topped with chopped nuts. 



Holi Special Sabzi


What would be better than making colourful Sabzi of potato, tomato and Peas? This vegetable is everyone’s favourite even children do not say NO to this. Although, if you are making it for children, try to add little or no chillies to it. Many people also make Arbi ki sabzi to add it in Holi thali. It is a root vegetable cultivated mostly in Asian regions known as Taro root. 



Kaddoo Bharta 


Kaddoo Bharta or Pumpkin Puree endows incredible taste. For preparing the puree, big pumpkin pieces are cooked with red chilli powder, amchur powder, sugar, and Sauf to give it a tongue-tickling sour and sugary taste. It increases the Zayka of thali more efficiently, and the smashed juicy pumpkin looks perfect in the Holi menu list. 



Kheera Raita


Without raita, Indian thali can never be balanced. We have varieties of raita like Boondi raita, vegetable raita, onion raita, cabbage raita, coriander raita etc. But the Lip Smacking cucumber raita is an integral part of Holi Special Thali. According to traditional farming, cucumber is a summer crop cultivated in January-February, and June-July and Holi generally come in March. 



Sweetest Phirni 


Another dessert to sweeten your Holi meal is the delicious Phirni. It is a thicker version of traditional Kheer or Payasam with a creamy texture. Made with a simple recipe of milk and rice but taste delectable. To make it more amazing, you can even add the aroma of coriander, saffron, coconut and nuts in it. This Holi, why not lookout for this unique kheer and delight the taste of your family and friends.  



Bhang Pakora 


Bhang is an exclusive herb we include in our Holi menu; get it mixed in our Holi drink and pakoras for more fun and laughter. Many people call it ‘Mahadev Ka Prasad’. Bhang Pakora is considered a special dish of Holi that gives a perfect crunch to the meal. The crispy pakoras get ready in just 20 minutes by using easily available ingredients such as onion, gram flour, spices and bhang.



Twisty Murukku 


Murukku is another twisty and crispy snack we place among our Holi food items. It is made with coconut milk, rice flour, urad dal flour and spices like chilli powder, Hing, sesame seeds, salt and ajwain. It is a South India originated food, famous all over India, made round shaped spiral-like Jalebi. The crunch of this auspicious dish gives a special treat to the mouth and tastes different.  



Delicious MalPua


Malpua is a special cuisine of Holi; without it, Holi is probably incomplete, especially for people of North and East Indian regions. It is also a famous dessert in Bangladesh and Nepal, prepared on different festive occasions. In Bihar, It is considered a classic Holi dish. Malpua is a pancake style dish baked with flour, khoya, cardamom and dry fruits. The awesome crispy and soft sweet is a perfect food to end your Holi meal. 



Holi Special Drink; Thandai to Compliment Delicacies of Your Thali 


Do you even dare to not pour yourself Thandai on Holi and regret it the whole year? The milk-based cooling drink is a speciality of Holi. It is topped with chopped nuts, saffron, pomegranate and spices. Many people even add bhang to it to make their Holi more dramatic as bhang (hallucinogenic) consists of opiate elements that control the mind.  


Benaras, the city of Up, is famous for its special Thandai that serves this drink all year. It is an amazing natural beverage to make you feel refreshed in the heated spring sun. During the auspicious festival Holi, Thandai is perfectly paired with special thali.  


Can We Eat Nonveg on Holi ?


During many Hindu festivals, people don’t consider eating meat. But on Holi, it all depends on the tradition of your home whether you will be able to eat it or not. Sometimes it also depends on which day Holi falls. In many households Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, people don’t consume non-veg food. Matan is one of the common non-veg foods made during Holi.


Are you heading to your home for the Holi celebration? Catch with RailRestro for Holi special thali on train. You can easily order non-veg food on train from the RailRestro app or website while returning home. In addition, you can order and get Holi special dishes on the train if you are mesmerized after reading the blog and can’t hold your craving for the mouth-watering dishes. 


RailRestro is an e-catering service provider which offers Veg, Non-Veg, Jain, Regional and Festive food on train. Besides, It also provides facilities to passengers to check PNR status, train schedules, live train running status and helps throughout the journey. While ordering food, you can also access the amazing RailRestro festive offers to make your journey more delightful.  


RailRestro wishes you a happy and delicious Holi! 

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Author: Sanjay Kumar