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How to order food in Train



How to order food in Train



How to order food in Train



How to order food in Train



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Best Non Veg Food Delivery in Train

RailRestro provides the best non-veg food delivery in train to passengers on all Indian Railway stations. You can order varieties of non-vegetarian dishes from mutton, and chicken, to fish, prawns, and eggs. Besides popular restaurant style delicacies, we also serve non-veg foods cooked in traditional styles on all the IRCTC trains.

Delicious Non Veg food Delivery on Trains by RailRestro

Are you a non-veg food lover looking to relish some delicious non-veg dishes on the train? If yes, then IRCTC authorized e-catering partner RailRestro is the best option. You can order and get a variety of non-veg foods like Chicken, Fish, and Mutton recipes on trains.  

Non Veg Breakfast 

Order best non-veg breakfast in trains from RailRestro. Passengers frequently order egg omelette, egg paratha, lemon chicken, egg butter toast, egg roll, chicken roll, chicken Pizza, etc.

Non Veg Lunch 

Our Nutritious non-veg lunch menu includes Kadai Chicken, Champaran style mutton curry, Malabari prawn curry, Hilsa fish curry, Macher jhol, non-veg mutton thali, chicken thali, etc.  

Non Veg Dinner

RailRestro offers a wide range of non-veg dinners such as Grilled chicken, Handi Chicken, Tawa Chicken, Tandoori Kebab, Mexican Chicken, Egg Curry, Mutton Biryani, Mutton Masala, Mutton Vindaloo, Macher Kalia, Chilli Garlic BBQ Prawn, etc.  

Best Practices for Handling and Cooking Non Veg Foods 

RailRestro has partnered with more than 2000 restaurants across India. All of its restaurant partners are FSSAI approved, and they follow strict hygienic guidelines while cooking and handling non-veg foods. When it comes to non-veg foods, our restaurant partners take the following precautions to ensure food safety and hygiene:

  • Safe Storage of Non-Veg Foods as per FSSAI guidelines
  • Proper cooking of All meat Products
  • Clean and hygienic packaging for cooked Non-Veg Foods
  • Only Permitted Additives used for cooking food
  • Foods Served Fresh and Hot to the Customers  

Order Best Non Veg Food in Train Online

Whether you order a chicken recipe, a fish item, or a mutton dish, RailRestro would serve you the best non-veg cuisine in train at your seat. You can order from a long range of non-veg food items via our e-catering services. The main course non-veg includes chicken tandoori, chicken dehati, chicken butter masala, chicken biryani, chicken pizza, non-veg thali, fish cutlet, fish curry, fish fry, mutton biryani, mutton Rogan josh, and Rajasthani laal maas, etc. We also deliver popular regional non-veg foods to train passengers.

Non Veg Food Options in Train for Group Order

RailRestro provides group non-veg food order options to passengers traveling in a group on the train. When traveling in a group with your family, friends, or colleagues, you can order food in bulk for everyone. We also provide huge discounts on group food orders. It would be best if you refer to our discount page for availing benefits on bulk food orders in train.

Top Non Veg Food Items:

From Creamy Mutton Korma to flavorful Chicken Masala, RailRestro, provide non-veg food items from all across India. Here are the top non-veg foods that you can savour on the train during your journey.

Mutton Dishes: Kashmiri Rogan Josh, Mutton Biryani, traditional style mutton curry, mutton Keema, mutton Shami, Dum Pukhat mutton, Arbi mutton curry, Bengali Kosha, etc.

Chicken Dishes: Chicken Biryani, Tandoori chicken, Kadhai chicken, Masala chicken, Butter chicken, KFC style chicken popcorn, chicken Tikka, chicken 65, etc.

Fish Dishes: Masala Freid Pomfret, traditional Fish curry, baked Indian Basa, Fish cutlet, Meen curry, Malabari Fish curry, Fish Makhani, Fish Soup, Amritsari fish, Fish Biryani, etc.

Famous and Tasty Non Veg Dishes from All Regions

RailRestro provides the famous regional non-veg foods on the train that include Mughals and Nawabi cuisines. You can order the popular non-vegetarian dishes around the country as listed below:

  • Paya Soup in Bhopal
  • Keema Matar in Delhi
  • Chicken Tikka in Punjab
  • Prawn Curry in Goa
  • Murg Musallam in Kolkata
  • Chicken Biryani in Hyderabad
  • Fish Curry in Jamshedpur

When it comes to non-vegetarian foods, there is no end to the delectable dishes that you can enjoy during the train journey. Besides these, there are unique non-veg preparations for a lip-smacking eating experience.

How to Order Non Veg Food in Train

RailRestro brings you the best non veg food delivery on trains. Go to our website or install the RailRestro app on your mobile and follow the easy steps mentioned below to order non-veg food in train:

  1. Enter the PNR number or Train Number /Train Name
  2. Enter the Date of Journey and click the button Order Now
  3. Passengers have to choose the station (where food delivery in train)  
  4. Select the non-veg food items from the restaurant menu
  5. Then choose your preferred payment option, payments can be made online, or you can choose the COD option
  6. Relax and wait till you receive delivery of your non-veg food order

Alternatively, you can also call RailRestro customer care at 8102202203 to order non-veg food in train. In the meanwhile, you can also track the status of your non-veg food order online.

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