Travelling by train is an interesting mode of transport for many. People board a train to travel to their desired destination for numerous reasons, including its reach even in remote areas, pocket-friendly fare, and many more. Although, what concerns the traveller is the limited dinner on train option for the trip. As many food outlets get closed at night and pantry food tastes bland. But there’s no need to get worried about it. Since the IRCTC ecatering services offer tasty and hygienic food on panty and non-pantry trains with several dinner options for your travel. 



Dinner Options on Train 


You can order any of your favourite food on train with the help of the IRCTC ecatering app. But if you’re confused about what to order for train dinner. We’ve curated a list of the most liked dinner items for you to enjoy on a train trip. 



1. Biryani 


Biryani is a Shahi dish. It always makes its name in the top food lists. Many people prefer to have Biryani on the train because of its enough quantity to fill your tummy, its taste, and the spices it uses while preparing the dish. The biryani comes in various types, including veg biryani, chicken biryani, Lucknowi biryani, Hyderabadi biryani, non-veg biryani etc.  You can relish any of your favourite biryani taste for dinner during your train trip. 



2. Chickpea Curry 


Chickpea curry, also known as Chhole Masala, prepared with onion, tomato, chickpeas, garam masala and herbs, waters the mouth and tastes so yummy. It is a tasty option to have for dinner with roti, naan, lachha paratha or rice. It is a North Indian dish that you can try for dinner on train. 



3. Combo Dishes 


Combo dishes are the best dinner option you can opt for on train. E-caterers offer varieties of combo dishes on train, including Chhole-Rice, Rice-Dal, Butter Chicken-Roti, Roti-Seasonal Sabji, Kadai Paneer-Roti, Veg Manchurian-Rice, Noodles-Paneer Chilly, Fried Rice-Chicken Chilly etc. Combo dishes offer excellent taste, and their immense quantity keeps your tummy full for the whole night.  



4. Thali 


A thali is a complete meal to keep you full for a long time. It comes in various types, including veg thali, standard thali, Delux thali or regional thali. The flavoursome thali offers varieties of dishes on a single platter. It contains rice, bread, several vegetables, salad, pickles and dessert. Travellers can enjoy this traditional representation of the culinary culture of India on Indian railways. 



5. Pizza 


If at dinner, you want to have something tasty. Pizza can be a great option for you for dinner on train. In India, Italian dish Pizza has many famous outlets like Domino’s, Pizza hut and Rome’s. You can get pizza delivery on train with varieties of toppings, including Corn, Margherita, Paneer, Cheese, Chicken, etc.  



6. Dosa 


South India’s yum Dosa is a popular and traditional dish. It comes in various types, including Masala Dosa, Rava Dosa, Masuri Dosa, Paneer Dosa, Plain Dosa etc. The popular south cuisine is a wholesome food for many. It is also considered one of the healthiest dishes because it uses less oil while preparation and is easy to digest.   



7. Chicken Curry 


Chicken Curry is one of the popular Chicken items. It consists of chicken stewed in onion, garlic, and tomato gravy. The flavourful dish, served with roti or rice, is one of the best non-veg dishes you can have on the train to satiate your hunger. Apart from chicken curry, you can also try chicken butter masala, Chicken Korma, and other chicken dishes for your dinner on train. 



8. Kichadi 


Many people think that kichadi is a food to eat during illness. But it’s not so. Many diet-freaked people consider Kichadi a healthy and light food because of the use of nutritional ingredients during its preparation. So, If you also want something light and healthy at night you can go for Kichadi. Kichadi is a porridge that helps to boost your energy and keeps you healthy.  



9. Dal Fry 


A popular lentil recipe, Dal fry is a Northern Indian dish. To prepare this dish, toor dal is softly cooked in a pressure cooker, then sauteed in oil with masala made up of onion, tomato, garlic, ginger, and spices. The toor dal fry is usually served with rice or roti. To complement your meal, you can also order any vegetable with it. 



10. Paneer Butter Masala


Paneer dishes are a boon for vegetarians. Its different varieties taste epic to the tastebuds. Paneer butter masala is the king of all Paneer dishes. You can order it with roti or naan and relish the creamy-buttery bite on the wheel at night. 


Apart from these dishes mentioned above, you can also order mushrooms, seafood, etc., for your dinner during train travel. 


Can I Travel by Train at Night?


Yes, you can travel by train at night without any worry. Indian Railways provides its services 24*7. It allows passengers to board trains and travel at night. Travelling by train at night is comparatively safe and trustworthy public transport. On long journeys, the train usually covers the night. Moreover, many people choose to book a night train to reach their desired destination in the morning. Railway Protection Force, Rail Madad, and Indian Railway rules ensure safety for each passenger. 


Is It Easy to Get Food on a Train at Night? 


Yes, till 10 PM, e-caterers are allowed to deliver food in train. You can easily get your dinner delivery on train till this time. Although, with our e-catering app, RailRestro, you can book food on train 24*7. You can even pre-book your favourite restaurant food for your trip much before the journey date. 


So, worry less and order your favourite dinner to enjoy your train travel!

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Author: Sakshi Kumari