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Wondering? How to get Pizza on train. No worries! The Railway E-catering sector has modernized its service and provides almost all types of food to satiate your craving during your journey. From the limited food options of pantry car to the choice of food of your taste, online food delivery in train emerges as a one-stop solution that takes care of your taste bud throughout the journey. 



Today numerous IRCTC E-catering service providers are serving the platter of happiness on the train. They have varieties of food options to relish your long exhausting trip. Wouldn’t it be a treat for passengers to enjoy Pizza on train? Of course, it would be. No one would like to miss the chance to celebrate a pizza party. So, hurry up! And get your delicious Pizza delivered to your train’s berth. You can choose from various options like Corn Pizza, Chicken Pizza, Paneer Pizza etc. 


“Did you know? There is no better feeling than having a warm Pizza box in your lap.”



Pizza Delivery in Train: Khushiyon Ki Train Delivery


Pizza is a classic Italian dish that one can find with variations and fusions. Eating this most ordered food will make the trip enjoyable, flavoured, and memorable. Pizza options on train are all also not limited.  You can choose the Pizza flavour that admires your taste bud. Train pizza menu is endless to offer you Khushiyon Ki Delivery on train. From vegetarian to non-veg  pizza, you can have both on train.


People prefer Domino’s, Lapino’s, and Pizza Hut Pizza for their Italian feast, now available through IRCTC, authorized e-catering partners. Here are the various types of delicious Pizza you can order on the train. If you are concerned about Pizza price on train. No worries, as e-catering platform offers Pizza on train at reasonable prices. 


Vegetarian Pizza



Margherita Pizza 


This Italian crown is one of the most liked pizzas made by mixing all-purpose flour, olive oil, salt, yeast and sugar. No vegetables are mixed for toppings. It is baked by adding a single layer of mozzarella cheese and fresh basil. It is a simple, delicious, and pocket-friendly Pizza to order. If you want to go with some basic but flavoured pizza pie, you can choose Margherita with folded eyes.



Golden Corn Pizza


Corn is a healthy choice in food, and adding it over the Pizza makes it look beautiful. Corn Pizza is mostly the first choice of kids with extra cheese toppings. It is baked by adding corn and layered cheese. Chilli flakes are sprinkled over it and served with tomato sauce. Corn adds a sweet taste to the Pizza. While placing an order for Golden corn pizza, you can tick the option box of cheese burst for adding extra cheese to your Pizza.




Onion Pizza


This crunchy Pizza is made with a mixture of yeast, all-purpose flour, sugar, salt and olive oil. First, all the ingredients are added well and then it is baked by adding thinly sliced onions, chilli sauce and coriander leaves over the base. For toppings, both the spring and normal onions are added, giving the Pizza an authentic taste. Enjoy this lip smacking Onion Pizza on the train with chilli flakes, oregano, and a soft drink.



Crisp Capsicum and Tomato Pizza


It is one of the most lovable pizzas for those who prefer vegetarian food. Its base is prepared by mixing all-purpose flour, yeast, olive oil, sugar and salt. Before baking, all these ingredients are mixed properly to prepare a soft base. While baking, finely sliced tomatoes and onions are added well over the thick and soft base of the Pizza. Sliced onions and garlic sauce are added to give some extra flavour. A person can sprinkle chilli flakes and oregano according to taste. Those who like to add extra cheese over Capsicum and Tomato pizza can choose the cheese burst option.



Paneer Special Pizza


Paneer lovers will find excellent delight with this protein based Paneer special pizza. It satisfies the tummy with its great taste. Like every Pizza, its thick and soft base is prepared by mixing yeast, olive oil, all-purpose flour, salt and sugar. After mixing all these ingredients, it is baked with finely sliced paneer cubes. Adding extra cheese to it increases the taste. Finely sliced onions, fresh tomato and capsicum are added as toppings to serve this amazing Pizza. To celebrate the pizza party on the train in the best way, enjoy it with some soft drinks or ice cream.


Those who are great fond of non-vegetarian foods can also get delicious non-veg Pizza on the train that will make you slurp at every bite:



Classic Chicken Pizza


This classic pie is a great option to choose for chicken pizza lovers. It is aromatic Pizza that takes just 30 minutes to bake. It is a perfect amalgamation of chicken with cheese and garlic toppings. Meat lovers can enjoy this flavour on the train. Indulge in a mesmerizing taste of spicy classic Pizza with chicken chunks. Believe me; it is an absolute tongue pleaser.



Pepperoni Pizza


This mouth-watering meat pizza looks red, soft and smoky. Its smoky taste adds an extra flavour to the Pizza. It is made with a fresh pizza base, tomato sauce, and fresh mozzarella cheese toppings. The olives, bell peppers, and sausage balance with the sweetness of tomatoes and other ingredients. Pepperoni is the most trusted pizza crust worldwide; make it your feast on train trip.


Is Pizza Delivery Possible on the Train?


Yes, it is possible to get the Pizza on train. RailRestro e-catering provides pizza delivery on more than 7000 Indian Railways trains. You may get offers and discounts on your pizzas if you book them in advance.             


Is Pizza Delivery Options Available at Every Station?


You get Pizza delivery on train at selected stations during your journey. However, RailRestro e-catering has a vast network. Therefore, it provides Pizza on more than 450 stations. Soon, it will be expanding to hundreds of more Indian Railways stations where passengers will be able to get mouth-watering delicacies with just a few clicks.


Which Is the Best Pizza to Order on the Train?


If travelling via train, you must satiate your hunger and taste buds by ordering Pizza on the train. Still, it is highly recommended to order veg pizza during the journey because fresh veg items are easily digestible. 


How to Oder Pizza on the Train From E-catering Providers?


To order Pizza in train, follow these steps:


  1. Download the RailRestro E-catering App.
  2. Enter Your PNR Number in the box.
  3. Select the Station where Pizza Delivery has to be made.
  4. Select the best restaurants from the options.
  5. Choose the Pizza you like to eat from the menu and submit it.


After successful booking, you will receive an SMS and E-mail for confirmation. The delivery boy will reach the scheduled station and deliver your pizza box to your seat. Pre-book your order 2 hours before the train arrives at the station. Order yummy and cheesy meals easily through the RailResto app and celebrate a Pizza Party on the train.


Besides, you can order Jain food, Chinese, Indian (South & North food), and regional recipes on the train. Tracking your booked meal is easy as you are updated with every step i.e., from cooking food to its delivery.

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Author: Sanjay Kumar