“India will be a Global Player in Digital Economy – Sunder Pichai”, the statement is completely justified at its best. Indian businesses are now shifting its major part towards digitization. India is growing as one of the leading markets of digital consumers. Many big industries like Reliance and Tata are following the concept of ‘Digital India’ and transforming its business in digital sector. This major initiative of ‘Go Digital’ has created employment opportunities in PAN India. The innovation is introduced by our respected Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi and as a result there’re many job opportunities created all over India. Where India affected by the curse of #unemployment; digitization is a boon in creating employment opportunities for Indians, especially youths. Indian Railways has completely entered in the digital world that has opened the door of employment on an impressive level. One of the major job creating platforms of Indian Railway is delivering food in train. Apart from IRCTC, there are many other private companies involved in the business of ordering online food in train which is creating a level of employment and contributing a part in making India a fully employed nation. RailRestro is one of the emerging platforms as a major job creator in the sector of food delivery in train at PAN India level.

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How E-catering Business creates Job Opportunities?
The business of food delivery in train has expanded its services at almost every station in India which helps to create jobs for the job seekers. The option of delivering food in train is creating immense job in PAN India. It needs man power to reach the service to the travelers by serving them delicious and food right to passengers berth. E-catering companies are concerned for food delivery in train which needs hiring man power to deliver food. There are numerous e-catering companies hiring delivery executives for food delivery. It is inviting the job seekers especially youth to join the organization as a delivery person and earn. Like other private food delivery giants, Railways are also associated with e-catering companies who have their delivery person to deliver food in train. They are the main lead of the picture “food delivery in train” that enters as a savior. Their role comes in the cycle, but the most important part is played by them. These e-catering companies are a boon to support with jobs for the job seekers. They’re contributing their best part in Indian economy.

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To run any company or startup it needs a full set up in which man power plays the crucial role. It doesn’t matter that the business is online or offline, the primary requirement of any business is the skilled/semiskilled/unskilled man power to enhance the business. The business establishes different departments to handle the work stuffs related to business. In the sector of e-catering, there’re many companies that are emerging as the food delivering partners of IRCTC to offer food to travelers during their train journey. These companies have opened their door to provide jobs for different roles. Like every business companies, they also have employees and are also accepting applications to hire the employees for different departments. From accepting orders to delivering it on seat, every step needs active labor to process the entire system. To handle the customers’ demands and grievances, which is one of the major parts of this businesses, have separate departments and employees. Every day, they are hiring number of employees only to assist the customers via calls and chat. Online business of food delivery in trains is in the queue of becoming a giant sector in creating jobs and employment.

Encouraging Women Employment
The innovation of providing food on tracks also empowers women to be its part. Companies are appointing female employees in all sectors like from assisting the customers to delivering food. There are many companies that have hired women as female food delivery executives to give them a separate identity and recognition in the society. They’re not limited to kitchens for preparing food and taking orders but they can also bear the risk of going out to serve it in trains. Women from poor class are not able to handle the official stuffs as they are not literate enough but empowering such women is also a contribution to the society. Such initiatives are a part of celebration and appreciation.

RailRestro: A Major Job Creator in the Business of e-catering in Trains
RailRestro, a Patna based startup in the business of e-catering in trains has achieved a remarkable success in such a short span of time. The company is fulfilling the promise of great dining experience in trains by serving lip-smacking food to the travelers. This has made the company as one of the leading brands in e-catering sector of provision of food on train. In present time, the company has gained the popularity in creating jobs and employment for the job seekers. One can visit the career section on the website and know about the vacancies in RailRestro. Companies have employees from different states like Rajasthan, New Delhi, Bangalore and Noida in its corporate office in Patna. Those who have eligibility and potential to work can apply to get job in RailRestro and boost up their carrier for further growth. The organization is also focusing in boosting up a woman’s career and recently it has many woman employees both in back end office and also in the food delivery section. RailRestro is the best suitable place to earn and learn as well with the great support of fellow employees.

Such initiatives by Indian Railways are a major support in offering employment. Railways offer the most affordable journey that people prefer to have and the passenger needs are to be taken care with all the possible facilities on board. E-catering is one of them which are highly on demand by the passengers. The business of delivering food in train is creating a great platform to provide employment to the unemployed.

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