The holy city Varanasi is situated on the banks of the river Ganges in Uttar Pradesh.


The Varanasi railway junction (BSB code) is one of the largest revenue-generating stations in India. Also known as Varanasi Cantt Railway station, this busy junction serves around 3.6 lakh passengers, with more than 260 trains a day.


The station falls under the Varanasi division of the North Eastern Railway Zone and the Lucknow division of the North Western Railway Zone. Railways ecatering partner provides delicious food delivery in train at Varanasi Junction. Varanasi is one of India’s most famous pilgrimage sites, and thousands of people visit here every day. The best transport mode is via the rail network, with regular trains to major cities such as Delhi, Agra, Mumbai, Kolkata and Hyderabad. Restaurants near Varanasi junction offer an assortment of delightful dishes.


Food Delivery in Train at Varanasi Junction



Order online food at Varanasi railway station and enjoy the fastest food delivery in train at your berth. RailRestro is a food delivery app for rail traveller that delivers delicious, hygienic, and fresh cuisines from renowned food vendors and restaurants near Varanasi junction. RailRestro assures that the food on trains or meals in trains should be flavourful, prepared in hygienic conditions, affordable, and has spill-proof packaging.  


There are extensive choices available at Varanasi railway station like veg or non-veg meals in trains, north Indian-Thali, south Indian items, and Jain food delivery in trains. 


Some of the delicious food that can be enjoyed in the train at Varanasi are mentioned below:


  • Relish with a special Varanasi Thali served with four Tawa Rotis, Basmati Rice, one veg dry, veg gravy (paneer), dal fry, a sweet dish and pickle.


  • Opt for Deluxe Thali, especially served with four Tawa rotis, jeera rice, Banarasi Dum Aloo, Dal Fry, Mix Vegetable, one banarasi sweet item, salad, papad and raita.


Order online food on wheel sixty minutes before your train arrives at Varanasi Station. RailRestro will be happy to serve you at Varanasi station once your order has been set.



How to Order food at Varanasi Railway Station?



Go to the e-catering website or download the train food order app from the play store. Now, you can place the order for food delivery in train at Varanasi Railway Station for a group or single train traveller through the following steps:


  1. Enter the train name or number to order a meal.
  2. Enter your journey date and click on the Order Now tab.
  3. Select your choice of meal from the mentioned restaurants near Varanasi junction and customize the food as per your appetency.
  4. Choose to pay via a payment gateway using a credit/debit card, wallet, UPI, etc.
  5. You can also pay cash on delivery.
  6. Submit other required travel information and click the book order tab to complete your train food order.
  7. Enjoy your food at Varanasi railway station right at your train berth.


About Varanasi



Varanasi or Banaras is a city located on the holy Ganga river banks in Uttar Pradesh, India. It is amongst the most visited destinations of India. Varanasi is broadly known as India’s spiritual capital and is the oldest living city in the world. This serene city is renowned for its spiritual value and vibrant culture, and millions of people visit it all year round.


This region of India is a reservoir of the ancient temples, the monuments, the overwhelming Ganga ghats and the Naga sadhus of Varanasi. However, every corner of this pious town offers tourists some delicious Varanasi food.


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Famous Local Foods of Varanasi City 


The food of Varanasi is an integral part of its culture and is primarily influenced by neighbouring states such as Bihar and West Bengal. From main courses to desserts, the streets of Varanasi are full of delicious food. Varanasi’s cuisine is a fine combination of old traditional taste with a glimpse of newness and modernity.


Here are some famous foods of Varanasi that you must try if you ever visit the city:


1. Kachori Sabzi


Kachori Sabzi is the most-liked breakfast in Varanasi. The delicious Kachoris are served with a flavourful and aromatic Aloo curry. Banarasi Aloo curry is prepared using a selective amount of spices, green chillies and dry red chillies to make it spicier. It is best savoured with Jalebi. Start your day by ordering food at Varanasi railway station from the train food app.


2. Choora Matar


Choora Matar is a popular street food of Varanasi. It is a Varanasi version of Maharashtrian Poha and Bihar’s Poha Chiwda. Made of flattened rice well-soaked in desi ghee and cooked with spices and green peas, Choora Matar is a famous breakfast and evening snack in Varanasi. Avoid buying food at Varanasi railway station, instead, use your mobile to order fresh and tasty food on train to get it delivered at your train seat. 


3. Dahi Chutney Gol Gappe


Dahi Chutney Gol Gappe, a sweet and zesty cuisine loved by all age groups. Wafer-thin, crisp Gol Gappas are filled up with spiced boiled potatoes and then topped with tangy chutneys, curd, Pudina and other spices along with sev. These little Gol Gappe burst with various flavours as soon as you put them in your mouth. You can order delicious Dahi Chutney Gol Gappe to get online food delivery in train at Varanasi Railway station.


4. Baati Chokha


Baati Chokha, a beloved delicacy in Bihar, makes a delicious street snack in Varanasi. Stuffed whole wheat dough balls are stuffed inside with chana dal roasted and spices. These stuffed balls of whole wheat are known as Litties and are generously dipped in desi ghee and eaten with Chokha, a spicy mixture of boiled potatoes, tomatoes and eggplant. 


The food delivery in train app serves you hot and extremely pleasant Baati Chokha at your train seat directly from the partnered restaurants near Varanasi junction. 


5. Tamatar Chaat


Benaras has its own version of the popular chaat made with tomatoes, and you’re only going to find it here. It is a well-seasoned preparation in which tomatoes are combined with hing, crushed ginger, green chillies and spices with the boiled potatoes. It is served in a dona (paper bowl) with chaat masala and crispy namak pare. A perfect snack food of Varanasi to enjoy with your friends and family on the train.


6. Malaiyyo 


Makhan Malaiyyo or Nimish is a crowd-pleasing winter street dessert inspired by Persian cooking. Milk froth is flavoured with saffron and cardamom and drizzled with pistachio and almonds. Offered in Purva or kulhads, this creamy Malaiyyo will melt in your mouth. Malayayyo can only be endured when visiting this eternal city. 


If your train passes via Varanasi junction, you must order Makhan Malaiyyo to get food delivery in train at Varanasi Railway Station.


7. Banarsi Paan


Banarasi Paan is something you need to try while you’re in Varanasi. Paan is created from betel leaves with betel nuts or Supari, lime and a mixture of seasonings, and is eaten with tobacco or lime. There is also the Meetha Paan, a variant of Paan, free of tobacco or lime, but full of sweetened rose petals, fennel seeds and soft and chewy Supari.


8. Rabri Jalebi 


The jalebis or imartis are a sweet treat. Try them with rabri, and you’ll always want to come back to Banaras for this one!


Best Places to Visit in Varanasi City


A great number of Temples, Stupas and Jain Temples are located in Banaras. The Archeological Museum of Sarnath is also the tourist site of the city. Other most prominent places to visit in Varanasi is the Ashok Pillar, the National Emblem of India.


Ganga Ghats is the most popular and divine attraction in the region. It’s a place where many religious activities and rituals are performed. You can have a spiritual walk on a boat ride in Varanasi to have a harmonious experience of Ganga Aarti. A fusion of Hindu and Mughal architectural styles can be found in the Alamgir Mosque, making it a special and unique attraction in Varanasi. 


Other tourist attractions of Varanasi are Durga Temple, Manikarnika Ghat, the Vishwanath Temple, Tibetian temple, Dashashwamedh Ghat, the Sankat Mochan Temple and many others.


Nearest Railway Stations to Varanasi


Manduadih Railway Station (MUV)


Manduadih station is located close to Varanasi Cantt Railway station. This station falls under the administrative control of Northern Eastern Railway of Varanasi Railway Station. Varanasi Jn is the popular nearby railway station of Manduadih. You can Online Order Food in Train at Manduadih Junction.


Manduadih railway station code: MUV


Trains passing via MANDUADIH (MUV) Railway Station


  1. LTT JHUSI SPL (01087)
  2. DARBHANGA EXP (11033)
  3. DBG PUNE EXP (11034)
  4. NDLS MUV SF EXP (12582)
  5. MUV NDLS S F EXP (12581)
  6. Manduadih Muzaffarpur Express (12538)
  7. Manduadih Chhapra Passenger (55132)
  8. Manduadih Jabalpur Express (15117)
  9. Gyan Ganga Settigunta (22132)


Kashi Railway Station (KEI)


Kashi is the holy place for Hindus. Kashi station is the nearest railway station of Varanasi situated along the banks of Kashi River. The railway station is busy with passengers and all major trains stop at this station. It is 6 kilometres east of Varanasi Junction and 11 kilometres North-West of Mughalsarai Junction.


Kashi Railway Station code: KEI


Trains passing via KASHI (KEI) Station:

  2. ASR HWH MAIL 13006
  3. DOON EXPRESS 13009
  4. AMRITSAR EXP 13049
  5. KOLKATA EXP 13152
  6. JAMMU TAWI EXP 13151


Bhulanpur Railway Station (BHLP)


It is at a distance of 6 Kilometres from the Varanasi Cantt Railway Station. Bhulanpur Railway Station is a small station of Varanasi. It serves with few express trains having the last stop here. The station provides passengers easy access to Varanasi city from Bhulanpur through high-frequency bus services.


The code for the Bhulanpur Railway Station: BHLP


Trains passing via BHULANPUR (BHLP) Station:


  1. DARBHANGA EXP 11061
  4. LICHCHAVI EXP 14006
  7. ALY – MUV PASSENGER 55128
  9. ALY-MAU-DMU-SPL 75106


Mughal Sarai Junction


Mughal Sarai Junction is officially renamed as PT. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Junction. It is 8 kilometres from Varanasi Junction. Mughal Sarai Junction is the fourth busiest railway junction in India. Mughal Sarai Station was set up to handle the passenger traffic at the Varanasi Cantt Railway station. The station runs many long-distance trains and is the preferred location to board than Varanasi Cantt Railway station.


Mughal Sarai Junction code: MGS


Trains passing via Mughal Sarai Junction:


  1. PNBE-CSTM SF SPL 2054
  2. PPTA CDG EXP 13255
  3. CDG – PPTA EXP 13256
  4. PNBE BDTS EXP 19050
  5. BDTS PATNA EXP 19049
  6. NJP HWH SPECIAL 82302
  7. HWH JAT SUVIDHA 82303
  8. PPTA CDG EXP 23255


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Sarnath Railway Station (SRNT)


The station is located close to the famous deer park, where Sarnath Buddha gave his first sermon after enlightenment. The Sarnath Railway station is almost 13 Kilometres from Varanasi City.


Sarnath Railway Station Code: SRNT


Trains passing via Sarnath Railway Station:


  1. BCY LJN EXPRESS 15007

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