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You often come across the word PNR number and PNR status whenever you book your Indian Railway train ticket till you complete your journey. So you must know what the PNR number is and how it is helpful to the passengers before boarding the train. And how can you check the PNR status of your waitlisted ticket to know the confirmation updates? Here is everything you must know about PNR status.


What is the PNR Number?


Passenger Name Record or PNR number is a unique 10-digit code assigned to every passenger who books train tickets. The PNR number is different for each journey.


Your PNR number is automatically generated whenever you book your ticket either through IRCTC website, from Railway counters, through Rail Connect App or third-party websites and apps. If a group reservation is made, a single PNR number is assigned to a maximum of 6 passengers.


What Does a 10-digit PNR Number Signify?


PNR number contains complete details about a passenger/s and the journey. Whenever you book an Indian Railway train ticket, your itinerary details are stored in the centralized database operated by the Centre of Railway Information Systems (CRIS).


PNR number comprises details about the passenger like name, gender, age, etc. and itinerary information about train name, train number, train seat number, class of travel, boarding station and destination station quota and fare.


A 10-digit number, PNR, is generated by the system which stores the information of each booking. It is basically a reference number to access -this information. The details of passenger and journey remain in the database for nine months.


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Where is a PNR Number Mentioned on Your Ticket?


1. PNR Number on Counter Tickets: The PNR number is labelled on the top left corner.

2. PNR Number on eTickets: When you book eTickets, you get your PNR number on reservation slips, emails and SMS. The PNR number is labelled on the top in a separate cell.



What Do the Numbers Signify?


Every PNR number is made up of 10 digits. So what is the significance of every digit in the PNR?


Here is the meaning of 10-digit PNR:


  1. First three digits of a PNR number: It signifies Passenger Reservation System or PRS, i.e. from which PRS the ticket was issued to the traveller.
  2. The first digit of a PNR number: It gives information about the Railway Zone where the train originates.
  3. The last seven digits of a PNR Number: These are random codes to make your PNR number unique.


The numbers assigned to the different railway zones in India are:


Starting digit of PNR include the details of PRS and Railway Zones


  • 1: Secunderabad PRS and SCR railway zone.
  • 2 and 3: Delhi PRS and NR, NER, NCR or NWR Railway zones.
  • 4 and 5: Chennai PRS and SR, SCR or SWR Railway zones.
  • 6 and 7: Calcutta PRSER and ECR, NFR, SER, ECoR or SECR Railway zones.
  • 8 and 9: Mumbai PRS and CR, WR or WCR Railway zones.


What is Train PNR Status?


PNR status informs you about the ticket booking status and passenger’s current status of railway ticket reservation. It also provides comprehensive information about the position of the train seat, coach and other details about the train and journey.


If your ticket is a Waitlisted ticket at the time of booking and you want to know whether it got confirmed or not, you can check your confirmation update using your PNR number. This current status of the reservation is also known as PNR Status.


You can get the following information by checking the PNR status:


  1. Train name and train number
  2. Seat number, coach and quota
  3. Date of the train journey
  4. Train booking status (waitlisted, confirmed, RAC, etc. at the time of reservation)
  5. Current status (Waitlisted, confirmed, RAC, etc.)
  6. Train ticket fare information
  7. Train travel class (1 AC, 2 AC, CC, SL, etc.)
  8. Chart Preparation status (Chart Prepared/Chart Not Prepared)
  9. From (Source Station)
  10. To (Destination Station)
  11. Boarding point
  12. The point up to which you have a reservation


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Methods to Check PNR Status


You can check your PNR status in multiple ways. These include:


  1. Indian Railways Passenger Reservation Enquiry, NTES (for unregistered users)
  2. Official IRCTC website (For registered users)
  3. IRCTC mobile app (For Android users)
  4. Indian Railway inquiry counters
  5. Other mobile applications and third-party websites
  6. Final reservation charts


How to Check PNR Status Online


Only a registered user can check PNR status for Indian railway train tickets through the official website of IRCTC. Unregistered users can check PNR status through NTES, Indian Railways Passenger Reservation Enquiry site developed by CRIS.


Check PNR Status Through IRCTC Website:


  • Step 1: Visit the IRCTC official website.
  • Step 2: Using your authentic login details to log on to the site.
  • Step 3: Click on the ‘Trains’ tab on the Menu Bar and select ‘PNR Enquiry’ from the dropdown list. A PNR checking page will open.
  • Step 4: Enter your allotted ten digit PNR number in the given box. Click the ‘Get Status’ blue button.
  • Step 5: You will get the PNR status of your train ticket booking with all information.


Through Indian Railways Passenger Enquiry Website


  • Step 1: Visit the Indian Railways Passenger Enquiry website, NTES.
  • Step 2: Click on ‘PNR Enquiry’ on the Menu Bar at the top of the website. A PNR Status checking page will open.
  • Step 3: Enter your allotted 10-digit PNR number and click on the ‘Submit’ button.
  • Step 4: Your train PNR Status with itinerary details will be displayed.


How to Check PNR Status by SMS


Check PNR Status by SMS


Indian Railways also enables you to check your PNR status by SMS if you don’t have access to the internet. You need to send a text message from your mobile to 139 in the given format for PNR status live check on mobile:

  • Format: PNR <enter your ten-digit PNR Number >
  • Example: PNR 4360393388


A PNR status SMS will be sent to your mobile number with your journey details, PNR status and confirmation updates.


Check PNR Status Through Phone Call


Check PNR Status through Call


Alternatively, you can check PNR status by dialling 139 from your phone. Follow the steps for PNR status live check on mobile:


  1. Call 139 on your mobile phone.
  2. Select your preferred language (1 for Hindi, 2 for English, and 3 for other languages)
  3. Press 1 for PNR status enquiry
  4. Then enter your 10-digit PNR number
  5. Confirm your PNR number
  6. PNR status and journey details will be informed to you on the call.


PNR Status Checking Apps


PNR status live check on mobile can also be done using many user-friendly apps. Some Railway PNR enquiry apps are:


  1. IRCTC Rail Connect

IRCTC Rail Connect is not solely a PNR enquiry app. It is basically a train booking app used for train ticket booking. But you can check your PNR status also. The interface is very much user friendly, and you don’t need to visit the official website for booking tickets and quickly get the PNR live status on mobile.

  1. NTES

NTES or National Train Enquiry System is the official PNR status checking app launched by Indian Railways. NTES PNR status app helps you to spot your train, know the train’s live location and to view cancelled, rescheduled and diverted train information.

  1. RailMitra:

RailMitra is another PNR status checking app which provides various information such as PNR status, train running status, fare enquiry etc. One of the unique features of RailMitra is that it can predict the accurate PNR confirmation chances for waitlisted tickets. Automatic status updates of the selected train and travel reminders are also available.

  1. RailRestro:

RailRestro is a well-renowned train food app for online food delivery in trains. It is an official e-catering partner of IRCTC and serves quality, delicious and fresh meals in train. This is also a PNR status enquiry app used for checking the PNR status in a few seconds. Other services of the app include train time table enquiry, live train status enquiry, live station and other useful train enquiry.


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Meanings of Abbreviations Used in PNR Status


Whenever you check your PNR status for confirmation updates, you see several abbreviations. To know the status of your reservation, you must understand the meaning of every PNR status abbreviation. Here’s a list of acronyms used in PNR Status:


PNR abbreviation and their meanings:


  1. CNF: Confirmed
  2. RAC: Reservation Against Cancellation
  3. WL: Waitlist
  4. CAN: Cancelled
  5. GNWL: General Waitlist
  6. TQWL: Tatkal Waitlist
  7. PQWL: Pooled Quota Waitlist
  8. RLWL: Remote Location Waitlist
  9. RSWL: Roadside Station Waitlist
  10. RQWL: Request Waitlist


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