Have you ever travelled by train in a group? For example, on a religious trip, school-college trips, wedding of friends or relatives or long trips to attend an official presentation or conference with office colleagues? Yes, you must have been on such a trip at least once because they are an important part of our life. In fact, group travelling experience is very different from travelling alone or with a few family members. 


In a typical group travelling, we travel with tens or hundreds of people, where the experiences are very different and new. At the same time, for the organisers of such trips, they are no less than a challenge and sometimes they even become headaches or nightmares. Perhaps the most important challenge for such trips is to take care of the food and drink options of people during the entire journey. 


People of all ages and beliefs travel together in such journeys, which means different food choices. If we talk about their food, then someone likes sweets, someone is inclined to drinks, some are vegetarian, and some are non-vegetarian. If this was not enough, some people are Jains and wish to order Jain food in train


For group travelling, everyone is looking for a trusted partner who can provide fresh and hygienic food to different types of people according to their needs and choices. What would be a better option than to choose one of the authorised food partners of IRCTC – RailRestro for your group travel needs? RailRestro has been delivering group food orders to different types of travel groups for more than four years.


How to book group food orders in trains?

RailRestro accepts group food orders, and it provides specialised food delivery in train service to:

  • Group of pilgrims
  • Group of students & teachers on educational tours
  • Group of people travelling for family function/wedding
  • Corporate groups
  • Jain food for Jain community
  • Group of armed forces, senior citizens, or Govt. organisations


Ordering food for large groups in trains is very simple and straightforward. Follow these steps to get your booking done.

  1. Visit RailRestro’s group food order page.

  2. Fill in the ‘Bulk Food Enquiry Form’ with your details.

  3. You will get a callback from one of the representatives of RailRestro.

  4. Tell all about your requirements like food choices, date of journey, number of passengers, etc.

  5. You successfully booked your group order.


Points to remember while ordering group food in train

Although group food order in trains is easy, you have to keep in mind some important points so that you don’t face any problem.

  1. You must book your order at least 2 days before the trip. Also, 50 per cent of the total booking order amount will have to be paid as advance. The remaining 50 per cent amount can be paid at the time of accepting the order.

  2. Any change in group food order booking is possible up to one day before delivery.

  3. For booking bulk orders, you must book order of at least 2,000 rupees.

  4. If for some reasons like internet connectivity issues, you can’t order group food on the train from RailRestro app or website, then you can place your order directly by making a call on 8102202203.

  5. Before placing your food order, browse the menu in detail. It is best to go for nutritious food options on the train.


How RailRestro ensures safe food delivery for group travellers?



  1. Your train may stop at the platform for 5 or 10 minutes. The food delivery boys will be present at the platform before your train enters to deliver food at your seat without missing the order.

  2. Delivery boys are appointed according to the number of orders and the stoppage time of the train, so that their food packet can be delivered to every passenger.

  3. The quality, purity, packaging and nutritional value of the food are examined by a special team before food delivery.

In such a situation, if you too are going to organise group travel in the coming days, or those travelling with a travel group who are planning a group travel plan, then you can leave the worry of booking your bulk food order in train and enjoy your journey to the fullest. Because, to make your trip enjoyable, RailRestro has started the service of food delivery in trains through which a train passenger would be able to fully savour the hospitality from now on.

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