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Indian Railways is the fourth largest and busiest Railway network of the world. Railways are the “lifeline of India” that carries over 10,000 train passengers daily. So it is important to provide train enquiry information accurately and conveniently to rail passengers travelling in different parts of India every day.


Passengers come across many IRCTC train queries about the information on their trains and booking journey tickets. Some common Indian railway enquiries include about trains running between stations, live train running status, train PNR status, arrival time, departure time, delay, train enquiry seat availability, Indian Railway train time table, and ticket fare enquiry.


With the acceptance of digitization by Indian railway, you no longer have to stand in a long queue to get the information about your train enquiry. You can easily get rail enquiry on mobile by SMS, call, train apps and websites.


Indian Railways passengers can quickly get to know about their rail enquiry and the latest updates through Indian railway train enquiry numbers.


How to Do Indian Railways Train Enquiry


Passengers can get the answer to their train enquiry through:


  1. SMS by sending SMS to railway enquiry number 139.
  2. Call rail enquiry on mobile by dialling 139.
  3. Online railway enquiries information through websites and train enquiry mobile apps.


1.  Indian Railway Enquiry Services through SMS



Passengers can obtain information about railway enquiries like train PNR status, train seat availability, arrival and departure time, delay, live running status, etc. on their mobile by simply sending an SMS to 139.


Learn about the SMS format of specific train enquiry.


  1. IRCTC PNR Status SMS Enquiry
  • Format: PNR <10 Digit PNR Number>
  • Example: PNR 2356969690
  1. SMS Enquiry for Arrival or Departure of train
  • Format: AD <Train No.><STD code of Station>.
  • Example: AD 12352 0612
  1. SMS Enquiry for Seat Availability of General Quota
  • Format: SEAT <Train Number><Date of Journey (DDMMYY)><Source Station’s STD Code><Destination Station’s STD><Class of Travel><Quota>
  • Example: SEAT 12008 080720 080 044 CC G
  1. SMS Enquiry for Seat Availability of Tatkal Quota
  • Format: TSEAT <Train Number><Date of Journey (DDMMYY)><Source Station’ STD Code><Destination Station’s STD Code><Class of Travel>
  • Example: TSEAT 12008 080720 080 044 3A
  1. SMS Enquiry for Live Train Running Status
  • Format 1: SPOT <Train No>
  • Example: SPOT 12351
  • Format 2: LOCATE <Train Number>
  • Example: LOCATE 12351
  1. SMS Enquiry for Indian Railway Time Table
  • Format: TIME <Train Number>
  • Example: TIME 12351
  1. SMS Enquiry for Train Schedule
  • Format: SCHEDULE <Train Number>
  • Example: SCHEDULE 12351
  1. SMS Enquiry for Train Route
  • Format: ROUTE <Train number>
  • Example: ROUTE 12351
  1. Train Fare Enquiry through SMS
  • Format: FARE <Train no.><Date of Journey (DDMMYY)><Source Station STD Code><Destination Station’s STD Code><Class of Travel*><Quota**>
  • Example: FARE 12008 080720 080 044 2A G
  1. SMS Enquiry for Next Train
  • Format: NEXT <Source Station’s STD Code><Destination Station STD code>
  • Example: NEXT 033 0612
  1. SMS Enquiry for Train Name or Train Number
  • Format: TN <Train Name> or TN <Train No.>
  • Example: TN <DANAPUR EXPRESS> or TN <12351>
  1. For Setting Destination Alert
  • Format: ALERT <10 Digit PNR Number>
  • Example: ALERT 2356969690


*Class of Travel:


First Class AC: 1A, Second Class AC: 2A, Third Class AC: 3A, Sleeper Class: SL, AC Chair Car: CC, Second Seater: 2S




  • G for General Quota
  • CK for Tatkal Quota


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2. Indian Railway Train Enquiry By Call



Besides SMS, train passengers can also call railway enquiry no. 139 from mobile phones to get the answer for their specific train enquiry through Indian Railways Interactive Voice Response (IVR) services.139 is an all-India train enquiry mobile phone number.


You can get all essential information about Indian railways services such as train PNR status enquiry, arrival and departure enquiry, train seat availability enquiry, etc. by calling 139. Alternatively, you can also talk to a customer care executive for any train enquiry.


Call Menu of Railway Train Enquiry Number, 139


To get information about your trains on mobile, dial 139 from your phone and first choose your preferred language by:


  1. Pressing 1 for Hindi
  2. Pressing 2 for English
  3. Pressing 3 for regional languages


After selecting your preferred language, then press 2 for all Indian railway train enquiry.


The railway enquiries instructions on call are as follows:


  1. For IRCTC PNR status: Press 1 and enter your assigned ten-digit PNR number carefully.
  2. For train arrival, departure, cancellation and diversion status: Press 2 and proceed with the instructions.
  3. For seat availability: Press 3 and proceed with the instructions.
  4. For fare enquiry: Press 4 and proceed with the instructions.
  5. For booking train tickets through credit and debit cards: Press 5 and follow the instructions
  6. For cancellation of reserved Indian railway train tickets: Press 6 and follow the instructions.
  7. For wake-up call or destination alert: Press 7 and follow the instructions.
  8. For booking wheelchairs at a Railway station: Press 8 and proceed with the instructions to book wheelchairs at the railway station.
  9. For booking meals in train: Press 9 and follow the instructions.


3. Railway Enquiry Number of Customer Care Executive


If you are worried about “how can I call railway enquiry from mobile?” and want to speak to a customer care executive of Indian railways, -then you can dial 139 number of rail enquiry on mobile and follow the steps given below:


  1. Dial 139 rail enquiry number on mobile
  2. Choose your preferred language.
  3. Press star (*) to talk to an Indian Railway customer care executive.


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4. Online Indian Railway Train Enquiry



Indian Railway train enquiry services can also be availed online through authorized websites. It is an easy and reliable process to look for train information through Indian Railways official websites and apps. Check out the list of Indian railways official sites and their services.


Best Train Enquiry Websites: Services and Enquiries


  1. IRCTC: IRCTC PNR status enquiry, Online e-Ticket booking and cancellation, train enquiry seat availability, enquiry about trains between stations, Indian train schedule enquiry, train live running status enquiry, etc.
  2. Indian Rail: IRCTC train enquiry about Live train running status, live station, trains between stations, train schedule, about cancelled trains, rescheduled trains, diverted trains, and average delay of a train in the past seven days, IRCTC train PNR enquiry, trains between stations enquiry, train enquiry seat availability, Train fare enquiry, reserved train schedule enquiry, etc.


Other Train Enquiry Websites and Apps


  1. RailRestro: It is a best Train Enquiry Website which gives accurate results for PNR enquiry, Indian Railway time table enquiry, enquiry of train running status and many more. RailRestro is also a well-known authorized E-catering partner of IRCTC to deliver food in train.


RailRestro App: RailRestro is an AI-powered all-in-one app for all your train travel-related queries. It is the fast and reliable train app which gives 100% accurate answers for your train enquiry in a few seconds. Whether you want to know the PNR confirmation probability or want to order food in train, you can access all the Indian railway services through RailRestro app.


  1. RailMitra: RailMitra is AI-enabled website which is dedicated to making the train journey of passengers easier by its fast services such as, check PNR status, train fare enquiry, Indian railway time table enquiry, seat availability, food in train and others.


RailMitra App: To make rail enquiry on mobile you can download the train enquiry app, RailMitra. It is a preferred and easy way to get accurate train information within a few clicks. It always updates you with consistent notification and alerts about your PNR status. Besides, RailMitra is a leading E-catering app which delivers quality food at the seat of passengers.


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