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Navratri, the 9-night and 10-day feast, is the most awaited festival in India. During these days, All corners of the country dive deep into spirituality to celebrate the nine significant avatars of Devi Durga and the victory of Lord Rama over Ravana. These days, People avoid food containing onion and garlic to honour Devi Durga. Devotees even observe fast and follow Falahar Vrat or Salt Diet. 


The Upvaas is one of the most fateful parts of the Pujo celebration. But people travelling on Indian Rails during Durga Puja face problems of getting vrat ka khana on the train. Considering this problem, RailRestro provides exclusive Navratri food items in trains for rail passengers each year during the festivities. Travellers can order fruits, Navratri special food, milk, and exclusive Navratri thali on train according to their preference. 



RailRestro Special Navratri Thali 


The e-catering company RailRestro serves Sattvik thali, also known as Vrat Thali on train during Navratri to delight the passengers’ journey experience. The special thali is a complete meal for the devotees travelling to their desired destination during the Durga Puja. The Vrat Wali thali contains several Navratri food items to thrill the tastebuds of rail passengers. However, Navratri upvas food items can change with the change in restaurants and regions. But what stays the same is the hygienically prepared delicious Navratri delicacies with all rituals like using rock salt and avoiding onion and garlic, nicely packed and delivered directly to your seat to make your journey delightful. 


Food Items Navratri Special Thali Can Contain



Kuttu Ki Puri 


Kuttu Ki Puri or vrat ki puri are crispy and delicious Navratri food items served during the fastings. The Puri is prepared with buckwheat (a healthy alternative to wheat flour), Sendha namak (according to Hindu belief, it is a pure salt), mashed potatoes, and fried deeply in oil. Vrat wale Aalo compliments the dish and is usually served together.    



Singhare Ke Aate ki Puri 


Singhare ke Aate ki Puri is the delicious substitute for Kuttu Ki Puri that RailRestro -partnered restaurants serve in special sattvic thali. It is prepared with chestnut flour and mashed potatoes using rock salt and a few spices. Rail Passengers can relish Singhare Ki puri in train with Aloo ki sabji. 



Vrat Wali Sabji 


Vrat Wali Sabji is usually made up of Aalo, Himalayan salt and a few spices. It is a lip-smacking vegetable with gravy. The Sabji is to complement the Kuttu or Singhare Ki Puri on Navratri. Passengers can enjoy the Sabji with Puri and other dishes of their Vrat thali. 



Plain Curd


The Navratri vrat thali contains plain curd without any flavouring. Curd is a milk product, considered pure, that people consume during fasting. It soothes the belly and helps prevent the thirst of the devotees who are fasting. Passengers on fasting can enjoy plain curd with Puri. 



Sabudana Khichadi 


Sabudana khichadi is a popular food for fasting, prepared with soaked tapioca pearls, mashed potatoes, roasted peanuts, spices and curry leaves. It is a healthy food item people on partial fasting consume. The khichdi for fasting is made using Himalayan salt. 



Fried Peanut


The Navratri meal contains fried peanuts as snacks for devotees. For some taste, you can consider adding lemon and Himalayan salt to it. It is a healthy yet tasty food item passengers can enjoy on festive trips. 



Fried Makhana


Roasted Makhana is an alternative to fried peanuts. It is rich in nutrients containing calcium, magnesium, iron, and phosphorus. Consuming it during Upvas helps the passengers get enough energy to survive the whole day without worrying about their health. 





Fruits usually contain high nutrition and are good for health. Navratri vrat food includes some fruits. Moreover, passengers entirely on Falahar can order fruits like Banana, Apple, and Cucumber on train separately from RailRestro. 





Bhagar is the Sama ke Chawal, also known as Variche Bhat or Varai. It is a traditional meal, usually consumed during fasting. Moreover, some other Navratri recipes of Sama Ke Chawal (Barnyard Millet) that passengers can have are Puri, Idli, Uttapam etc. 



Rajgiri Aate Ki Puri 


It is another alternative to Kuttu ki Puri and Singhare Ki puri. To prepare the Puri, the dough is made with amaranth flour, water, ghee and mashed potatoes. People consume this crispy and delicious Puri with all enthusiasm. Arrowroot flour Puri is also a replacement for Rajagiri, Kuttu, and Singhare ki puri in Vrat Wali Thali. 


Apart from Vrat wali thali, passengers can order Navratri special food items such Sabudana Kheer, Makhana Kheer, Sabudana Vade etc., separately on trains from RailRestro. 


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How to Order Navratri Thali in Train From RailRestro? 


RailRestro serves Vrat ka Khana on all the major stations to make the train journey convenient for travellers who observe fast for 9 days. Rail passengers can order Navratri special thali for their journey during Durga Puja. Travellers can visit the RailRestro website or install its e-catering app to place an order. Enter the PNR number or train number. Go to the restaurants’ food menu, select Navratri Thali and add them to the cart. Enter the required details, avail the Navratri special coupons for discounts, and proceed with payments to place the order. Passengers can also pre-book their Navratri meal using a valid 10-digit PNR number to get food delivery in train on the desired date. 


Alternatively, passengers can call RailRestro on 8102202203 and talk to a customer care executive to book Navratri food on train.


Moreover, Rail Passengers who do not observe fast but avoid Non-veg food and food containing onion and garlic during Navratri can order pure-veg food or Jain food in train to enjoy their train trip. While placing your train food, don’t forget to avail of Navratri special offers.


Navratri Special Food Offer 


RailRestro provides various discounts & coupons on food ordering. On the occasion of the vibrant festival, Durga Puja, Rail Passengers can avail of the Navratri special coupons to get up to 20% off on food orders. The coupons apply to all food items. Passengers can avail of the discounts even on pre-book food orders.

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Author: Sakshi Kumari