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Veganism has gained much popularity in India as people have started recognising its benefits and adopting it enthusiastically. Although, following this diet regularly gets difficult, especially when you are out of your home or city. To date, fewer vegan-special restaurants have been introduced in the Indian market. However, you can follow your vegan diet by becoming picky and ordering food from authentic sources. 


If you are travelling by train, take your back to the train food app, RailRestro. We will take care of your vegan diet by providing food free from animal products.


What Vegan Food Means


A vegan diet is a strict form of the vegetarian diet. It includes foods only from plants, such as vegetables, grains, nuts and fruits and avoids foods from animals, including meat, eggs, and dairy products like butter, ghee, milk etc. The common foods vegans include in their diet are vegetable oil, veggies, grains, nuts, fruits, etc. 


In this blog, we will share a list of vegan foods you can order for your train journey. 


List of Pure Vegan Food for Your Train Journey 



Vegetable Sandwich 


Filled with healthy veggies, sandwiches are a good option for breakfast and snacks for travellers. You can get a variety of sandwiches on the train, including club sandwiches, salad sandwiches, grilled sandwiches, etc. Although to ensure you receive a pure vegan sandwich while ordering your food from the e-catering website, you must mention special instructions to follow veganism while preparing the dish. 



Vegan Masala Dosa 


South Indian food, Masala Dosa, is a purely vegan dish. You can relish on train with Sambhar. It gets prepared with rice-lentil batter and veggies. Masala Dosa is listed on RailRestro’s Restaurant menu at almost every station. The crisp and tasty dish is perfect for breakfast, brunch, and snacks. 



Vegan Uttapam


Another South Indian Food, Uttapam, is a healthy vegan food option. It is a dosa-like dish but thick and filled with the toppings of healthy veggies. It usually gets prepared with a combination of rice, dal, curd and vegetables and served with coconut chutney. Although, while preparing vegan Uttapam, plant-based curd is used in the recipe. While placing your food order, must mention that you follow a vegan dietary routine.  



Veg Pulao 


Rice-based dish pulao is another option for vegans as it gets prepared with rice and vegetables such as peas, tomato, french beans, carrots etc. The dish blends with numerous herbs and spices to give it an authentic taste. The dish is prepared in a one-pot dish, also called a one-pot meal. 


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Chickpea Curry and Rice


Chickpea curry is a high-protein vegan food you can get on train. It gets prepared with spices, tomato, and chickpeas. You can pair it with Chapati, Naan, and rice. You must ensure that, if you order Naan, you get butter or ghee free. With RailRestro train food menu, you can order Chickpea curry and rice combo dishes as your comfort vegan meal. 



Dal Tadka and Chapati


It is a popular Indian-style combo dish you can order in train. Dal Tadka gets prepared with lentils by adding spices and tempting it with oil/ghee. However, it gets tempted with oil to make it a purely vegan dish. You can pair the Dal Tadka with steamed rice, jeera rice, Chapati etc. If you choose to have dal tadka with Chapati, don’t forget to order seasonal sabji for a complete meal experience on train. 



Mushroom Masala and Roti 


A delicious Indian dish, Mushroom Masala is a curry made with Mushroom, onion, tomato, spices, and herbs. You can also find this dish at most train food delivery restaurants. Although, it’s always advisable to order your vegan food from pure vegetarian and Jain restaurants for your safety. Pair Mushroom masala with roti, and relish it with all joy at India’s moving restaurant “train”.  


Relishing the vegan meal is your contribution towards making the world more peace friendly. 


How to Order Vegan Food on Train?


With the tech revolution, there is no need to worry about getting food on train. E-catering service providers deliver food to the train right to their passenger seat. RailRestro is an e-catering service through which you can order varieties of food on trains. To get vegan food, you can follow these steps:  


  • Visit the website of RailRestro or install its food app. Enter your PNR number or train number and boarding date. 
  • Click on the “book now” button. A new page will open. Here you can see various en-route restaurants and their menu. 
  • Select a pure vegan meal for you from the above-mentioned list and other foods free from animal-based food items. 
  • Go to the cart and complete the order by filling in the details. You can also see a section where you can put your requirements for special vegan foods to receive pure vegan food. 


Now, pay the order amount or choose cash on delivery. After the successful payment, relax and wait for your train to reach your food boarding station. You can receive your order directly at your station.  


Why You Can Trust on Getting Vegan Food Delivery in Train From RailRestro


RailRestro is a trustworthy food provider on train.

  • With RailRestro, you can share your dietary requirements while ordering vegan food in train. The partner restaurants of the company will take care of your special needs. 
  • The availability of RailRestro is at more than 450 stations, making it a reliable source to order food on trains. 
  • It offers numerous varieties of foods, including special vegan dishes, Jain food, nutritious dishes and more. 


What is the difference between vegan, veg and Jain Food?


Vegan food items include only those that exclude all the food items from animals, including meat, dairy products, eggs etc. On the other hand, vegetarian diets exclude food items like meat and eggs. It includes dairy products like ghee, butter, khoya, milk, curd etc. 


Jain meals exclude food items from animals and food from underground, like potatoes, carrots, etc., although it includes dairy products. 


Why is being vegan a better choice?


According to science, vegan food is good for health as it helps in promoting weight loss, reducing heart disease, lowering the chances of diabetes, and controlling cholesterol.


Although, food is one’s own choice. Whichever dietary routine you follow, RailRestro wishes you a healthy and happy lifestyle. 

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Author: Sakshi Kumari