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Summers are here, and so are summer vacations! The most amazing season for us to create and take a trip away from silent, warm and sultry afternoons to a place where fun and adventure exist. Many places and serene locations in India offer a great summer vacation. A number of festivals are organised for tourists, like the International Flower Festival at Gangtok or the Thrissur Pooram in Kerala. Every corner of the country has something thrilling and exciting for you.



Indian Railways, the fourth largest rail network in the world, connects every state and city of India. In summer, you can take trains to travel to any of your desired places to visit. And to add fun to your trip, you can order and enjoy multiple foods and beverages on trains. 


Summer Special Drinks You Can Order on Train 


With the RailRestro train food app, you can order South Indian, North Indian, Rajasthani, Gujarati, Marwari, Chinese delights, and summer special drinks on train. These exotic summer drinks are best in taste and are known to beat the heat of the hot scorching sun. 





Buttermilk is a traditional drink prepared by rigorous churning of curd, chilled water/ice cubes and spices. It’s a drink which is mostly consumed in the northern and southern hemispheres of India, known by different names, such as Chaash in Odia and Bengali, Ghol in Rajasthani, Moru in Tamil and Malayalam, Taak in Marathi, Majjiga in Telugu, Majjige in Kannada, and Ale in Tulu. It is decorated with coriander leaves and served chilled. It’s a kid’s friendly drink you can order on train to lift your mood this summer during your journey.





Lassi is a delectable drink that originated in Punjab and later became popular in the subcontinent. It’s a refreshing yoghurt-based drink. Traditionally, it was made in earthen pots and served in earthen glasses. It has various flavoured versions like mango, mint, banana, strawberry, and the tastiest kesar-pista lassi. When gulped in during the journey, a sip of chilled lassi will refresh your mood. Include it in your list while travelling! In addition, along with lassi, don’t miss to order Punjabi special food on train to offer your train trip a wholesome experience. 



Mango Milkshake


Summer season welcomes mangoes in every corner of India. It’s the king of all fruits. Milkshake is a common drink in India, but a touch of mango pulp with ice cubes elevates its taste and freshness. Once you board your train, don’t forget to get fresh mango milkshakes delivered to your seat. A chilled mango milkshake for your family will enhance the merriment and excitement during your summer vacation journey.



Ice Tea


A refreshing drink with huge popularity! No matter what your mood is, a glass of refreshing Ice tea will revitalise your mind and soul. Ice tea is adaptable and can be prepared in multiple flavours. Light or strong, sweetened or unsweetened, flavoured or basic, Ice tea drinks can be customised in multiple ways to enjoy. Order a glass of fresh and refreshing Ice tea while travelling in train.



Aam Panna


Also known as kacchi kairi ka sharbat, Aam Panna is a delicious drink made with raw mangoes and roasted cumin powder with a touch of cool mint leaves. The drink also refreshes you, keeps you energised and hydrated, and helps in battling the scorching summer heat. The raw mangoes are boiled and made soft from the inside. The pulp is then squeezed and blended with spices and water. This drink is served fresh with ice cubes and a slice of lemon topped on the glass.



Classic Mojito


Mojito is one of the most popular, simple and delightful cocktails made with a careful muddling of sugar, mint leaves, lime and club soda. Ounces of light rum is also used for the drink to make it even extra refreshing. RailRestro serves classic mojito, which has no rum content. This refreshing cocktail has a refreshing, minty taste that is perfect for sipping on a hot summer day.



Cold Coffee with Ice-cream


Aromatic coffee powder, cinnamon powder, milk and sugar are all you need to prepare this delicious drink Cold Coffee with Ice-cream. Blend the ingredients and add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to the top. It is served chilled. Order this exotic drink and enjoy it at your seat. RailRestro serves this drink at all major stations with the help of its catering partners.



Badam Milk


How about having almond-flavoured milk topped with Kesar and dry fruits? A quick way to enjoy the deliciousness! It is prepared with a paste of soaked almonds added to boiling milk. To enhance the taste, strands of kesar are added to the mixture, giving it a soothing yellow colour. It is topped with chopped dry fruits and served chilled. You can find this drink popular in the southern hemisphere of India. It is also available in packets and cartoon packs. Enjoy freshly prepared Badam milk in train. You can also go for a vegan version by using almond milk, some crushed black pepper, fennel powder and ginger powder and turning it into masala milk.



Sattu Sharbat 


Sattu Sharbat is a healthy drink popular in Northern states such as Bihar and UP. You can get the cooling and refreshing beverage Sattu on train easily. To prepare this drink, water is added to the roasted chana flour and flavoured and seasoned with salt and coriander powder as per the taste. 



Sugarcane Juice


Ganne ka juice is an unbeatable summer chiller. You can sip the chilled drink any time. The organic drink is filled with health benefits. It gets prepared by squeezing sugarcane and adding a pinch of salt for taste. Sugarcane juice helps in boosting energy, keeps you hydrated, and improves digestion.  


You can order these summer drinks on train to delve into the natural beauty outside the train window and enjoy the ride. These summer vacation drinks are a boon for passengers travelling by Indian Railways. 


How can I Stay Hydrated while Travelling?  


Staying hydrated while travelling is essential. So, to stay hydrated while journeying, eat summer fruits like cucumber, watermelon, muskmelon, grapes etc. to stay hydrated. In addition, drink plenty of water, and healthy summer drinks, including Nimbu Shikanji, Ganne ka Juice, Chaas, coconut water, Sattu Sharbat, Watermelon Mocktail, Jal Jeera and more to avoid dehydration. Remember that, while travelling, lots of energy gets drained. 


How Can I Order Summer Drinks on Train? 


You can order the refreshing summer drinks for your company while travelling through RailRestro ecatering online. To place the order, you can follow these few steps:


  • Visit RailRestro’s official website, or open its app. Alternatively, you can use the RailRestro customer support number or WhatsApp chatbot. 
  • Enter your PNR number or train details. 
  • Select your favourite summer drinks for your en-route-listed railway stations. 
  • Choose payment methods from COD, card or online. 


Now, relax and wait for the train to reach the station you have selected to get the delivery of your preferred summer chillers. 


Moreover, You can also order soothing curd-based dishes on train for your relaxing trip!

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